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Strike Team/Task Force Leader Problem Scenarios. The following scenarios actually took place You will be presented with a problem Discuss some problem.

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1 Strike Team/Task Force Leader Problem Scenarios

2 The following scenarios actually took place You will be presented with a problem Discuss some problem solving solutions as a group Then we will look at some possible resolutions

3 Scenario #1 Your XMA Strike Team arrives home safe after a 9 day assignment 3 days later, one of the departments participating on the Strike Team informs you that their handheld radio was broken on the incident and wants to know how to get the incident to pay for the damage

4 Scenario #1 - Resolution The agency was informed that unless the radio had been taken to COML for documentation of damages and processed through Compensation/Claims Unit on the incident, prior to demobilization, the incident is not responsible for the repairs

5 Scenario #2 The incident informs you at 1700 hours that they are demobilizing all local government resources and that you are to report to demob immediately You just got off of day shift Your travel time home is 6 hours

6 Scenario #2 – Resolution Contact your AREP You just got off of day shift and are entitled to rest prior to demobilization (This is a safety issue) Resources demobilized from an incident are to be at home no later than 2200 hours (This is per the California Mobilization Guidelines) In the absence of an AREP resolving this, you would go to the incident Liaison Officer or IC

7 Scenario #3 The STL, after checking in at the incident, goes to Comp/Claims to present them a bill for a tire repair that he paid for on another departments engine while en- route to the incident and wants to be reimbursed

8 Scenario #3 – Resolution The incident is not responsible for this Agencies must support their own resources while en-route to and returning from an incident per the California Fire Assistance Agreement This should have been presented to the AREP before going to Comp/Claims

9 Scenario #6 Your Strike Team has been assembled for an assignment to Southern California While making your first meal stop, one of the engines informs you that they do not have the ability to pay for any food

10 Scenario #6 - Resolution Make contact with the agency involved and see if you can be reimbursed Agencies participating in these events should be prepared for logistics while en-route to and returning from an incident This could have been caught at an assembly briefing This should be something covered in pre- season readiness exercises

11 Scenario #7 During mechanical demobilization, you are informed that one of the local government engines has been red tagged and cannot be driven home

12 Scenario #7 - Resolution This happens with some frequency Determine nature of problem (worn tires, brakes, steering, etc) Notify AREP for determination of incident responsibility or logistical support needed to initiate repairs if possible Coordination with home agency, payment authorization and alternate travel home

13 Scenario #8 One of the OES engines on your Strike Team is being repaired on the incident Your Strike Team is re-dispatched to another incident

14 Scenario #8 - Resolution Make sure that repairs are going to be done on the incident and that the incident will provide logistical support for the crew Notify AREP Provide contact information to the engine crew and have them form up with you at the new incident when repairs are complete You will have some F-42 issues to deal with

15 Scenario #10 Your Strike Team is involved in a large mobilization in California with numerous fires Youve been sleeping on the ground with no cover for the last 5 days Cold night temperatures and weather are predicted to move in Your crew is complaining of lack of sleep

16 Scenario #10 - Resolution Contact your AREP to see if provisions can be made to resolve this situation Contact ground support to see if tents, tarps, heaters or other items are available for you to use in supply Motels may be an option if they are available through the incident Be resourceful with this problem, there are a lot of ways to potentially solve this

17 Scenario #11 You have exhausted all efforts to resolve the rest issues from before Your crew has informed you that they are willing to stay in Motels on their own dime for one night to rest and clean up

18 Scenario #11 - Resolution Inform your AREP of the situation Make sure the incident (Plans) is aware of your location Be responsible for your actions while off shift (Youre still on the clock) Report in a timely manner to your next briefing

19 Scenario #12 While on an out of county Strike Team response with local government engines, your Fire Chief calls you to inform you that they are experiencing numerous fires at home and want (demanded) you to be released from the incident to come home

20 Scenario #12 - Resolution Contact your AREP or incident Liaison Officer immediately and inform them of this situation Most Fire Chiefs understand the participation parameters of the California Fire & Rescue Mutual Aid System, but this can happen In most cases, efforts will be made to accommodate this request Notifications will need to be made to OES, Region and Operational Area Coordinators

