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Presentation Night 2010. When all is said and done, its not the shots that won the championship that you remember, but the friendships you made along.

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Presentation on theme: "Presentation Night 2010. When all is said and done, its not the shots that won the championship that you remember, but the friendships you made along."— Presentation transcript:

1 Presentation Night 2010

2 When all is said and done, its not the shots that won the championship that you remember, but the friendships you made along the way Author Unknown Quote

3 President : Machaela Dwyer Secretary : Mel Ciardulli Treasurer : Anita Crawshaw Registrations Officer : Anita Crawshaw Umpires Coordinator: Lynne Shaw Coaches Coordinator : Machaela Dwyer Social Coordinator s: Liz Storey and Fiona Thorn Uniform Coordinator : Jacky McRae Netta Coordinators: Mel Ciardulli and Jacky McRae Awards Coordinator : Anna Gustin Equipment Officer : Machaela Dwyer Web Master : Andrew Dwyer Major Sponsor : George Wintle Committee 2010

4 George has recently offered to fully sponsor the first order of our wonderful new netball tops. The netball tops are similar to those worn by the State netballers, and look fantastic, we will certainly be the envy of every other netball club. We again thank George from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful contribution to our netball Club. George is an integral part of the St Thomas Netball Club, holding a position on the committee, coach of Choklijat, and also recently stepping up to coach our Netta girls. He approaches everything he does in a positive and enthusiastic manner, and is held in the highest regard by the girls he coaches, their parents, and members of the committee. Thank you to our very generous sponsor, George Wintle, owner of By George Construction Company. Major Sponsor

5 WNA Development Sarah Turner, Freya McFadzean- Lodge & Georgia Mallia WNA U11 Emily Dwyer, Sarah Kaehne & Georgia Jean WNA U13 Lily Storey & Eliza McRae Ariels U13 Danni Chene WNA U15 Arna Moore MENA U17 Premier Sammy Currie BOROONDARA U17 Georgia Riley BOROONDARA Open Premier Kirsten Oloughlin 13 players in Total 2010 WNA and Rep Players

6 George Wintle: Major Sponsor New Netball Uniform: Skirt, top and socks. Coaches Corner: Website 2010 at a Glance

7 Charlotte Walker Elizabeth Radicevic Megan Cleary Stephanie Kluz 10 Seasons Awards

8 Winter Odonnel, Choklijat, Pratley, McMahon Spring Odonnel, Choklijat, Pratley, Von Bertouch Medhurst, McMahon Finals Participation

9 Umpires Kavita Dawar Kristina KluzKate Yeowart Over a third Steph Shaw stepping Gen Shaw Mia Piotrowski 3 seconds Maddy Williams Contact Beth Storey Charlotte Walker obstruction Mollie Yeowart

10 Farewell and special thanks to Krisitna Kluz who finished umpiring with us at the end of the Winter season. Kristina began in Spring 2004, achieved her C-badge in Spring 2007 and notched up 12 seasons of umpiring for St Thomas. We wish her all the best for the future. Congratulations goes to Kavita Dawar and Genevieve Shaw who achieved their C-badge prior to the end of Winter 2010 and now join Kate Yeowart as our Panel umpires. Thank you all for looking fabulous on the court each Saturday and continuing to improve the standard of umpiring we see at Vermont. Your reliability and enthusiasm is noticed and very much appreciated. A BIG WELCOME to our new umpires (Mollie Yeowart, Beth Storey, Charlotte Walker, Mia Petrowski and Maddi Williams) who all have successfully passed their umpires exam (which is now an online through Netball Victoria) and taken the court this season. With new umpiring tops and whistles they joined Stephanie Shaw (now umpiring a much higher level than last season) as the Team Umpires for St Thomas. The feedback from the Umpire Co-ordinators at Vermont has been very encouraging and the girls are to be congratulated on their positive approach and endeavours to improve their positioning, clear calls and signals each week. Looking forward to another successful and enjoyable year in 2011. Umpires Report

