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The HolidaysObstacles and Opportunities for Weight Maintenance Webinar 17 October 2012, 1300-1400.

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1 The HolidaysObstacles and Opportunities for Weight Maintenance Webinar 17 October 2012, 1300-1400

2 Learning Objectives Participants will: – understand the mindset needed for weight management success and how to foster that mindset in Sailors and Marines. – gain knowledge and understanding of weight management strategies and nutritional tools that aid in weight maintenance. 1

3 Presenters: Steven Heaston, PhD, MPH, Program Specialist for Clinical Prevention, NMCPHC Diana Strock, MAT, ATC, Program Manager, Physical Fitness/Injury Prevention, NMCPHC Sally J. Vickers, MS, CHES, Program Manager, Nutrition and General Health Promotion Training, NMCPHC 2

4 HEALTHY MINDSET FOR THE HOLIDAYS STEVE HEASTON PHD, MPH Enjoying the Holidays Without Totally Shattering Your Weight Management Goals 3 Oh boy! Another holiday season coming. Can I avoid gaining weight …again?

5 Take Stock of Your Personal Holiday Wellness Goals Maintain Weight Lose Weight Fit into Clothes Stay Physically Fit Maintain Healthy Behaviors Be a Role Model for Others Stay Upbeat 4

6 Watch Out for Hazards Average Weight Gain Common Problems – Eating out / parties – Large variety of choices – High-calorie snacks & beverages – Cut back on physical activity Identify your personal Hazards? – Social pressure / willpower (Just say No?) – Disruption of healthy routines – Too busy – Communication 5

7 Plan for Success Plan Ahead of Time Construct a Detailed Strategy – Dietary – Physical Activity – Psychological Stay Focused Communicate with Others 6

8 Handling Setbacks Reaffirm commitment Identify triggers & coping skills Identify self-defeating behaviors Resolve associated problems Seek support 7

9 8 Enjoy the Season …

10 NOFFS: Active Living Strategies For the Holiday Season Diana Strock, MAT, ATC Human Performance Program Manager & Advisor, NMCPHC & CPPD

11 Presentation Objectives 1.Discuss strategies to increase active living daily practices throughout the holiday season. Identify how to combat holiday sedentary obstacles. Identify how to increase activity levels during busy holiday schedules. 2.Provide a successful holiday exercise model – Share FY12 Navy/Air Force couple testimonial. 3.Introduce the Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling System (NOFFS). Identify how to utilize the NOFFS to maintain weight during the holiday season. 10

12 Common Obstacles/Excuses: Active Living During the Holidays Schedule: ---- Im way to busy to exercise. Travel Obstacles: equipment, space, location Im traveling, so I cant exercise the way I normally do. Weather: Its too cold outside. Procrastination / Mental Validation: Ill wait to exercise until after the holidays. Ill make a New Years Resolution to exercise then. Now is not the time to start a new exercise program. Holiday is about family…. not about me & exercise. 11

13 12 Overcoming Obstacles Schedule Travel Obstacles equipment space location Weather Procrastination / mental validation

14 13 Navy Male Team Member Air Force Female Team Member LOSING body fat during the holidays? Is this possible? A successful model :

15 NOFFS = Holiday Activity 14

16 Background Location of Instructors/POC Virtual Trainer for NOFFS…. Step by step workout Hard copy files – downloadable Methodology Movement Library Equipment Coaching Tools NOFFS Survey/Eval. Marketing Tools 15

17 NOFFS Exercise Program Key Components 1. Pillar Preparation 2. Movement Preparation 3. Strength Fit Kits Dumbbells 4. Cardiovascular 5. Recovery See COACHING TOOLS section on NOFFS Website 16

18 17 Simple Steps to Get Started

19 Mid-Atlantic (Norfolk) - NSA Norfolk - NSY Norfolk - NAVSTA Norfolk - NAS Oceana - NAVWPNSTA Yorktown - NAB Little Creek - NAS/JRB Willow Grove - NAS Brunswick - NAVWPNSTA Earle - SUBASE New London - NSY Portsmouth - NAVSTA Newport - NSGA Sugar Grove Southeast - NAS Jacksonville - NAVSTA Mayport - SUBASE Kings Bay - NAF Key West - CBC Gulfport - NAVSTA Guantanamo Bay - NCSC Panama City - NAS Pensacola - CID Corry Station - NAS Corpus Christi Northwest (Bangor) - NAVSTA Everett - NAS Whidbey Island - NAVSTA Bremerton Southwest (San Diego) - NAVBASE Pt. Loma - NAVSTA San Diego - NAVBASE Ventura Country - NAF El Centro - NAS Lemoore - NAS Fallon - NAVWPNSTA Seal Beach - NAVBASE Coronado - NAWS China Lake - NPGS Monterey Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) - NAVSTA Pearl Harbor - PMRF Barking Sands Naval District Washington - WNY/Anacostia - NSWC Indian Head - NAS Patuxent River - NSWC Dahlgren Guam Naval Forces Marianas SA Japan - CFA Yokosuka - CFA Sasebo - NAF Atsugi Europe (Naples) - NSA Naples - NAS Sigonella - NAVSTA Rota Midwest (Great Lakes) - NAVSTA Great Lakes - NSA Mid South NOFFS Delivery - Installations 18

20 NOFFS Virtual Trainer 19

21 NOFFS iPhone Application iPhone Application is HERE! Over 13,000 downloads! i-Pad Application is Coming Soon! 20

22 Romanian Deadlift (RDL) - Dumbbells 21

23 NOFFS = Operational AND Holiday Movement Patterns! 22

24 Frame personal exercise photo Mini-bands (inexpensive) Tricycle/bicycle Exercise/yoga mat Work out gloves or shoes Sweatshirt / sweat-suit Activity event/trip or just a walk Pedometer Journal for activity/goal setting Season pass – wildlife refuge A time for gift exchange: Encourage Active Living 23

25 Diana Strock, MAT, ATC Senior Advisor, Human Performance & Public Health, CPPD Program Manager, Active Living & Injury Prevention, NMCPC 24

26 YOU EAT. WELL FUEL. Healthy Eating During the Holidays Sally J. Vickers, MS, CHES

27 General Guidelines: – Balance Calories in with Calories Out – Portion Control – Limit Empty Calories from Alcohol – Candies, Cookies, Desserts, Oh My! Limit Desserts Halloween Candy 26

28 Attending Holiday Gatherings Plan Ahead Focus on the Social Aspects, not the Food Strategies to Handle a Pot-Luck Serve Yourself! Say No thank you Savor Every Bite 27

29 If the Event Includes a Buffet… Decide in Advance Fill Most of Your Plate with the Healthy Stuff Dont Take the Dessert on Your First Trip 28

30 When Hosting a Holiday Gathering Lighten it up Dont Tempt Yourself If Guests Offer, Make Healthy Suggestions of What to Bring If Guests Bring Food Gifts… Make Healthy Beverages Available Loose the Leftovers 29

31 Additional Resources NMCPHC Healthy Living/Nutrition Website at: Nutrition/additional_resources.aspx Nutrition/additional_resources.aspx ChooseMyPlate at: USDA Nutrition Website: 30

32 ? Q&A? 31

33 Contact Information Health Promotion and Wellness Department Website: 32

34 Evaluation Please use the link below to connect to a survey where you can provide us feedback on this webinar. We appreciate your feedback along with any comments you can provide so that we may improve our webinar sessions. 33

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