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Kindergarten: Seasons

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1 Kindergarten: Seasons
By: Megan Antigo

2 Educational Objectives:
To teach kindergarten children the different seasons of the year. This will help them understand the characteristics of each season. The holidays that are celebrated in each season will be learned as well. This lesson will start out by reading the book, Our Seasons. This book is by Ranida McKneally. This will give them a good idea about what seasons are and the characteristics of each season. I will then show the PowerPoint to the children. I will start the PowerPoint by having a slide that asks the children what the four season are. I will ask this question so I can have a good idea of what the children already know. I will then provide a slide naming all four seasons. The first season I will discuss with the children will be Fall. I will start with Fall since this is the time of the year we are currently in. This will help the children make connections between the PowerPoint and real life. There will be a short quiz at the end of the PowerPoint to assess what each child learned about the four seasons. I will encourage the children to talk during the PowerPoint so we can all share what we know about the seasons. I will document what each child knows about the seasons and plan lessons for the next week based on what they know. Since the children are beginning readers, I will be reading the questions aloud and I will be walking around to help them with words they cannot read.

3 Instructional Merit The purpose of this assignment is to observe the weather patterns of seasons. Content Standard: Daily and Seasonal Changes Yearly weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in the daily weather changes. After this PowerPoint presentation, you will know the characteristics of the four seasons and how the weather changes from season to season.

4 Directions Go through and read each slide.
Slide number 11 will be the first question. You can choose the answer you believe it is by clicking the purple square next to the season you think If it is correct, it will take you to a page that tells you your answer is right. At the bottom of the page, it will say go to the next question. Click the purple square next to it. If you are incorrect, it will take you to a page that asks you to try again. Click the purple square on that page and it will take you back. Do the question until you get it right. You will have 4 total questions. If you need help, let me know.

5 What are the four seasons of the year?

6 Autumn: Winter: Spring: Summer:

7 Autumn Leaves fall off trees School Starts! Pumpkins/Halloween
Thanksgiving time Temperature is starting to get cooler

8 Winter *Snow/Cold *Mittens/Hats *Hanukkah *Christmas *Kwanza

9 Spring Flowers are starting to bloom Easter
Rainy, but starting to get warm again

10 Summer HOT weather/ Sunny Swimming/Sunscreen/Sunglasses Fourth of July

11 What season do leaves turn colors and fall off trees?
Winter Autumn Summer Spring

12 What is the hottest season of the year?
Winter Summer Spring Autumn

13 What season is very snowy?
Autumn Spring Summer Winter

14 What season do flowers start to bloom in?
Spring Autumn Winter Summer

15 Correct! Leaves turn colors and fall off trees in Autumn!
Go to next question

16 Please try a different answer
INCORRECT Please try a different answer

17 Correct! The hottest season is summer! Go to next question

18 INCORRECT Please try a different answer

19 Correct! The season that has the most snow is Winter!
Go to next question

20 INCORRECT Please try a different answer

21 Correct! The season where flowers start to bloom is Spring!
Go to next slide

22 INCORRECT Please try a different answer

23 Additional Resources:
Nemour Foundation. (2011). Cold, ice, and snow safety. Retrieved from tml McKay, E. (2008). Summer sun safety tips for kids. Retrieved from tips/ Chapgar, J. (Designer). (n.d.). Sheppard software seasons. [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from asons.htm


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