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20th June 2012, 3:00pm #lifeisaweek Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Organized from Twitter By: Wale.

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1 20th June 2012, 3:00pm SteveHARRIS @iamsteveharris #lifeisaweek Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Organized from Twitter By: Wale Micaiah

2 Hi tweeps, I'm gonna be sharing by 3pm on something: Let me explain! How do you manage every week of our life effectively? So what do you do in each season of your life? Okay, it's 3pm. Let's Go!!! SteveHARRIS @iamsteveharris

3 What day of the week are you in? Monday is 0 - 10years. Tuesday is 11 - 20years. Wednesday is 21 - 30years. Thursday is 31 - 40years. Friday is 41 - 50years! Saturday is 51 - 60years old. Sunday is 61 - 70years old. Anything above 70 is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!

4 Season Of Discovery! Today is MONDAY

5 Here, your job and that of your folks is to DISCOVER YOUR GIFT ! MONDAY : 0-10years is the Season Of Discovery ! In the season of discovery, u must identify your competence! Tiger's dad discovered his gift at age 2!

6 Unfortunately, most parents have not discovered THEMSELVES, so they can't help their kids. You can't give what u don't have! You may not have discovered yourself yet, but it's never too late! Let me show you how! Season Of Discovery !

7 What comes to you naturally or with ease? Fish don't take swimming lessons and birds don't go to flight school! Season Of Discovery ! Next, our gift is in the problem you solve! What drives you nuts? In it lies your gift!

8 Season Of Practice! Today is TUESDAY

9 TUESDAY : 11 - 20years is the Season Of Practice ! On Tuesday, you begin to hone your gift and turn into skill! Tiger Woods was #1 at 19 We celebrate Messi and Ronaldo. How old are they? They used their Mondays and Tuesdays well. What are u practicing? Beckham was in ManU's team@16!

10 Destiny's Child were a global hit when they were in their Tuesday! What are you practicing? Season Of Practice ! Understand you're practicing something whether u know it or not! What u feed grows! Your mind, your body, your bb? You decide!

11 Turn your gift to skill! David killed Goliath when he was 17! Develop capacity! Cause when Tuesday is over, OYO LO WA ! Season Of Practice ! Now is the time to perfect your writing, speaking, music skill! Your opportunity WILL come, but will YOU be ready? The opportunity of a lifetime MUST be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity! How many opportunities have u missed ?

12 Season Of Performance! Today is Wednesday

13 WEDNESDAY : 21 - 30years is the Season Of Performance ! Sadly, too many Wednesday folk are clueless as to what their discovery is, talk less of what to perform! At 21-30, it's SHOWTIME! It's time to show us what you're made of! Messi & Ronaldo, Beyonce, Lady Gaga are in their Wednesday!

14 Here, the spotlight's on you! It's no longer time to learn your lines. The Director has yelled 'ACTION'! It's showtime! Stop being a cheap imitation of someone else! Negro, BE YOURSELF! Quit sagging your jeans and being fake! GET A LIFE ! Season Of Performance !

15 You can act the fool if you want to in your Tuesday, but from Wednesday on, it's time to take RESPONSIBILITY! Season Of Performance ! Wednesday will prove what you've practiced on Tuesday! You don't have time, the WEEKEND IS COMING!

16 Season Of Mastery! Today is Thursday

17 THURSDAY : 31 - 40years is the Season Of Mastery ! By Thursday, you must have become an AUTHORITY in your craft! Ask @ALIBABAGCFR @feladurotoye @DONJAZZY !

18 Thursday, u must be a MASTER of your craft!!! A point of reference in ur industry! If you're not there yet, DON'T STOP MOVING! Season Of Mastery! I'm in my Thursday morning (33) and I have to hurry b4 Thursday evening gets to me! Cause the hour comes when no man can work …

19 I know some great people on their Thursday @uchennaji_OUCH @taradurotoye @feladurotoye @Iheanyi1 @iambankole @temitayoilori Season Of Mastery!

20 Season Of Mentoring & Multiplication! Today is Friday

21 FRIDAY : 41 - 50years is the Season Of Mentoring & Multiplication! On & b4 Friday, begin to mentor others who can do what you do! David killed Goliath, but had 5 guys who also killed giants Every world class player needs a COACH! I have great coaches! @feladurotoye @lanreolusola @pauladefarasin who's coaching U?

22 Season Of Mentoring & Multiplication! The coaches you have are a sign of the person you'll become! WHO's COACHING YOU? On Friday, MULTIPLY!! I've got some great guys I collabo with! @iambankole @Iheanyi1 @temitayoilori @UbongNkanta @awesomecoach

23 Season Of Mentoring & Multiplication! On Friday, it's TGIF (Thank God It's Friday!) Weekend's here & YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS WORKING! Here, money should work for you!

24 Season Of Returns! Today is Saturday

25 SATURDAY : 51 - 60years is the Season Of Returns! I've seen too many people including our parents work on the weekend because THEY HAVE TO & not cause THEY WANT TO! God forbid! The way you use your weekdays will determine if and how you enjoy your weekend!

26 Season Of REST & REJUVENATION ! Today is Sunday

27 SUNDAY : 61 - 70years is the Season Of REST & REJUVENATION Let me say it again! You have NO BUSINESS WORKING on the weekend! The decision to work should be by CHOICE, not NECESSITY!

28 Season Of REST & REJUVENATION The days fly by so quickly and soon, it's the weekend when no man can work! That's why Scripture says Teach me to NUMBER MY DAYS that I may APPLY MYSELF TO WISDOM (do the right thing at the right time!)

29 PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!! Today is:

30 To recap, Monday is 0-10. Tuesday is 11-20years. Wednesday is 21 - 30 years. Thursday is 31 - 40years. Friday is 41-50years! Saturday is 51-60, Sunday is 60-70 and anything above that is PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!! What day are you in? Have you mastered the season you're in? Or do you need to learn the lessons of the previous days?

31 No matter what day you're in, it's NEVER TOO LATE to master your season! Get low, get humble and GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! Life will keep moving on whether you're prepared for it or not. The choice is yours. You have NO EXCUSES! I'm done! I hope this series was beneficial!

32 StatiSense ® - Wale Micaiah © Compilation by: Wale Micaiah e: m: 08078001800 b: w.

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