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Environmental NGO Promoting Sustainable Community Forestry Initiatives Founded in 1982.

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1 Environmental NGO Promoting Sustainable Community Forestry Initiatives Founded in 1982

2 During the colonial period, In Trinidad and Tobago, and many other small island developing states,land degradation was an issue of great concern. The St. Anns watershed was also of great importance to the capital city due to its high crop production in cocoa and coffee, and rivers which to date is a vital source of water for WASA reservoir. Due to the historical importance, directions were given to protect the St Anns watershed since 1901.

3 This was achieved by: Mobilizing family & friends FAO training Forest Fire Fighting Annual dry/fire season GAYAP Tree Planting FACRP was founded in 1982 by the late Tacuma Jaramogi and his wife Akilah Jaramogi to halt the degradation in the St. Anns Watershed due to forest fires

4 Vision To Create a Healthy Agro-Forestry Environment Providing Sustainable Livelihoods, Embracing Expressions of Multicultural Traditions with the Participation of a Vibrant Community Mission Statement FACRP is Committed to Community Development and Upliftment through Environmental Enhancing Activities.

5 The main focus of the FACRP from 1982 to 2000 Preventing forest fires Cutting fire traces Fire patrol GAYAP Fighting forest fires Changing pattern of cleaning and agro-forestry Tree planting Reducing hillside runoff Drainage

6 Forest Fire Prevention Fire Fighting Organic Gardening and Permaculture Tree Planting Music and Culture Craft and Cottage Industry Community Outreach Gayap Eco-Culture Camp


8 A Forest Fire Prevention DVD was produced with the input from Fire Services, Forestry Division, ODPM, EMA and other Agencies and NGOs Caravan took places in schools, communities and with a few National Reforestation Groups in the Northern Range


10 In the River on the Bank Adult Training Workshop: Field and Class Sessions 1000 organic seedlings were planted, participants learned to build check dams, learnt about watershed management, how to measure rainfall and learned to use the A-frame out in the field.

11 In the River on the Bank Children Eco-Culture Vacation Camp

12 Animal Husbandry Organic Farming and Permaculture

13 Using Indigenous and Natural materials to create an ecological friendly product as a viable economic activity


15 Multi-Sectoral Approach to Conservation involving institutions and organizations such as; State NGOs CBOs Corporations & Private Sector Schools

16 Government Private Sector Providing Environmental Services (Sustainability) Eco Tours Workshops Training Programmes Items for sale Consultancy Services

17 National Forest Fire Prevention Action Plan Focus on prevention Disaster awareness caravan Trained personnel in forest and bush fire suppression Patrol Unit Early detection and prosecution (forest fire law/charges) FACRP National Education Centre

18 The FACRP has a fully operational organic nursery that facilitates the annual reforestation efforts The FACRP plants approximately 4000 trees each rainy season The FACRP has been fire free since 1997 The FACRP currently reaches over 1,500 students each year through our environmental packages and events Our Annual Gayap is growing bigger each year this year - 2012 over 400 students participated in day 1 events The Fondes Amandes community has been transformed from a fire climax zone to a green and lush conserved area with high bird could and other wildlife species

19 Green Forestry area planted with a collection of fruit, hardwood, ornamental, indigenous, traditional, shrubs and medicinal trees/plants Area was once burned annual due to fires cause by slash and burn cleaning, cleaning/burning rubbish, camp fires in the rivers and river from neighbouring communities

20 FACRP has received numerous awards over the years for our efforts in Environmental Conservation and Community outreach such as; The Champion of the Environment award 2008 Presidents Awards: The Humming bird Gold Medal 2007 Tidy T&T 2002 -2003 EMAs Green Leaf awards Environmental Conservation [2001,2003, 2007] BPTT leaders Award 2001


22 Director/Manager: Akilah Jaramogi Administrator: Skye Hernandez Tel: 1-868-689-7794 Office: 1-868-750-1716 Email: and Mail: Fondes Amandes Hills, St. Anns, POS, Trinidad, W.I. Facebook: Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project (FACRP)

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