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Climb to New Heights with…

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1 Climb to New Heights with…
Recreation Management Software Solution


3 Features Include… Program Registrations (Desktop & On-Line)
Facility Reservations and Rentals League Scheduling and Team Building Membership Passes or Finger Scanning Demographic Based s and Mailings Demographic Based Participation Counts Voice Message Broadcast Service

4 Would you like to… Group Customers by Family?
Setup Address Information One Time? Identify Parents and Siblings Immediately? Register an Entire Family at Once? Offer Multiple Children Discounts?

5 Head of Household Family Members

6 Would you like to… Create Mass Mailing Labels or Mass Emails
Using Certain Demographic Information? Municipality Zip Code / City Birth Date / Age Gender Grade School

7 Mass Mailing Labels & Mass Email Option!

8 Use the “Categories” and “Sub-Categories” Feature
And Organize RECPRO Just Like Your Brochure!

9 Assign a “Category” to Each Course.

10 Assign a Sub-Category to Each Course

11 Accept Partial Payments (Deposits) for Higher Priced Programs
Assign Course Fees for Resident Non-Resident Accept Partial Payments (Deposits) for Trips Higher Priced Programs Setup Discounts for Seniors Staff Members Multiple Children Financial Assistance

12 Fees, Partial Payment & Discounts.

13 Setup Enrollment Numbers for RECPRO will calculate
Minimum Maximum RECPRO will calculate Current Enrollment Roster Spots Available Waiting List Count and… Potential Revenue for Min, Max & Spots Available Actual Revenue for Current Enrollment

14 Potential & Actual Revenue (based on Resident Fee)
Enrollment Counts

15 Setup Registration Parameters
Age Range Grade Range Male, Female or Co-Ed Do you need to organize your activities by Program Manager? RECPRO Can Do It! When you need to Cancel a Course… Do you want it to be simple? RECPRO Can Help!

16 All Registration Parameters can be setup EASILY and QUICKLY!
Assign a Program Manager Canceling Courses is very SIMPLE!

17 EASILY Setup Session Dates & Locations and Book Your Event
RECPRO can handle all scheduling and booking scenarios Multiple Dates Multiple Start / End Times Multiple Facilities and Rooms NO Double Bookings Easily Resolve Conflicts

18 Different Times. Multiple Days. Different Locations

19 If Practices & Games are Different Days, Times and Locations, RECPRO can handle it!!

20 Course Roster Tab… Identify Participants
Obtain Contact Information Recognize Outstanding Balances Find Participants without Signed Waiver Issue Refunds Transfer Participants to a Different Course

21 Roster Tab Page in Your Course Setup Screen
Participant Contact Info & Possible Balance. Issue Refunds or Transfer Participants to a Different Activity

22 RECPRO will help you Quickly Identify
Revenue Generated Refunds Issued Expenses Posted Profit / Loss

23 Revenue Generated Refunds Issued Expenses Posted Profit or Loss

24 Course Waiting List… Identify Participants Waiting
Add Participants to the List Remove Participants from the List Add Participants to the Active Roster

25 Waiting List Tab Page in Your Course Setup Screen
Add to List, Remove from List & Add to Active Roster.

26 RECPRO has a “Quick Print” Feature for… Course Listing / Catalog
Course Start and End Dates Course Roster Roster Address Labels / Name Tags Course Profit / Loss Course Waiting List / Future Reference List Instructor Confirmation Letters Instructor Labels

27 Quick Print

28 Our Lookups Contain a UNIQUE Grouping Function!
Easily Find Course Data and Group By: Category Category & Sub-Category Begin Date Year & Season Also, Quickly Identify Enrollment Numbers Using the Lookup!

29 Grouped by Category…

30 Grouped by Category & Sub-Category…

31 Grouped by Begin Date…

32 Grouped by Year & Season…

33 Setting up a New Season has NEVER been EASIER!
The RECPRO “Copy Full Semester” Feature allows you to… Setup a New Season Using a Previous Season Identify Each Activity’s Participation Level Identify Each Activity’s Profit / Loss

34 Here we are setting up Summer 2007 by using Summer 2006 Information.
EASILY Identify the Courses that performed well and the Courses that didn’t!

