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Name of Topic: October Aaya Rut Badlee Class:IV Subject:Urdu Teachers Name: Bushra Tariq Date:15-07-11.

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2 Name of Topic: October Aaya Rut Badlee Class:IV Subject:Urdu Teachers Name: Bushra Tariq Date:15-07-11

3 We live in a region where we experience four seasons in a year. Each season has its own uniqueness. This diversity in season is a great gift of God. Through these different seasons we are able to get various kinds of crops, vegetables and fruits. This change in season also saves us from being a victim to monotony of existence

4 The reading of such poem as this makes children familiar with the change in season at an early age of their lives. By reciting such poems, the students also find answers to the questions arising from changes in weather. They also come to know the effects caused by a particular season at an early stage of their lives

5 Children get acquainted with the changes in season at an early age. Familiarity with the diversity and particular effects of a season.

6 This poem imparts much information about seasonal change and its effects to the students. The students may retain this information for a longer period of time as it is given in verses

7 Name: _____________________________ Class: _____________________________ Sub: _____________________________ Date: _____________________________ Activity: Do the given MCQs Mark the following as true or false: In October, the trees leaves start to fall off. (---------) The hottest month in the year is October. (---------) The poet of the poem October Aaya Rut Badlee is Hafiz-ur-Rehman Ahsan. (-------)

8 Choose the correct answers: 1- How many seasons are there in a year? ( ) 2 / 3 / 4 2- The meaning of the word Rut is. ( ) Air / Weather / Rain 3- What kind of clothes are worn in the month of October? ( ) Loan / Warm / Cotton 4- October is the ….month of the year. 2nd / 8th / 10th Fill in the banks: October comes in …………….. season. Dew (Aus) means ………………… In October, ……………of stars are seen in the sky.

9 Name:Bushra Tariq Institute:D.A. Public School (O & A) Levels Subject:Urdu ClassIV

10 After the comprehension of this poem, the students will be able to understand the changes in season in a better way and it will never be a matter of surprise or confusion for them whenever they experience such changes in season throughout their lives

11 This poem does not contain themes which are of temporal nature. The change in season is a continual process. Its effects are not conspicuous on a weekly or daily basis. However, frequent revisions of this poem may deepen the already acquired sense of season in them

12 For a better understanding of this topic, discussion on the recent global happenings such as volcanic eruption in Chile and resulting suspension in air traffic and hailing/snow- falling in Lahore after 50 years may also be helpful. Describing the phenomenon of rain may also arouse interest and willingness about the topic

13 Challenges The moderate weather conditions in Karachi city is a main hurdle in covering the length and breadth of this topic. Students living in Karachi cannot experience and analyze the changing weather conditions in the month of October as this poem is meant to be taught in the same month. On the other hand, whatever the poet describes and discusses for October is sorrowfully lacking in the citys atmosphere. The city in October happens to be in the grip of hot winds with everybody perspiring and searching for some shady place to have a sigh of relief. In the wake of this fact, it seems only a fabulous depiction of some fantastic world that perhaps exists nowhere. Solutions To relate the description in the poem, matching pictures of different regions and cities can be used to create an atmosphere of weather change in October. Running video footage on the projector may be a better option for overcoming these challenges to a great extent.

14 Snowfall in Lahore The snowfall in Lahore in March surprised everyone. It is said the city saw the snowfall after 50 years. The unexpected snowfall not only put Lahorities but also those living other parts of the country in a pleasant surprise. The people enjoyed it a lot



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