11 The club is very appreciative of the role of the Team Contact. It is a vital in the smooth running of the club. Thankyou: Donna Clayton Marie Claire Petrowski Michelle Gribble Joan McCormack Melissa Ciardulli Paula Chene Paula Wain Christina Moore Renea Wintle Genevieve Shaw Team Contacts

12 Netta George Wintle Kate Breen, Sophie Ciarduilli, Grace Kelly, Sophie Kelly, Jessica Mahoney, Kate Mason, Sophie May, Lily McRae, Zoe Murray, Ava Rego, Ashlee Pohl, Layla OCampo

13 Fun, fun, fun! Not too many tears So much promise Lovely parents Plenty of goals scored Rain, rain, rain Netta Report

14 Hallinan Steph Shaw & Kristen Monterio Lauren Baxter, Claudia Clarke, Patricia Clarke, Abbey Clayton, Lana Gallagher, Lily McQueen, Lauren Poulten, Nicole Simoni, Meg Swain

15 "When we started training, every Thursday after school, We worked on our running and shooting, and our skills became really cool. Now we have to get ready for season 2, Maybe some team changes, but Kristen and I are so proud of you. Nicole, we're so happy that you tried other positions each Saturday, she realized she like GK and she actually was OK. Now Lana was a good listener and was always watching the play, she intercepted when she could, and was running around all day. Lily didn't necessarily like playing C because of the running she had to do, but she enjoyed playing WA, and she could shoot goals, who knew? Olivia would jump high just to get the intercept, And whenever a ball flew by, Olivia just leapt. Abbey is short but has a powerful run, She look's for the pass and is always having fun. Lauren Poulton loves her shooting and her defending as well, 'Can I play GS?' that rings a bell. We are really proud of how Claudia has improved, she was afraid first of the ball at first but now the sad face has been removed. Meg has her own sort of shooting style and is good at sticking to the opposition, She's not all confident at defending the ball but gets in a good position. We all know that Lauren Baxter really wants to get the ball, But her shooting is spot on as she stands up really tall. Our tallest player in the Hallinan team is Pat who has no fear, She is fast and reads the play well and dodges to get clear." So thank you girls for a great season this year, and we are so glad that you let us teach you guys about netball and the results are pretty clear. Hallinan Report

16 Von Bertouch Fiona Thorn Ella Ciarduilli, Amber Thorn, Chloe Worner, Kaitlin Inverno, Jess Perna, Zoe Perna, Rachel Smith, Rebecca Harrison, Sarah Dornseiff, Georgia Jean

17 Our team was a new team with Grade 5 and 6 girls coming together for the first time. The first half of the Winter season started off slowly with the coach and girls getting to know each as players on the court. The second half of the season saw the team come together with a positive end to the season finishing just out of the top four. Spring season at this stage is going really well. We have seen the girls skills develop on court. Their friendships have grown and they are working really well as a team. I would like to thank the girls, Ella, Sarah, Georgia, Rebecca, Rachel, Chloe, Kaitlin, Zoe, Jess and Amber. You have all been a delight to coach. Also, a big thank you to the parents for all your support, my team manager Mel and Greta my assistant. It has made my job this year a real pleasure. Von Bertouch Report

18 Prendagast Tony Moore Megan Cleary, Kristen Monteiro, Arna Moore, Rebecca Parker, Mel Pierlot, Mia Petrowski, Elizabeth Radicevic, Steph Shaw, Beth Storey, Maddy Williams

19 This season could best be described as A tough day at the office We had a serious injury to Megan And other injury and sickness We were competitive in most games, but havent quite been able to win one We have improved a lot over the year Much better use of space Better leading Better systems in attack Thanks to our great team manager this year, Christina Moore Prendagast Report

20 Corletto Joanne and Rebecca Parker Ruby Browell, Olivia Clarke, Vanessa Giuliano, Flora Lamond, Sophie Lombardi, Bridget McGregor, Danielle Parker, Ella Petrowski, Phoebe Rabel, Veronica Toal, Darcy Williams

