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How to get certified for Referee and Score Keeper.

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1 How to get certified for Referee and Score Keeper

2 SUMMARY OF WHAT TO DO IN ORDER TO (RE)CERTIFY SUMMARY OF WHAT TO DO IN ORDER TO (RE)CERTIFY Register for CHRVA/USAV by clicking hereclicking here View the appropriate clinic(s) at the LMS website LMS website Pay the one flat $10 online clinic fee ($10 will give you credit for either one or both clinics). Payment for the clinic is made online by clicking here. clicking here. Complete the requirements as listed on the Referee and Scorer requirements sections of the Chrva Website in order to complete your certification.Chrva Website

3 Junior Level 1 Referee Requirements To become certified or re-certify as a Junior Level 1 Referee you must do the following: Be a current member in good standing within Chesapeake Region - USA Volleyball. New referees must watch the new online Junior Referee Officials Clinic. Junior referees that were newly certified in the 2011-2012 season need to watch the on-line clinic only. Take and correct to 100% the approved USA Volleyball Form "C" written test for referees using the rulebook or any other reference materials. Deadline to take the test is January 15; corrections are due by January 30. Successfully complete the Junior Scorekeeper certification requirements for the current season.Demonstrate the ability to officiate as a first referee at an evaluation tournament or clinic. New referees must have TWO passing evaluations as R1. Returning referees must pass only ONE evaluation. Responsibilities and entitlements of a Junior Level 1 Referee: After certification, Junior Level 1 Referees shall have the opportunity to referee their teams officiating work assignments for sanctioned and other approved volleyball competitions within the Chesapeake Region.

4 Junior Score Keeper Requirements You must be a member in good standing of the CHRVA If you were a CHRVA member last season, be sure to register for this season If you are new to the region, register on-line at You must pay the administration fee and watch the on-line training clinic and complete the test questions that are part of the clinic materials no later than January 15, 2013. -Pay the $10 administrative fee to become a certified scorer by clicking here.clicking here. -Go to the USAV Learning Management System and register as a New User by follow the instructions on the site.USAV Learning Management System -Select the Course Catalog tab Select the 2012-13 Core Juniors Clinic & Quizzes (Catalog ID: usavJuniors) -Click the green + sign next to the clinic ID to enroll in the clinic -Go to the My Courses tab at the top for the page -Click on the green + sign next to the Course ID usavO_101 to launch and complete the Scoring clinic. -Click on the green + sign next to the Course ID usavO_113 to launch and complete the Libero Control Clinic -You must watch both clinics in their entirety to obtain credit.

5 STEP ONE If you are not a member, Register for a new account

6 STEP TWO Create a new user!!!!

7 STEP THREE Register and Pay 10 dollars / you will need your CHRVA ID number a07e6h9xxrk54754810&llr=tscmzvdab

8 STEP FOUR Download the following forms and bring with you to Certapalooza on Jan 6 th !!! - Score Keeper FormScore Keeper Form - Referee FormReferee Form This will be for certification on Jan 6 th !!!

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