21 Scenario #13 Upon completing your mechanical demobilization, you are informed that the Water Tender operator on your Task Force is not properly licensed

22 Scenario #13 - Resolution Verify that this information is correct Determine if there is a relief operator from another resource on your Task Force Inform your AREP of the situation Coordination may need to take place with the home agency to provide an operator if necessary

23 Scenario #14 The incident has put your Strike Team up in a motel for the night You discover that several of the engine crews are eating pizza and drinking beer out by the motel pool

24 Scenario #14 - Resolution You need to inform the crew that this practice is unacceptable and that even though they are off shift, they are still on the clock This kind of event leads to bad publicity and has been the reason for Strike Teams being sent home Different rules for different folks Strike Team Code of Conduct

25 Scenario #15 Your OES engine Strike Team has been assigned to a subdivision several miles away from a fire that has been controlled Crewmembers from various engines are not in full PPE and some are sitting on lawn chairs in full view

26 Scenario #15 - Resolution Remind your folks that you are on a shift plan and as such, PPE is required Remember that your folks are flying the flag of their organization at home as well as that of the State of California and need to act professionally Training opportunities present themselves well here Out of sight, out of mind

27 Scenario #16 Your engine strike team had 1000 feet of hose burned on a division You have informed your DIVS Upon demob, supply informs you that they do not have any hose

28 Scenario #16 - Resolution Make sure you have proper documentation from the incident that will enable you to purchase the hose once you return home This usually involves a purchase order being authorized by the incident

29 Scenario #17 The medical unit leader informs you that a member of your strike team came in to see if they could re-fill a prescription of Vicodin pain medicine

30 Scenario #17 - Resolution Vicodin is an opiate drug that should raise some red flags Who is taking this – Why are they taking this – Why did this person keep you out of the loop? In one actual case, it was determined that the person needed this medicine at night and a prescription was filled and administered nightly by the Medical Unit.

31 Scenario #19 You are assigned to a Structure Protection Group and moving into an area where numerous homes are present, per the Group Supervisor While traveling into the area, you discover that the DIVS is pulling their people out of the same area

32 Scenario #19 - Resolution There may be a disconnect here between the Group Supervisors Make every attempt to get them together for the purposes of updating intelligence This disconnect happens with some frequency Make sure you are applying risk assessment to situations like this

33 Scenario #20 Youre assigned to an incident that is utilizing sleeping trailers You made reservations for your ST to rest the day before You arrive to find that your name has been removed from the list

34 Scenario #20 - Resolution This has happened especially when there are more crews to sleep than there are trailers Operations or Facilities has prioritized those resources who need rest Youll need to take this up with your AREP or Liaison

35 Scenario #21 One engine of your OES strike team is staffed with personnel from CDF. They inform you that they have been able to shag motel rooms for the strike team.

36 Scenario #21 - Resolution Does this ever happen? Is the incident aware of this and was it done with full disclosure? Does the motel unit think they just put up a CDF strike team? Never ever split up the strike team. Question: Where do labor contracts fit into this?

37 Scenario #22 Your strike team is off shift. Sleeping accommodations at incident base are less than desirable. You re-con a park with some lawn and shade in an out of the way place several miles from incident base. You inform your AREP that you will be doing your R & R there and leave your cell phone number.

38 Scenario #22 - Resolution Does this ever happen? What would happen if your strike team caused property damage at this location? What would you do about permissions from the landowner? With everything good about this, something just as bad can come of it.

39 Scenario #23 Your strike team received a motel slip for rooms for your strike team. You arrive at the hotel at 2300 hours and they have over-sold the rooms leaving you one room short. Your attempt to contact the incident regarding this was unsuccessful. You had to purchase a room at another facility.

40 Scenario #23 - Resolution You resolved the problem by purchasing a room at another facility. Youll need to tell the Motel Unit at the incident what happened. You will have to process a comp/claims form to get reimbursement.


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