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Celebrities Quiz Continue. Level 1… Answer the following questions on celebrities to get to the next level!

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1 Celebrities Quiz Continue

2 Level 1… Answer the following questions on celebrities to get to the next level!

3 How to play? Read the questions and answer the questions by clicking on the right answer.

4 Question 1: What is her birth name? 1. Cheryl Ann Tweedy 2. Joan Ann Tweedy 3. Cheryl Ann Cole Question Score 0 Player Name

5 Question 2: Who is this celebrity? 1. Tom Cruise 2. Zac Efron 3. Jonah Hill Question Score Player Name

6 Question 3: Who did Jay Z sign? 1. Rihanna 2. Justin Bieber 3. Taylor Swift Question Score Player Name

7 Question 4: Who made this move famous? 1. Stevie Wonder 2. John Lennon 3. Michael Jackson Question Score Player Name

8 Question 5: Who was in the fourth Harry Potter movie and was also in the twilight saga? Taylor Lautner Robert Pattinson Kellan Lutz Question Score Player Name

9 Question 6: What was Demi Lovatos first song called after she left rehab? 1. Give your heart a break 2. Skyscraper 3. La La Land Question Score Player Name

10 Question 7: How did John Lennon die? 1. Cancer 2. Assassinated 3. Drug Overdose Question Score Player Name

11 Question 8: What was Katy Perrys first genre of music? 1. Gospel 2. Pop 3. Rock Question Score Player Name

12 Question 9: Which ones of these movies is based on a Nicholas Sparks book? 1. Letters to Juliet 2. The Notebook 3. The Proposal Question Score Player Name

13 Question 10: What is the rest of the song name? 1. Date 2. Know 3. Kiss Question Score Player Name

14 Level 2!!! WOOOO! Answer the harder questions on celebrities and facts to get more points!

15 Sorry…you lost! Restart and try again! Click here to start again.

16 Question 1: What was his name going to be if it hadnt been Justin? 1. James 2. Jessie 3. Drew Question Score Player Name

17 Question 2: What is he most known for being on? 1. The Voice 2. Dancing With the Stars 3. 90210 Question Score Player Name

18 Question 3: How much did The Lord of the Rings trilogy make? 1. $2.9 billion 2. $1.7 billion 3. $2.3 billion Question Score Player Name

19 Question 4: Where is Mila Kunis originally from? 1. Ukraine 2. Russia 3. Slovakia Question Score Player Name

20 Question 5: What awards show is this from? 1. Grammys 2. Golden Globes 3. Oscars Question Score Player Name

21 Question 6: What was Charlie Sheens most famous hash tag on twitter? 1. #twoandahalfdruggies 2. #winning 3. #tigerblood Question Score Player Name

22 Question 6: What are the 4 competitions Rafael Nadal played at last season? 1. Australia, Italy, London & USA. 2. Australia, France, London & USA. 3. Greece, Spain, London & USA. Question Score Player Name

23 Question 7: Who is Ian Somerhalder going out with from The Vampire Diaries? 1. Candice Accola 2. Kat Graham 3. Nina Dobrev Question Score Player Name

24 Question 8: Who is the little girl in The Grinch? 1. Julia Roberts 2. Taylor Momsen 3. Miley Cyrus Question Score Player Name

25 Question 9: How many Olympics did Chris Hoy take part in? 1. Three 2. One 3. Four Question Score Player Name

26 Question 10: Who did Liam Neeson play in Star Wars? 1. Qui-Gon Jinn 2. Obi-Wan Kenobi 3. Anakin Skywalker Question Score Player Name


28 Youve lost! Restart and try again! May the odds be ever in your favour… Click here to start again!

29 Quiz Organisation LevelPass MarkFirst SlideLast SlideSuccess Slide Failure Slide 154131415 2516262728 Do not delete this slide! It must be the last slide in your quiz

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