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Managing Diabetes During the Holiday Season By Brandon Hale Operation Diabetes P1 Vice-Chair.

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1 Managing Diabetes During the Holiday Season By Brandon Hale Operation Diabetes P1 Vice-Chair

2 Managing Diabetes can be a little complicated!

3 What advice can a pharmacist give to a diabetic, to help them handle this… …without ending up like THIS?


5 Advice Pharmacists can give to Diabetics during Counseling Set calorie and carbohydrate limits, and eat favorite foods first. –It is OK to indulge, but avoid OVER-indulging. They should know what theyre eating! –For unfamiliar foods, ask whats in it and estimate carb count based on ingredients, or use a pocket guidebook. –It may seem rude, but family\friends should know that a diabetic has to know this to dose their insulin correctly Any dish can be Revised. –Substituting Splenda (or another artificial sweetener) for sugar –Sugar-free or low-carb ingredients can be used without others even knowing –Be aware of others who may not be able to tolerate the artificial sweeteners. Wait several minutes between plates to permit fullness. Avoid injecting more than 15 Units in the same site –Can alter absorption –Its better to split up a large injection into multiple smaller injections –Pump users can use advanced features (if possible) Square bolus – good for snacking over a long period (ie, popcorn at a movie theater) Dual-Wave bolus – gives half of the bolus before the meal and distributes the other half over an extended period of time. Test blood sugar often! –Every 2-4 hours after the meal

6 Desserts are OK with the right amount of insulin and frequent blood sugar checks afterward.

7 The Traveling Diabetic A diabetic should always pack twice as many supplies as they should need. –A backup meter and extra batteries are wise to carry as well. –Dont forget the ketone sticks. Keep insulin as cool as possible. –Place back in refrigerator once they reach their destination. Tips for flying: Pack everything in carry-on baggage. –Transportation Security Administration permits 2 bags Cooperate with security! X-rays will not damage insulin, glucometers, or insulin pumps, but a visual (hand) inspection can be requested. Always bring original packaging with the prescription clearly visible. Ask to speak to the Complaints Resolution Officer if they feel theyre being hassled –Report the airport & airline to the TSA after the flight If an injection during flight is necessary, remove the plunger and reinsert it into the barrel to balance air pressure

8 The Most Important Thing to Remember… A diabetic patient should be allowed to have happy holidays …And so should you! Thank you for listening! Any Questions?

9 Helpful Websites Suggestions from the American Diabetes Association – Tips for flying from the ADA: – Wegmans common holiday foods – –Lists many of the foods a diabetic may encounter over the holidays with some tips. WebMD article – –Has several suggestions for maintaining control. Holiday Recipes from dLife – cid=100104&sc_chid=1009 cid=100104&sc_chid=1009 CalorieKing – –The ultimate free database for looking up nutritional values in foods (including carbohydrates, calories, and fats) as well as exercise equivalents needed to burn the food off. TSA Guidelines for Hidden Disabilities (including Diabetes) –

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