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By: Anna Najduch. Located in Lanin National Park, in the south of Neuquen Province, Argentine Patagonia Member of Eco Hotels of the World and Its a green.

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1 By: Anna Najduch

2 Located in Lanin National Park, in the south of Neuquen Province, Argentine Patagonia Member of Eco Hotels of the World and Its a green green world There are many activities, so choose what youd like to do! ng/lahuenco/index.html Lahuen Co Ecolodge and Thermal Spa

3 Minimizes energy consumption by creating maximum thermal isolation Geo-thermal central heating A micro-turbine generates most of the electricity On site biological water treatment The use of thermal waters is regulated so as to preserve natural water conditions. Educative programs for visitors and community Compliance with and audited by National Parks Administration of the Argentine Republic and by the Inter-American Development Bank. Why Lahuen Co? (Eco Facts) Lahuen Co is for the traveler that wants to relax a bit. It provides an active rest, with many different activities available in the area

4 Fly to the Chapelco Airport (CPC) 82 km (51 miles) away The only way to get to Lahuen Co is to drive, as there are no trains or other transportation that services in the mountains Chapelco Airport has many rental car options – to minimize your impact, only use the car to get to and from the airport! Transportation

5 Torres del Paine National Park – 200km away Epulafquen hot springs – created by the nearby volcano; paths begin in the lagoon and go towards the volcanic sand beaches, all surrounded by a native forest Bariloche Located 200km south, it is one of the main tourist cities in Patagonia Support the economy and keep the money local! Bird watching Argentina has over 1,000 different species of birds The Magellanic woodpecker is native to Patagonia Nature Safari Patagonia has mountains, flatlands, barren regions, and large ice fields. Things to Do:

6 Lahuen Co provides different activities with its Full Board plan such as: Mini-trekking to the Escorial (petrified lava river) and to Epulafquen Lake Excursion to Argentinean-Chilean border Birding / natural walks Lake sailing Offered by hotel Other things to do: Trek in volcanoes Fly fishing Horse back riding Navigation Snow activities Journeys

7 Full Plan Standard room is $245 USD (low season, April to May) and $325 (high season, July to August) Includes full lodging, access to hot springs, daily outings Half-Board Plan Standard room is $185 (low season) and $225 (high season) Includes lodging, breakfast and dinner; use of hot springs Costs

8 Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the Parana River http://www.casacalma.c Casa Calma

9 Open since 2008, CasaCalma is the first Zero Contamination Hotel in Argentina All the materials used in the building were certificated eco- friendly: The building is wrapped with plants that act as filters and contribute to the thermal balance, saving energy efficiently Double glazed windows create an airtight seal System of energy consumption control All the wood used in the construction is pine Carolina certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Why CasaCalma? (Eco Facts) CasaCalma supports the Friends of sustainable mobility Program, inviting its guests to use bamboo bicycles while visiting the city CasaCalmas various eco-friendly amenities include Electricity activation cards for the rooms, saving a considerable amount of energy A towel re-use program that allows guests to choose whether they want their towels washed, saving energy by decreasing laundry loads Bulk dispensers for amenities, cutting down on the packaging Separation of recycling waste collected by El Ceibo cooperative Donation of used slippers in order to be re- used Used cooking oil is given to Local Authorities to be re- used for fuel production Organic food in our Honesty Bar: our breakfast is home made. Food has been grown without the application of pesticides and fertilizers CasaCalma fights against Global Warming by reducing carbon emissions. CasaCalma compensates the damage generated by electricity and the carbon emissions to have zero CO2 emissions. CasaCalma also does ecofriendly things outside of its community, such as its wind power generation project in India. (Maharashtra and Gujarat regions)

10 Located 40 minutes from the International Airport; 15 minutes from the National Airport It is very close to the Buenos Airess subway system, so public transportation is very possible Hotel offers Bamboo bicycles for traveling Transportation

11 Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America and has diverse art, architecture, and music scenes The Buenos Aires Natural Reserve is a great place to go to explore native flora and fauna on 865 acres. Located near the Rio de la Plate, one can explore it by foot, bike, or tour. To support the local economy: Fashion: Juana de Arco has a local label that uses organic cotton Ana Walsh takes old garments and transforms them into new pieces Buying souvenirs can support the local economy too! Designer Martin Churba creates accessories using fabric scraps Cargabags are produced with recycled wool-felt and are ethically manufactured in Argentina Simple buying locally made items can support the Argentine economy and keep the money local! Things to Do

12 From now until October 1 st, 2012, the Superior Room rate is $235 plus 21%VAT From October 1 st, 2012 until December 31 st, 2012, the Superior Room rate is $250 plus 21%VAT Costs

13 Build environmental awareness Go off the beaten path and visit a local family; learn their customs and culture When you return home, tell people what you learned and incorporate these things into your everyday life Consider a homestay! You can stay with a Argentinian family and really learn about their culture! Other ways to be an ecotourist:

14 Lahuena has more certifications, while CasaCalma has more sustainable amenities and features CasaCalma is in an easily accessible urban area where little energy can be used for transportation, while Lahuena is in a remote location that requires cars for transportation (plus an extra plane ride) CasaCalma creates more opportunities for impacting the local economy and culture, but at Lahuena you can do a lot of good too! Both hotels create possibilities for education! The way you live while staying in Argentina is important too: dont create a lot of waste, save electricity (and energy!) and dont waste water! Which to choose?

15 After your trip, how do you adapt after all the changes youve experienced? Take the things you learned and incorporate them into your daily routine Teach! Teach! Teach! Your friends and family can learn a lot about being sustainable! Encourage friends and family to be ecotourists too! Life Back Home

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