21 What can we say about Corletto? Courageous Outstanding Reliable Laughter Enthusiastic Terrific Tenacious Optimistic We are so proud of our team. They have learnt so much through out this year and it has been amazing to be a part of Corletto. The girls never fail to amaze us and we can see that you all have talent. We have seen you all improve over the year. You are all so much fun to work with. Keep up the great work! All the best for next season. Corletto Report

22 Medhurst Anita Crawshaw Caitlin Angus, Sophie Crawshaw, Sarah Kaehne, Hollie McCormack, Sam McGregor, Maggie OShanassy, Caitlin Sebafundi, Victoria Storey, Sarah Turner

23 This great group of 9 girls have come together to become a well balanced team. They come along to training and take to the court each week with commitment, sportsmanship and a sense of fun – everything that netball should be ! Caitlin A The team can always rely on Caitlin to be steady and strong no matter what position she plays. At home in goals but more than capable of defending or taking to the centre court. Samantha Sams commitment to improve her shooting this year with practice has reaped rewards. Shes a steady GS in the ring but also a very handy C. Maggie The teams bundle of energy and speedster. A star defender and master of the intercept and loose ball get! Always giving her teammates an option on court. Sarah K Sarahs determination in defence is an asset to the team. Her ability to place pressure on a GS is to be admired – for GK is a challenging position to master and vital in any team. Sarah can also step up to other positions on court if she puts her mind to it. Sophie Little in size and sometimes too quick for her own feet, Sophie is a natural WA – always out for the centre pass and backing up the teams goalers. Her run on court makes her a valuable C and shes improving in WD all the time. Victoria Our tallest player uses her height to great advantage in GK & GS. In GK she often reads the play and intercepts those long passes and her shooting improves each week. Victoria will become a better player if she focuses on improving her footwork! Caitlin S Our newest member has lots of energy and determination – assets every coach loves in a player! Focus and control of her energy will mean Caitlin can play any position she puts her mind to. Sarah T Sarah is the thinker of the team. Always striving to improve and learn new ways to play the game. This along with her commitment to improve her shooting style has made her a star GA/S. Hollie I would have to say that Hollie is our most improved player this year! Its been a delight to see her energy on court and watch her confidence grow. A star in WD but also great in WA & C. Medhurst Report

24 Pratley Machaela Dwyer Emily Dwyer, Danni Chene, Nicola Cleary, Eliza McKeown, Ella Sherwen, Krysten King, Grace Breen, Lily Storey, Eliza McRae

25 P ersistent - they consistently work and focus on the task. R are - every so often you come across a team with that special something. A ttacking – this is the brand of Netball they play. T alent – very skilled and able to play lots of different roles. 4 of the players were Rep players this year. L oyal – since their first game, they have always played for the team. E xecution – at times there court play is breathtakingly awesome. Y outhful – look out, what a pool of talent. Pratley Report

26 Choklijat George Wintle Amelia Atkins, Alex Blackburn, Bianca Dal Bosco, Kavita Dawar, Emma Del Santis, Steph Hone, Bridget ONeill, Maddy Storey, Rose Wintle

27 Dedicated Listen and learn Reliable Responsible Helpful to St Thomas Enthusiastic Improved Happy Inclusive Fun to be around ODonnell- look out! Choklijat Report

28 McMahon Michaela Shaw and Maddy Storey Steph Gribble, Carly King, Steph Jakubicki, Georgia Francis, Freya McFadzean-Lodge, Tara Gustin, Georgia Mallia, Rachel Leeson, Sophie Harrison, Amy Inverno

29 It has been so much fun coaching the girls for the past season. They have shown an enormous amount of enthusiasm throughout training and at the game. AMY was our amazing center player. STEPH G was our super team player. STEPH J was such a good shooter and defender. TARA was our terrific shooter. SOPHIE was our superb defender. RACHAEL was a really good center court player. GEORGIA F was our great keeper and attacker. GEORGIA M was our great giant defender. CARLY was our crazy interceptor. FREYA was our fantastic passer. From the past seasons these girls inspired us to continue our coaching experiences. McMahon Report

