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Season 1 – 2010, Season 2 – 2012. 1.Episode 1: A Study in Pink 2.Episode 2: The Blind Banker 3.Episode 3: The Great Game SHERLOCK – SEASON 1.

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1 Season 1 – 2010, Season 2 – 2012

2 1.Episode 1: A Study in Pink 2.Episode 2: The Blind Banker 3.Episode 3: The Great Game SHERLOCK – SEASON 1

3 Plot: Serial suicides What is the link? Why? Watson and Sherlock meet Last victim: a lady wearing a pink suit, with a pink suitcase Villain: Cab driver How? 2 pills; one is good, one is bad, you take one, Ill take the other Final scene: Sherlock about to take the pill, Watson shoots the villain. Moriarty connection: The villain shouts Ms name; first time we hear it. A STUDY IN PINK

4 Dr. John Watson


6 A STUDY IN PINK From The Problem of Thor Bridge: Among these unfinished tales is that of Mr. James Phillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never more seen in this world

7 A STUDY IN PINK DI Lestrade (First name coming up in Season 2)

8 A STUDY IN PINK First sign of SH: Everyone is wrong! (Text on screen; genius idea!)

9 A STUDY IN PINK Watson meets Stamford Do you remember where they met?

10 A STUDY IN PINK First time we meet Sherlock Holmes. Stamford to Watson: When in comes to beating the subjects in the dissecting-rooms with a stick, it is certainly taking a rather bizarre shape

11 A STUDY IN PINK SH to W: Iraq or Afghanistan? Canon: You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive

12 A STUDY IN PINK 221B on the door

13 A STUDY IN PINK From The Musgrave Ritual: …when I find a man who keeps his cigars in the coal-scuttle, his tobacco in the toe end of a Persian slipper, and his unanswered correspondence transfixed by a jack-knife into the very center of his wooden mantelpiece…

14 A STUDY IN PINK Mrs. Hudson

15 A STUDY IN PINK Reverse logic Canon: Rache (German for revenge) BBC: Rache (Rachel)

16 A STUDY IN PINK Mycroft Holmes (red herring in the episode; we think he is Moriarty)

17 A STUDY IN PINK From The Read-Headed League: It is quite a three pipe problem

18 THE BLIND BANKER Plot: A series of break-ins and suicides (or are they?) Ancient Chinese dialect ciphers painted on the walls An old acquaintance of SH asks for help; a break-in at an international finance building Link between victims: All went to an oriental shop Villain: Black Lotus Tong (Organization) John gets a job, meets Sarah Villain kidnaps John and Sarah SH tracks them down, rescues them. Moriarty connection: Leader of the Tong chats with M in the end, and is assassinated by a sniper.

19 Connections with the Canon: The Valley of Fear: use of book references The Adventure of the Dancing Men: using pictorial references THE BLIND BANKER

20 Plot: Mycroft wants SH to investigate the murder of an MI6 employee (Employee is Andrew West, from The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, victim was Arthur West. Person guilty was brother of victims fiancée, from The Adventure of the Naval Treaty) A flash drive with top secret information is missing; SH not interested A phone similar to the one in Study in Pink is sent to Scotland Yard SH gets riddles; random people in danger; he has to solve the riddles A fake Vermeer painting Moriarty connection: First time we see M; he tricks Watson Cliffhanger at the end! THE GREAT GAME

21 From The Musgrave Ritual: have always held, too, that pistol practice should be distinctly an open-air pastime; and when Holmes, in one of his queer humors, would sit in an arm-chair with his hair-trigger and a hundred Boxer cartridges and proceed to adorn the opposite wall with patriotic V. R. done in bullet-pocks,…

22 THE GREAT GAME From A Study in Scarlet:..he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the Solar System… I consider that a mans brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with furniture as you choose BBC: Hardware

23 THE GREAT GAME The Lost Vermeer

24 THE GREAT GAME Analyzing stationary; thick Bohemian paper. A Scandal in Bohemia. Cell phone message: 5 Greenwich pips The Five Orange Pips (Thats us!!!)

