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GLASA Pre-season Referee Meeting Fall 2013. FALL SEASON STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 TH !!!

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1 GLASA Pre-season Referee Meeting Fall 2013


3 Agenda 615pm – 650pm – Housekeeping 650pm – 700pm – Law Changes 700pm – 725pm – Report Writing 725pm – 730pm – Break 730pm – 740pm – Grade Changes 740pm – 835pm – Irresponsible Behavior 835pm – 845pm – Door Prizes

4 Director of Referees Rob Kucenski Referee.director 214-437-7902

5 Introduction

6 Supporting Characters Jim Parker –Previous Director of Referees Greg Hise –Current Director of Training; previous DoR Tracey Lynn McElhone –Crew Assignor Shelly Mungiguerra –Bakersfield Assignor Gina Brown –Unity Assignor

7 Supporting Characters Mike Malone - President of GLASA Mark Grommesh – Vice President of GLASA Tracey Lynn McElhone – U13/14 Boys Commish Greg Beltzer – U11/12 Girls/Boys Commish Mark Grommesh – U8 Girls/Boys Commish Shelly Mungiguerra – U7 Girls Commish

8 Recognition

9 Recognitions New Grade 8 Referees Upgrade to Grade 8 Referees New Grade 9 Referees

10 Recognitions Move to new complex Run first line Upgrade to Grade 7 Run first crew middle

11 Recognitions Service Hours at Carey Tournament –Mitchell Larsen –Alex Lowery –Julian Martin –Michael McElhone –Brandon Roebuck –Chelsei Soto –Cole Taylor Attended NTSSA All Referee Clinic

12 Recognitions Regionals –16 Referees from North Texas James Meade Rob Kucenski Nationals –Three from North Texas Giovanni Sanchez, Referee Marcus DeBruno, Assistant Referee James Meade, Assistant Referee

13 Recertification

14 2014 Recertification If you are brand new referee (took class over summer) and badge says 2014 –Good until December 2014 If badge says 2013 on it –Good until December 2013

15 2014 Recertification Grades 9, 8 and 7 all done online Goto –Click COURSES –Click REFEREE COURSES Pay reregistration fee Take exam online GET IT DONE EARLY RATHER THAN LATE!

16 Professionalism

17 We are not professional referees, but referees that are professional Paycheck Referee vs Love of Game Referee –Regardless, it is still a JOB Any other job requires you to be on-time, in correct attire, manage your schedule, behave accordingly, etc

18 Professionalism You dont have to want to upgrade or referee in World Cup Expecting professionalism from everyone Have no problem with games uncovered due to unprofessional referees not getting games

19 Professionalism Administration –Dont give double availability –Show up on time –Perform proper pregame –Inspect players equipment and passes –Begin games on time! –Post-game paperwork

20 Professionalism Appearance –Look the part –If shirt is on, its tucked in –If socks are on, they are pulled up Worried about tanlines, go be a lifeguard –Have the correct uniform Shorts – basketball, running, PE shorts??? Shoes – black must be predominent color –Invest in new uniforms –Actually have and bring all your equipment

21 Professionalism Attitude –Look like you want to be there –Actually enjoy yourself –Be mindful of what you say around complex –Improve and move up to other challenges

22 Additional Instruction

23 Focused Field Sessions Bring Whistle! Unity –Led by Greg Hise –First session Tuesday, Sept 3 rd from 630-730pm Bakersfield –Led by Greg Hise –First session Thursday, Sept 5 th from 630-730pm Crews –First session TBA

24 Player Passes

25 Passes Player passes are required for U14 and above –Possibly U13; will advise before season starts Passes MUST be checked by referee crew prior to start of match No pass, no play –First weekend of season, not enforced

26 Passes Passes will be printed Passes will have a current photo Check pass against game report –If player number different, correct the game report Return passes after checking –If player sent off, do not keep pass

27 Administrative

28 Season starts Saturday, 07 September 2013 Start gathering your kit –Missing pieces? Update/upgrade? Remember to check your email!

29 Assigning and Availability

30 Assigning/Availability Still using GLASA Referee Portal – Not assigned more than 4 matches –Includes standbys –Most likely three games Not assigned more than 2 centers –Small sided games obvious exception Dont do 3-4 games for other assignor, then come to GLASA

31 Assigning/Availability Availability entered Sunday by noon Assignors start working assignments Sunday Games will be assigned by Wednesday 9pm Games need accepted by Thursday –Games not accepted can/will be reassigned Can put availability in after Sunday, but no guarantee will get requested games, if any

32 Assigning/Availability Need to start getting out of your comfort zone Unity is for first-second season referees ages 12-14 Bakersfield should only be one or two seasons Getting away from career-complex officials, career-only AR and career-only centers Can still put availability in, but other people that need those games will get them

33 Assigning/Availability Gina Brown – Unity assignor – –(972) 345-1144 Shelly Mungiguerra – Bakersfield assignor – –(214) 914-1765 Tracey Lynn McElhone – Crew assignor – –(214) 850-0664

34 Concussions


36 Head injuries/concussions are receiving increasing focus in all sports Can not be diagnosed by referee Happen at any age and gender Call coach onto field immediately –WHY?

37 Concussions Signs –You see it happen –Holding head –Shaking head –Rubbery legs –Glassy eyes STOP MATCH IMMEDIATELY Call coach onto field immediately

38 Questions?

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