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Ill never forget: The Tie that Binds Buffy and Angel HUM 3085: Television and Popular Culture Spring 2014 Dr. Perdigao March 26, 2014.

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1 Ill never forget: The Tie that Binds Buffy and Angel HUM 3085: Television and Popular Culture Spring 2014 Dr. Perdigao March 26, 2014

2 The Star-Crossed Lovers Themes of death and desire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer The perpetuation of death and desire and the deferral of its fulfillment, inherent in the love-and-death (Liebestod) motif, are what keep Buffy hooked on Angel and the viewers hooked on Buffy (Krimmer and Raval 153). While the presence of death in life gives rise to their yearning for a passionate and perfect union, actually achieving this union would represent stasis, foreclosing any further development and thus equaling death (Krimmer and Raval 159). Elisabeth Krimmer and Shilpa Raval. Digging the Undead: Death and Desire in Buffy. Fighting the Forces: Whats at Stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002. 153-164.

3 When you kiss me, I want to die Consummation of their relationship: Angel loses soul, becomes Angelus, terrorizes Buffy and her friends Angelus tries to open the door to the other dimension and Buffy must stop him by killing him (The Big Bad of Season Two) Computer disk and curse is found, reinstated, Angel regains his soul (Becoming, Part I and Becoming, Part II) Buffy goes to kill Angelus but he becomes Angel again, looks at her, and says Buffy? She kisses him and puts a sword through him He is sent to the other dimension

4 Some History Buffy moves to LA over the summer to deal with her loss, returns to Sunnydale at the beginning of Season Three Angel is resurrected in Season Three, but he cannot remain in Sunnydale; Angel is saved by feeding on Buffy in the season finale; Angel leaves for LA (Graduation Day, Part II) Buffy Season Three ends and Season Four coincides with the first season of Angel Angel pilot, City of..., Angels story (5:17) Cross-over with Pangs in BtVS Season Four and I Will Remember You in Season One of Angel (Pangs as Set-Uppy) A series of crossovers and near sightings: In episode one of Angel, City of..., Angel sees a blonde who looks like she could be Buffy; Angel crosses over at the conclusion of the BtVS series to help her defeat the preacher Caleb (played by none other than Nathan Fillion) (End of Days); toward the end of the Angel series, Angel and Spike chase Buffy around Italy (to stop The Immortal and save Buffy)but she is only a vague figure (Angel, Season Five, The Girl in Question)

5 Continuity and Breaks Crossover episodes show connections between the series Yet these crossovers show how, in order for Angel to survive, those relations must be rewritten Laverys sense of chronos vs. kairos in BtVS : chronological time vs. opportunity, chance Closurey and partial closurey I Will Remember You as closurey (at the level of actions) and tear- jerkery Viewers expectationsresolution or sustainment of desire to continue with the plot

6 Measuring Time Begins with winding clock Watch offered to Oracles Clock tower in Hush The X-Files watch

7 Starting Over Blood has regenerative powersfor Angel, for narrative Only way to be made mortal is if Powers That Be stepped inmust consult the Oracles I like time. There is so little and so much of it. Will live and die as a mortal man Returns to Oracles: gains knowledge that Buffy will die in the End of Days Sacrifices his humanity for her life, and sacrifices their relationship It is not our place to grant life and death. Asks for his life back Manipulate temporal fold: will swallow an entire day Chronos: kairos

8 Knowing and Unknowing Angel: What will keep us from doing the same thing? Oracle: You alone will carry the memory of this day. Can you carry that burden? Viewers relationship to seriesdramatic irony in relation to Buffy Angel to Buffy: If I stay mortal, one of us will end up dead.

9 Restructuring Threat of the end of narrative, of desire End of Days With Angel, severance of Buffy/Angel tie with erasure of memory But desire still existshow to sustain the plot over five seasons of Angel, seven for Buffy, evading the death of plot with consummation, that climax and resolution; sustaining desire, resisting closure Ending of I Will Remember You cuts back to the beginning, bookended with shots of the clock

10 Playing with Language and Meaning Buffy/Angel theme replayed, revised in the episode Buffy: How am I supposed to go on with my life, knowing what we had? Angel: You wont. No one will know but me. Buffy: Its not enough time. Buffy: Ill never forget. Ill never forget. Ill never... After the clock strikes, white flash Buffy: Given enough time, we should be able to... Angel: Forget. Buffy: So, Im gonna gostart forgetting.

11 The Sense of an Ending Not Fade Away (41:00) Sunnydales sign falling into the abyss with Chosen at the end of Season Seven; black screen in Not Fade Away to end the series in Season Five If the last moments of the show take place in darkness and rain, this is not just noir gesturing – it is because Angel has always inhabited the moral borderland of great cities. If an entirely hostile reading of his final decision is possible, it is because Angel has always been morally ambiguous. And if the last episode of the television show, which is in the end all about him, is titled in a reference to one of the most amoral of rock bands, it is because part of the point of the show has always been to teach us sympathy for the devil. (Kaveney 37)
















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