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Pre-Season Parents Meeting Lejeune High School

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1 Pre-Season Parents Meeting Lejeune High School

2 Introduction of Meeting FWhy are we here? ÔRequired by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) ÔFor the Student-Athletes FIntroductions of Athletic Family Debra Bryant, Athletic Director Wyonia Chevis, Principal Larry McRacken, Assistant Principal Tim Roelofs, Assistant Principal

3 Lejeune High School Coaches FGolf: Rickey Hammond FSoftball: Jackie Wagner & Kristin Lane FBaseball: Chad Fonville & Doug Erny FGirls Soccer: Glen Davis & George Schumacher FBoys Track: Darryl Schwartz & The Gunner FGirls Track: Debbie Bryant

4 NCHSAA Physical Examination Requirements FStudent must have a physical exam on record at LHS before he/she may practice or try-out FPhysical is good for 365 days FPhysicals are given at the school on the last day of exams at the end of the year FForms can be picked up from the front office or downloaded from the LHS website FSchool insurance is required and must be paid before practice or try-outs ($11.00)

5 Sports Medicine Program and Medical Support FLejeune High School Sports Medicine Staff FLisa Beavers, ATC-L FTeam physicians: Dr.Leslie Rassner and Dr. Scott Playford FStudent trainers from the sports medicine staff FAny injury/illness causing 5 missed games or practices must have MDs note to return FAll injuries must be reported to Ms. Beavers ASAP ( within 48 hours)

6 Assumption of Risk FAthletics are inherently dangerous FInjuries do occur of various seriousness up to and including death F90% of all athletes will suffer some injury F50% of all athletes will suffer an injury that will cause the athlete to miss a practice or a game FCoaches, trainers and other school personnel will do all possible to prevent injuries and care for the injuries when they occur

7 North Carolina High School Athletic Association Residency Requirements FMust live on base with at least one natural parent FExceptions include: Ô90 day letter ÔCourt ordered custody ÔExchange students

8 NCHSAA Academic Requirements FMust pass minimum of 6 credited classes each semester ÔCan use dual enrollment classes as part of the 6 class requirement ÔIf student-athlete is deemed ineligible, he/she is ineligible for the entire semester.

9 NCHSAA Attendance Requirements FMust be in attendance 85% of previous semester ÔCan not be absent more than 13.5 days per semester ÔThe 13.5 day limit includes excused and unexcused absences ÔIf a student-athlete is deemed ineligible, he/she is ineligible for the entire semester

10 NCHSAA Age Requirement FStudent-athletes may not be 19 before October 16, 2007. FBirthday on or before Oct. 16 th 1987 will be ineligible

11 NCHSAA Legal Requirements FStudent that is a convicted felon or is a convicted juvenile for a crime that would be considered a felony as an adult is ineligible for the remainder of his or her high school career

12 NCHSAA Eight Consecutive Semester Requirements FStudent athlete has 8 consecutive semesters to compete in high school athletics FIf he is ineligible for 1 or more semesters, he loses that semester of eligibility

13 NCHSAA Hardship Requests FUnder special circumstances, NCHSAA can be petitioned for a hardship consideration ÔSituation has to be out of the control of the student, parent, and school ÔA letter and documentation explaining hardship must be provided by the parents ÔIgnorance of the rule is not considered a hardship

14 Camp Lejeune High School Academic Policy –Grades on progress reports and report cards will be used to determine athletic eligibility. Student-athletes must pass and be passing 8 credited courses –Suspension: Mid-Quarter Progress Report –1) Any student-athlete who earns one (1) or more Fs or three (3) or more Ds will have playing privileges suspended immediately. During the suspension, the student-athlete may attend practice but may not participate in games or matches, may not dress for games or matches, and will not be allowed to travel with the team on the bus. –2) For mid-quarter progress reports: student-athletes will regain eligibility as soon as the F(s) and/or Ds have been removed. The student-athlete must pick up the athletic grade update form from the athletic director and return it to her with updated grades and teacher signatures. –3) For report cards: student-athletes will remain on suspension for at least two (2) weeks.

15 Camp Lejeune High School Academic Policy –Probation: Mid-Quarter Progress Report and Report Card –1) Any student-athlete who has two (2) Ds for the reporting period will be placed on probation. During the first two weeks of the probation, the student-athlete will be allowed to attend practice and to participate in games or matches. –2) If the students grades have not improved during the two-week probationary period, the probation will be extended by one week. During this period, the student- athlete may practice but will not be allowed to play in games or matches, to dress for games or matches, or travel with the team on the bus.

16 Lejeune High School Requirements and Expectations FNo use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products allowed by student athlete ÔConsequences-loss of eligibility FAttendance the day of and day after the game is required unless prior approval FTravel to and from the game with the team ÔWill release student-athlete to his/her parent after the game ÔOr to another parent with prior approval from the principal

17 Coaches Requirements and Expectations FCoaches have team rules that are reviewed by the AD and given to the student-athletes ÔThese rules may be more, but not less, stringent than NCHSAA, CLDS or LHS rules ÔThese rules will be discussed in the break-out meetings with the coaches FCoaches have the right to expect student- athletes to be committed to the team for the duration of the season

18 Expectations of the Parents FPositive support and communication with the student-athlete FOpen communications with the coaches, athletic director and school administration FModeling positive sportsmanship and fairplay

19 Season and Yearly Athletic Passes Season Passes-$30.00 per adult Yearly Passes-$65.00 per adult Lejeune High School Student Passes-$20.00 plus $1.00 at the gate Per game admission –Adult-Middle School-$5.00 –Grades 1-5-$3.00 with adult admission

20 Next Steps FThe Parental Permission, Assumption of Risk, Student and Parent Pledges need to be reviewed, signed and returned to the coaches no later than one week from today or the student-athlete will be ineligible to play until it is returned.

21 Breakout Sessions: Meet with the Coaches Track- Auditorium Softball-Health Classroom Soccer-Back of Cafeteria Golf- Front of Cafeteria Baseball- Ms. Bixiones Rm

22 Thanks for Coming FT ogether FE veryone FA chieves FM ore Go Pups!!!

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