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1 The Materials are: Reading : Season Degree of Comparison Simple Present Tense and Future Tense Vocabulary.

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1 1 The Materials are: Reading : Season Degree of Comparison Simple Present Tense and Future Tense Vocabulary

2 2 European countries usually have four seasons, namely : spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring it looks green every where because the leaves of the trees begin to grow in this season. But many parts of European countries look more beautiful while the flowers are blooming. In these places the scenes are colorful.

3 3 In summer it is sunny almost the whole day. Most European people usually get recreation in this season. They like to go to the beaches to enjoy sun bathing, surfing, skiing, swimming and bathing in the sea.

4 4 In autumn the leaves of the trees fall down to the ground. The scenes are dominated by the dry leaves every where. The wind usually blows hard in this season. Sometimes the strong wind causes damage. In winter it looks white every where because most of European areas are covered with snow. During this season people there prefer wearing thick clothes like sweaters, coats and jackets because the weather is very cold. Many places especially the highlands, become ski areas.

5 5 Of course, those situations are very different from the conditions in some Asian countries like Indonesia. Indonesia has only two seasons, the dry and wet seasons. In the dry season it is usually hot the whole day. It comes from April to October, while the wet season comes from October to April. Most parts of Indonesia get rain during the wet or rainy season. But the down pour usually comes in December and January which often causes flood in many parts of Indonesia.

6 6 1.How many seasons does European countries have ? b.three c.two d.four

7 7 2. The main idea of paragraph two is…. a.the condition of European countries during the spring. b.European countries have four seasons. c.during the spring European countries look more beautiful. d.the summer time in European countries.

8 8 3.Which paragraphs tells about the season when people like to have a picnic ? a.paragraph one b.paragraph four c.paragraph three d.paragraph five

9 9 4.But the down pour usually comes … (paragraph 6). The underlined word has the same meaning as…. a.heavy rain b.flood c.drizzle d.erosion

10 10 5.It comes from April to October. (paragraph 6) The underlined word refers to…. a.Indonesia b.dry season c.season d.wet season

11 11 6.Why does it look white every where in winter ? a.Because people wear thick clothes. b.Because most of European countries are covered with snow. a.Because the weather is very cold. b.Because many places become ski areas.

12 12 DEGREE OF COMPARISON Menggunakan adjective dalam kalimat sehingga disebut Qualitative Adjective Ada tiga tingkatan Qualitative Adjective, yaitu: 1.Positive degree (as + adj + as ) Your house is as big as my school. 2.Comparative degree (adj + er + than) Tuti is shorter than her sister. 3.Superlative degree (the + adj + est) Andri is the tallest man Ive ever met.

13 13 Comparative Degree Formula a.Adj dengan satu suku kata adj + er … than My book is thicker than yours. b.Adj dengan dua suku kata adj + er … than Ani is happier than Ida. (happy – ier) c.Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata adj + more … than Fila is more obedient than Didi.

14 14 Superlative Degree Formula a.Adjective (adj) dengan satu suku kata the + adj + est Mr. Iman is the oldest man in my office. b.Adj dengan dua suku kata the + adj + est / the + most + adj Iqbal is the happiest boy among the students. Or Iqbal is the most happy boy among the students. c.Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata the + most + adj Sheila is the most obedient girl at home.

15 15 Quantitative Comparison Countable ComparativeUncountableComparative many few more than fewer than much little more than less than

16 16 Irregular Adjective PositiveComparativeSuperlative good far many/much little better than further than more than less than the best the furthest the most the least

17 17 1.The Nile is … river in the world. a.longer b.the longest long as d.not along

18 18 2.Look at this table ! a.Andin is younger than Bimbin. b.Shelly is the youngest of all. c.Laras is older than Andin. d.Shelly is as old as Laras. NameDate of birth Andin Shelly Bimbin Laras October the 9 th, 1992 May the 2 nd, 1993 March the 19 th, 1994 April the 30 th, 1993

19 19 3.Tania: I like the Galaxy Radio very much. The programs are very interesting. Vira: I know, it is good, but the Family radio is …, I think. a.good b.better c.worse d.bad

20 20 4.X :How far is your house from here ? Y :Its about 4 km, and yours ? X :About 6 km. Y :Oh, your house is … than mine. a.nearer b.longer c.farther d.shorter

21 21 5.From the picture below we know that….

22 22 a.the telephone is the cheapest b.the dinner set is the most expensive c.the telephone is cheaper than the dinner set d.the juicer is more expensive than dinner set

23 23 Future Tense Digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang akan terjadi atau dilakukan pada waktu yang akan datang. Subject + will + Verb(1) I will see you tomorrow morning.

24 24 Time Signals Tomorrow Tomorrow morning Tomorrow afternoon Tomorrow evening Tomorrow night Next week Next month Next year Next July Next spring Next summer Next Sunday

25 25 1.Next Monday, we … a meeting in that hotel. a.attend b.will attend c.attended d.have attended

26 26 2.Ana: Why dont you eat your fried fish. Ani: Ill give it to my kittens. They … it very much. a.likes c.will like d.liked

27 27 3.Fina: I miss grandma. I want to see her Mother: Dont worry honey. We … her the day after tomorrow. a.visit b.has visited c.will visit (jb) d.visited


29 29 1.Roast chicken for me, please, with mushroom. Which of these pictures is a mushroom? a.. b. c. d.

30 30 2. The picture is …. a.shooting b.wrestling c.boxing d.judo

31 31 3.These birds have wings but they cannot fly. They can stand straight and flat-footed like us. They live in extremely cold climates. Each of them has a black back and white belly. The picture of the bird is ….

32 32 4.We need a pest sprayer to kill the pest. Which of these pictures is a pest sprayer a. c. b. d.

33 33

34 34 5.Study the pictures above. Based on the above utterances, the person working as a guide is….. a.Mr. Samsul b.Mr. Yanto c.Mr. Jefri d.Mr. Harun

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