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FALL/WINTER 2012 PRODUCT TRENDS AND INSPIRATION Erin Mason, Product Development Manager.

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1 FALL/WINTER 2012 PRODUCT TRENDS AND INSPIRATION Erin Mason, Product Development Manager

2 This catalog has everything you need to know about the seasons trends, colors and Cookie Tips. Use it as your style guide!

3 On pg. 2, the trends of the season are explained and are also called out with the matching looks in the catalog.

4 Weve developed 12 product training videos that will teach you all of this seasons Cookie Tips in great detail. Just click on the YouTube link on the Cookie Lee home page to check them out.

5 Dont let the name of a trend stop you from mixing looks. You can wear a Lady-Like Chic necklace with a Mixed Vibe bracelet. Wear what makes you feel good regardless of the name of the trend.

6 We start looking at trends about a year before each catalog launches. We need to be sure that we are designing new, exciting silhouettes that are comfortable and understandable.

7 Fall/Winter 2012 Trends

8 Colors of the Season Here are the colors you can expect to see this Fall/Winter. Youll notice them throughout the catalog in the backgrounds, models clothing and fonts that are used.

9 Trends of the Season Let me show you some of the hottest trends for Fall/Winter 2012…

10 MIXED VIBE TREND The Mixed Vibe trend is the one we have the most fun with. It appears on the runways with big bold statement pieces.

11 This trend is a mash of textures, colors, platings and materials There are no rules!

12 CUSTOMIZE TREND Customers are looking to express their own favorite motif and style, like crosses, wings, names and patterns.

13 We have translated that to the Semi-Precious Bracelets and Charms on pg. 14. These make great gifts and look great alone or mixed with other bracelets.


15 Stacks of Bracelets We created casual, wearable looks for you throughout the catalog. Check out pg. 24 for bracelet groupings that are very easy to wear and comfortable. They are a great way to make a statement look with ease.

16 BOLD EARRINGS TREND A very popular trend that is moving forward from last season is Outfit Maker earrings. We sized down the large bold statement earring to give you looks that will appeal to many customers.

17 Outfit Maker Earrings These earrings look great paired with a Look of Real necklace or with a wrist full of bracelets. Plus, they are all light- weight so you can wear them all day.

18 GLAM NECKLACES TREND We designed a line of fun and causal statement necklaces to wear with a pair of jeans or slacks and a great top.

19 Everyday Glam These Everyday Glam looks will give you a big statement look that is casual, fun and affordableperfect for everyday or a dressed-up evening.

20 JEWEL TONES TREND Jewel Tone hues in reds, blues and purples are back again this season, mixed with easy-to-wear white and clear crystals.

21 Jewel Tones We translated this look into simple strands that will compliment winter clothing styles and elongate your look.

22 Look of Real by Cookie Lee This 12-piece collection is spectacular, affordable and durable. All of the stones are high-quality, genuine cubic zirconia with genuine rhodium plating.

23 To set these items apart on your trays, the earrings and rings are packaged on a new card and a blue suede logo bag is included for the necklaces. Look of Real by Cookie Lee

24 LADY-LIKE CHIC TREND The style of Jackie Kennedy has evolved into a modern sophisticated lady. Lady-Like Chic is a refined, easy fresh look with casual pieces.

25 NATURAL ELEMENTS TREND Semi-precious stones, leaves, flowers, feathers, stars and animals are many examples of the Natural Elements trend. This trend also includes blues, greens, oranges, and browns in every color spectrum.

26 PARISIAN INFLUENCE TREND This seasons spin on Parisian Influence includes rich and antiqued metals and smoky black diamond stones, vintage charms, a tasseled pearl necklace and textured metal pieces.

27 Mochis Bone Necklace & Collar Charm In October, the Lin family welcomed a new family member Mochi. Mochi inspired Cookie to create Mochis Dog Bone Necklace and Mochis Dog Bone Collar Charm. Cooke Lee donates a portion of the sales from these items to a national animal organization.

28 Crystal Geodes Cookie has collected crystal geodes for years; she loves their texture and sparkle.

29 Crystallized Druzy Pendant Page 7D $26.00 Druzys are the tiny, bright crystal formations on the inside of geodes, and Cookie loved this concept so much, that she wanted to bring it into the line. She designed a long, faux Crystallized Druzy Pendant.

30 Shagreen/Stingray Leather Shagreen/stingray leather is very smooth and soft and has metallic shiny texture to it.

31 Metallic Glitz Page 11 $20.00 -$38.00 Cookie wanted to have an item that was on-trend and very luxurious-looking, so she designed the Metallic Glitz Collection. These items are contoured rectangles so they capture light and create the smooth look of stingray leather at an affordable price.

32 Victorian Doorknobs

33 Victorian Doorknob Medallion Page 20A $20.00 This pendant was inspired by a collection of Old Victorian brass doorknobs that she found when she was walking through a flea market in the Hells Kitchen neighborhood of NYC.

34 Animal Print

35 Natural Instincts Bracelet Page 48C $32.00 Animal print is a very important trend this season and Cookie wanted to offer a trendy but wearable item with snake skin.

36 Catalog Facts 14 Rings 43 Bracelets 49 Earrings 80 Necklaces Total of 186 items! 20 of those items are only $20 to celebrate our 20 th Anniversary! All 186 items $48 and under!

37 Remember use your catalog as a style guide. It has all the answers to a fantastic, exciting season!


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