35 When setting up your Facilities…
Assign Categories Enter Address & Phone Info Identify Hours of Operation

36 Setup Hours of Operation
Assign Category Enter Address & Contact Info Setup Hours of Operation

37 When setting up your Rooms within the Facility…
Assign Categories Set Room Capacity Enter Setup & Cleanup Minutes Identify “Rentable” Rooms Setup Hours of Operation

38 Assign Category & Capacity and enter Setup & Cleanup Minutes
Identify “Rentable” rooms and then setup Fees & Security Deposit

39 Using our UNIQUE Grouping Function…
EASILY Search “Facilities” by Categories like… Dance / Music Studios Golf Courses Health / Fitness Clubs Parks Schools EASILY Search “Rooms” by Categories like… Athletic Fields Auditoriums Classrooms Gymnasiums Pools

40 Facilities Grouped by Category…

41 Rooms Grouped by Category…

42 Renting Facilities through RECPRO is EASY!
Select Desired Facility / Room Select Applicable Fees (Room, Equipment or Personnel) Setup Recurring Dates & Times Confirm Fees, Dates and Times and Book the Reservation Print Rental Contract Create and Print Rental Invoice

43 Renting Facilities is EASY
Renting Facilities is EASY! First, Select Desired Facility/Room and then Select all Applicable Fees.

44 Quickly Setup Dates & Times for the Rental by using the Recurring Dates option.
Once Dates & Times are set, you then Create the Reservation and Post it to the Calendar.

45 Once the Reservation has been Created, you can Print the Contract or Create the Bill

46 Use the Facility & Room Filters to only view certain Facilities and Rooms.

47 When “Grouping By” Resource, the calendar sections off by Resource.

48 Would you like to… Our Membership Module will accommodate your needs!
Sell Memberships? Sell Visit Passes? Issue Park Passes? Utilize Biometric Finger Scanning? Our Membership Module will accommodate your needs!

49 Setup Your Own Membership Plans

50 Terms are Days, Months and Number of Passes!

51 Would you like to… RECPRO Can Do It!
Scan Member Cards or Fingers Upon Entry? Have the System Validate the Membership? Alert the Attendant about Expired Memberships? Keep a Log of all Member Activity? RECPRO Can Do It!


53 Use our “Shopping Cart” Feature to…
Register for Courses / Leagues Sell or Renew Memberships Rent Facilities Sell Merchandise

54 Step 2: Choose a “Purchase” Option.
Step 1: Find a Customer Step 2: Choose a “Purchase” Option. Step 3: Checkout

55 From the Shopping Cart you can also…
Post Receipts Post Credits Issue Refunds Temporarily Suspend a Sale & Complete it Later

56 Temporarily Suspend a Sale & Complete Later that Day
Post Receipt (Revenue) to a Course or Post Credit to Customer’s Account Issue Refunds Temporarily Suspend a Sale & Complete Later that Day

57 Would you like a Quick and Easy Way to…
Review Customer Payment History? Reprint Receipts? Identify Course Activity for a Family? Review Membership Status? View Facility Rental History? The Shopping Cart has it ALL!

58 This Family’s Payment History
Drill Down to Items on Each Receipt Reprint Any Receipt

59 Each Family Member’s Activity History
Family Membership History Family Facility Rental History

60 Process Multiple Payment Methods per Transaction…
Automatically Authorize Credit / Debit Cards… Allow Customers to Carry a Balance (Positive & Negative)…

61 Allow Multiple Payment Methods per Transaction!

62 Use our Real Time Revenue “Dashboard” on a Daily Basis
The Dashboard will give you up to the minute statistics for… “In House” Course Revenue “Online” Course Revenue Membership Revenue Facility Rental Revenue Merchandise Revenue

63 Today’s Revenue Month to Date Revenue

64 Generate “Graph” Style Reports for…
Revenue Expenses Profit / Loss Participation Counts Membership Counts

65 Shown Here is our Sample “Revenue” Report which has a Breakdown of all Course Categories!

66 Our “Course Demographics” report will allow you to study Participant Counts based on Gender, Age, Residency, Registration Type and Municipality

Let RECPRO help you become the BEST at… In House Activity Registrations Online Activity Registrations Facility Reservations and Rentals League Scheduling / Team Building Membership Management SERVING YOUR COMMUNITY! Climb to New Heights with RECPRO

68 If you want to be the BEST…

69 Contact: Dale Geiger R.C. Systems, Inc. 247 Cass Avenue Mt. Clemens, MI x 103

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