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Bislett FK – Season 2014 Club rules and information.

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1 Bislett FK – Season 2014 Club rules and information

2 Bislett FK Founded in November 2008 by Chris Worsfold and David Walshe Kids teams from 2009 Table results previous seasons: Website: 1 st Team2 nd Team 20082 20097 (7 th div)4 20108 (7 th div)9 201148 201277 201327 2014

3 Bislett FK Mission To be a social and competitive football club for passionate international football players in the Oslo region

4 Bislett FK Organization Chairman Ryan Philips Manager 1 st Team David Walshe Manager 2 st Team Danny Lanham Treasurer Erik Reijrink Board Member Martin Erhamre Board Member Luuk Op het Veld Assistant 1 st Team Erik Reijrink Assistant 2 nd Team Ben Briggs Bislett FK Kids Communication with NFF Training Internal Communication Website Finances Training Friendlies Kit and Equipment Social Friendlies Communication Sponsorship Training 1 st Team Teamsnap Statistics Training 2 nd Team Teamsnap Statistics The board can be contacted at

5 Bislett FK Season 2014 7.div Menn avd 01 Monday matchday Table and fixtures: pages/TabellTermin/?tournamentId=13 8837 pages/TabellTermin/?tournamentId=13 8837 8.div Menn avd 02 Friday matchday Table and fixtures: pages/TabellTermin/?tournamentId=13 8846 pages/TabellTermin/?tournamentId=13 8846

6 Bislett FK Membership 1.Full Player Membership A full player member pays a one time fee for the entire season, including friendly, cup and league matches. A full player membership also includes summer training. The membership fee for the season 2014 is set at 2400 NOK 2. Reserve Player Membership A reserve player pays a fixed fee per match. The fee per match for the season 2014 is set at 200 NOK Bislett FK encourages everybody to become full player members. Full players members will get additional advantages and priority.

7 Bislett FK Football Kit Home Kit Bislett FK wears a white Adidas shirts with Bislett logo and number. The shirts are being ordered by the club and paid by each player. A players number can be added to the back. Please contact Ryan Philips for details Bislett FK wears red shorts and red socks. These items need to be purchased individually. Away Kit Bislett FK owns a navy blue and green away shirt. The shirts are distributed by the managers at matchday when necessary. Bislett FK wears black shorts and black socks. These items need to be purchased individually. Training Kit The players have the option to order a training top with both initials and number. Please contact Erik Reijrink for details

8 Bislett FK Matches The 1 st and 2 nd team manager will together make a selection of players for each of the matches that are being played each week. The match selections are based on the following criteria: Type of players membership; Full Player Membership have priority above Reserve Player Memberships Availability status on Teamsnap; Registration needs to be done at least 7 days prior to the game Training attendance; Players that have attended training 1 out of the previous 4 weeks have priority Players performance, attitude and behavior NFF rules; Bislett FK will comply to all rules set by the NFF Players are expected to be at the match ground 45 minutes before kickoff. Warmup starts 30 minutes before kickoff

9 Bislett FK Training General Training is an essential part of Bislett FK, both for improving our performance as a team as well as from a social perspective. Players are expected to attend training regularly. Training is a key factor taken into consideration for team selections Training times Summer training takes place every Sunday from 1700-1830 at Ferd Stadium, Bygdøy. Summer training is included in the Full Player Membership fee. Winter training ended 21.04.2014 Winter training is handled separately outside the membership fee.

10 Fair Play and Respect Fair Play and Respect are one of the key focus areas for the Season 2014. Bislett FK has the collective responsibility in and outside the field to create a fair, social and enjoyable environment for the players, opponents, referees and fans. Referee is in charge Encourage team-mates Shout, but dont criticise Play fairly Enjoy the game Captain only speaks to the referee Try whatever the score At the end of the season, the Bislett FK Fair Play Award will be rewarded to recognize special acts of fair play.

11 Fines EventFine Red Card*100 NOK Yellow Card*50 NOK Late show before match50 NOK No show at a match1 game ban Cancellation after team selection without valid reason1 game ban Misconduct / poor behavior **1.Warning 2.Game(s) ban 3.Loss of membership * Managers decision ** Board decision To function as a club and as a team, it is important for all the members to follow a few basic rules and to show good behavior. The following penalties/fines are defined by the club

12 Teamsnap General Teamsnap is the only tool being used by the club and managers to check availability of players for training, matches and social events. In addition, Teamsnap is used to communicate important information to all club members. The managers and board members will updated information on Teamsnap regularly. The players are expected to be up to date All players are expected to have a Teamsnap account. Please contact the board to gain access Important match information Players need to update their Teamsnap availability status at least 7 days prior to a match. All players with availability updates less than 7 days prior to the game will not be considered for selection.

13 Contact Details NameRoleEmailMobile Ryan David WalsheManager 1 st Team/BMdavidwalshe007@hotmail.com47445227 Danny LanhamManager 2 nd Team/ 90419122 Erik ReijrinkAssistant 1 st Team/BMerikreijrink@hotmail.com98632758 Ben BriggsAssistant 2 nd TeamBen.Briggs@akersolutions.com45250896 Martin ErhamreBoard Membermerhamre@yahoo.se40545625 Luuk Op het VeldBoard memberluukophetveld@hotmail.com40639045

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