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By: Natasa, and Jake A bird can be known as a chordata. Birds live in the animalia kingdom.

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2 By: Natasa, and Jake

3 A bird can be known as a chordata. Birds live in the animalia kingdom.

4 -Heterotroph -Absence of cell wall -Eukaryotic -Endothermic

5 -Use parts of tree to build nests -Trees provide food -Trees protect against predators -Live in all 7 Continents -High Diversity in Tropical Regions -Nests near or in trees

6 Structure: -Flightless -Aquatic -91-97 Cm Reproduction: -Spring and Summer - Breed 14-16 Months Nutrition: -Mainly Fish/ Squid -Lantern Fish -Krill Habitat: -Cold Seas -Iceberg -South Pole Family: Spheniscidae

7 Structure: -Sharp small beaks -Sharp claws -Chest white -Head black Nutrition: -Small Birds and mammals Reproduction: -Lay eggs -Have 3-5 chicks -36 days for eggs to hatch Habitat: -Northern Hemisphere -Southern Hemisphere -Europe -Asia -Live in nests Family: Accipitridae

8 Jakes Turn! I will be covering: 1.The importance of birds to society. 2. The impact of human activity and climate change on birds.

9 The Importance of Birds... to Society

10 What Birds do for us They... Control the pest population by eating them. They help plant seeds and make them grow. Give us meat and egg products. I know eating the unborn is wrong but they are just so good with pepper! (Sniff)

11 Help us adjust/clean the environment by acting as indicators. The poor souls dont deserve this treatment, curse our need for oil! Made us dream of flying. Promote our Eco- Tourism.

12 Birds help us in a variety of ways even though most of us are not aware of it. They give us many things and ask of nothing in return, its sad that some of us are the exact opposite. In the next section, youll see what I mean. Summary

13 The Impact of Human activity and Climate change on the Birds. This is not a pretty sight. Those with weak hearts should leave the classroom.

14 What we do to the birds.. We... Use pesticides on plants which kills birds since they interact with them. Hunt them as a game for our amusement. (Disgusting) We destroy their homes to make space for our own.

15 The Tear-jerkin truth. Awwww... Chickie? CHICKIE? CCCCHHHIIICCCKKKEEE! We eat these innocent birds to fill our stomachs. Demand for cooked birds and eggs decreases the bird population day by day. Its only a matter of time before chickens are at risk so.... PUT DOWN THE FORK.

16 What climate change does to the birds... Bird extinction rates increase due to them being unable to adapt to new environments. General bird distribution is changed. Migration times and patterns are altered due to the unusual season changes. The genetic compositions and behaviours of birds in general change due to their interaction with other bird species and due to their exposure to different areas.

17 Summary The birds are good to the world yet the world is cruel to them. Most human activity harms/kills them. Climate change confuses them. What can you do? Get off your butts and help those who are helping the birds!


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