30 Chatfield Kate Yeowart Cecile Castellano, Emily Crawshaw, Georgia Kishazi, Eden McCormack, Tess Oneill, Alex Smith, Alice Wain, Charlotte Walker, Mollie Yeowart, Alice Laming, Imogen Bismann

31 CHARLOTTE: Unfortunately, our coach cant attend this evening so we three players have volunteered to present this report to you. Sadly, Chatfield has had another season in the wrong section meaning our challenge each week was beyond our abilities but all has not been lost. We have improved our game which is evident in the set plays we are developing and our better use of the court and positioning. Another bright point is that we have had some new faces to our team – Tess ONeil, Alice Laming (AKA Lamb) and Immy Bismann. This meant we had to say good-bye to two of our favourite team-mates – Mel and Arna. Whilst we love our new team-mates, we miss you both - youre always welcome back girls!!! ALEX: Tess, Lamb and Immy have fitted in really well with Chatfield and we hope they enjoy playing with us as much as we enjoy having them in our team. Together we have become experts on warming up and stretching – endlessly before training and each game. Our coach assures us that this is essential rather than comic relief but sometimes, were not sure. Weve got a new star in goals as well as our steady players – Eden McCormack has joined star goalers Charlotte and Alice Wain and provides another strong option. Mollie still loves the GK bib but has discovered the fun to be had in mid-court with WD. Georgia and Cecile never waiver with their speed and agility, bringing the ball down to goals and weve all been working on our centre passes. MOLLIE: Weve been missing our team mermaid – Emily Crawshaw who has retired to focus on swimming commitments but she comes back to make the occasional cameo appearance. Alex as always speeds around the court providing back up to others and many intercepts for our team. Immy is developing as a strong alternative in defence, both in WD and GK. Tess now stars in the GD bib, filling the void from when Arna left and Alice Laming shows great strength in providing support for Cecile as WA and even in GA. Weve all been working on our goaling techniques – bend the knees, support arm straight and against the ear, etc... but it appears to be working with many of our players keen to take on the role. We hope that next year we have a bit more success on the score board but we still love Chatfield. ALL: Next season will be our best ever – Go Chatfield! Chatfield Report

32 Odonnel Kirsten Oloughlin Machaela Dwyer, Ashleigh King, Sammy Currie, Georgia Riley, Steph Kluz, Jess McDonald, Kirsten Oloughlin, Emily Brizzi, Gen Shaw, Anni Wates

33 This year has been a very exciting and successful one for ODonnel! The team, consists of Georgia, Jess, Gen, Annie, Sammie, Ash, Steph, Em, myself and we were lucky enough to get Machaela to play a few games with us which was a great help for the team! In the first season, we played consistently well throughout the year and played some well-fought nail-bitters against our rivals the Aces. With our die-hard fan parents cheering on the sideline and Steph Shaw in a blue morph-suit, we earned our spot in the Grand Final. It was a fantastic game with all the girls playing the best netball theyve played all season – I couldnt have been more proud as coach. We all battled until the end but were unfortunately beaten by Aces - the better team on the day. Unfortunately this season Annie, who has been with the St. Thomas Netball for many years now had to pull out of the team because of other priorities. Although we were sad to lose her, we have fought on and have continued on with our best form ever and have only lost one game to date. With Machaela playing with us, we are the new threat in Championship section. Team Awards…….. Netball Chameleon – Georgia Most Determined – Sammie Most Improved – Genevieve Defending Dynamite – Steph One Armed Wonder – Emily Centre-court pocket rocket – Jess Accurate Goalshoot – Ash Defensive Danger - Annie Secret weapon – Machaela Odonnel Report

34 Merry Christmas to you all See you in Febuary 2011

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