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Wel come to my English class all of you

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1 Wel come to my English class all of you

2 Teacher’s information
Name:Enamul haque Madna high school Darsana ,Chuadanga Assistant teacher (English) o

3 What are the people doing? What are the picture sabout?


5 SoDear Ss, today’s topic is
Pahela Boishakh

6 Introduce to lesson Class:Nine Sub:English( first paper)
Topic:Pahela Boishakh Date:

7 Learning out comes/objectives
By the end of lesson Ss will have explained Bangalle culture and tradition. Special significance meaning of the day. How to organise a Baisshakhi mela at their school. Ss will have able to read a news paper about Pahale Baishakh To write a paragraph about pohela Boishakh Picture of pahela boishakh

8 Happiness

9 Celebrate

10 First day

11 Traditional Food

12 Traditional cloth

13 Procession

14 Tradition

15 Programme at swiden

16 Preparation for pahela boishakhofFine arts Deperment of Dhaka Universituy

17 Pahela Baishakh celebrated with pledge to resist war criminals
Ahammad Foyez Dhaka University fine arts faculty brings out Mangal Shovajatra from the campus on Sunday in celebration of Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bangla New Year. â�� Indrajit Ghosh. Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bangla New Year 1420, was celebrated Sunday across the country amid traditional fanfare and festivities, with a call to resist the evil forces, including war criminals of the 1971 independence war. People from all walks of life greeted the rising sun heralding the advent of the New Year. People thronged the streets, parks, and other open spaces in the capital and elsewhere joining the nation’s most colourful traditional festival. Cultural and musical groups ushered in the new Bangla year with songs, dance numbers, poetry recitals, etc. The festivities began in Dhaka as usual with Chhayanaut, one of the country’s leading performing arts training institutions, holding a musical programme during the sunrise at Ramna Batamul, with thousands of men, women, and children joining the audience amid a heightened security against the background of continued political violence and volatility. The artistes of Chhayanaut, which has been holding the programme since 1965, wearing red and green sarees symbolising the national flag, started this year’s New Year programme by rendering a classical music composition in Raga Bhairaba, followed by the Tagore song ‘Eso he Baishakh, eso eso’.

18 Wark-1(peer).Ward meaning&making sentence
Celerrbrate,procession,Traditional,Colourful. Symbolise,Educational,Cultural

19 Woek-2 Answer the folling uqestions(By group)
Which banala year is this? When are you going to celebrate pahela boishakh? What kind of food do you eat in the morning of pahela boishakh? Doyou wear any special cloth on this occasion?

20 Work-3 Ask the student to read the passage about pahela Boishakh(by individul)

21 Evalutation Whan we get up at pohela Boishakh?
Which bangla year is this? What kind of cloth we wear in this day? What is the significnt meaning of this day?

22 Home work Write a paragraph about pahela Boishakh

23 We should stop here

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