25 THE GREAT GAME First time we see Moriarty; we dont know it yet (supposedly); disguised as poor Mollys boyfriend.

26 THE GREAT GAME SH talking to the wife of one of the victims, pretending to be a friend of the victim; notice the tear. Modern disguise.

27 THE GREAT GAME Using the homeless for information; no more homeless children in London; updated Baker Street Irregulars.

28 THE GREAT GAME Another disguise, with the fake Vermeer. Remember why it was fake?

29 THE GREAT GAME Final confrontation with Moriarty at the swimming pool. Big cliffhanger; we had to wait 2 years!!!

30 1.Episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia 2.Episode 2: The Hound of the Baskervilles 3.Episode 3: The Reichenbach Fall SHERLOCK – SEASON 2

31 Plot: A dominatrix, known as The Woman (!) has photographs of a female member of the royal family on her phone. SH tries to get the phone from her. Later, we learn that IA is dead. Turns out, she faked her death. Meanwhile, Irene Adler needs SH to crack a code. When he does, she tells Moriarty, who in turn tells Mycroft that he knows the plot now, and all is ruined. Irene Adler demands protection, among other things from Mycroft, in exchange of her phone. But SH cracks the code of her phone. Later, Mycroft tells Watson that IA was beheaded. Watson doesnt tell SH. It turns out, SH saved IA. A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA

32 How do they get out of the cliffhanger? Moriartys phone rings! (Tune is Stayin Alive!) And who is calling???

33 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA First time we see the woman

34 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA …that really odd case of the melting laptop…



37 Sherlock Holmes Baffled is the first SH movie; made in 1900, runs for 30 seconds.

38 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA Aaaaand here it is…

39 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA Thumbs! All thumbs of engineers??

40 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA SH invited to Buckingham Palace…not uncommon for SH to deal with royalty.


42 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA Canon: An elderly clergyman


44 A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA The only woman who beats SH




48 Plot: A visit from Henry Knight (Sir Henry Bask. in canon) about a gigantic hound. SH and Watson go to Dartmoor (Canon); visit Baskerville, a Ministry of Defense research base. Sherlock also sees the hound. Henrys therapist: Dr. Louise Mortimer (Canon: Dr. James Mortimer) Liberty, Indiana: H.O.U.N.D.: secret military project, creating a weapon THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE

49 Harpoon: Adventure of Black Peter


51 THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE Major Barrymore: Butler in the canon



54 THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE Moriarty gets out of jail…

55 Plot: Moriarty breaks in: Crown Jewels, Bank of England, Pentonville Prison Walks away free Kids kidnapped, SH finds them, they get frightened when they see him Moriartys plot is revealed: The fall of SH! Final confrontation Moriarty kills himself SH kills himself Or does he??? THE REICHENBACH FALL

56 SH recovers the stolen Turner painting of the Falls


58 In The Musgrave Ritual: …a full account of Ricoletti of the club foot and his abominable wife

59 THE REICHENBACH FALL In Blue Carbuncle: I had a friend once called Maudsley, who went to the bad, and has just been serving his time in Pentonville.

60 THE REICHENBACH FALL Music M is listening to The Thieving Magpie. Does this photo remind you of someone?

61 THE REICHENBACH FALL A very domestic confrontation. SH: How are you going to burn me? M: Thats the problem; the final problem. Whats the final problem?

62 THE REICHENBACH FALL Diogenes Club Douglas Wilmer

63 THE REICHENBACH FALL Molly tells SH that he can ask for her help for anything. A clue?

64 THE REICHENBACH FALL So…Moriarty is really dead??

65 THE REICHENBACH FALL SH really jumps???

66 THE REICHENBACH FALL The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist…surely this was intentional…?

67 THE REICHENBACH FALL One last miracle…


69 Sherlockology Baker Street Babes Leslie S. Klinger Twitter REFERENCES

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