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The Season of our Colony

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1 The Season of our Colony

2 Essential Questions

3 What were the reasons for Georgia’s settlement?
Who contributed to the establishment of the Georgia colony? Who were the malcontents and what affect did they have on the Georgia colony? Which countries posed a threat to the Georgia colony?

4 War of Jenkin’s Ear The War of Jenkin’s Ear broke out between Great Britain and Spain in Several years earlier, Spanish sailors were said to have cut off the ear of Robert Jenkins, a British seaman, to serve as a warning to British ship captains smuggling goods off the Florida coast.

5 Oglethorpe welcomed the war! He wanted to invade Florida.
Oglethorpe organized an army of about 2,000 men with plans to capture Spanish forts in Florida. Spain’s well-organized militia met Oglethorpe and his men in a surprise attack and forced the Georgians, South Carolinians, and their Indian allies to retreat to St. Simon’s Island.

6 The Battle of Bloody Marsh
Assisted by the Highland Scots, Oglethorpe was able to defeat the Spanish. They waited in the dense woods along the marshes of St. Simon’s Island and took the Spanish by surprise. Georgia’s southern border was protected.

7 Georgia’s Colonists Become Discontent

8 South Carolina used slave labor to successfully grow rice, tobacco, and cotton on large plantations.
Farmers in Georgia wanted the same “success” that South Carolina farmers had.

9 Regulations enforced by Oglethorpe did not allow:
rum trade buying large tracts of land use of slave labor

10 Malcontents Those who complained about the policies of the Trustees.
 Arrived without assistance and did not have the same loyalty to the colony's founders.  Could afford to purchase slaves and vast tracts of land and felt the policies of the Trustees prevented them from realizing their economic potential.

11 Why was the vision of the trustees for Georgia never fulfilled?

12 Dissension caused many Georgians to move to places where they could basically live as they wished.

13 By 1742, Georgians were allowed to buy and sell rum
By 1742, Georgians were allowed to buy and sell rum. Slavery was introduced in 1750.

14 The colony named for King George II was changing.

15 Oglethorpe left the Georgia colony for England in 1743 and never returned.

16 The Post-Oglethorpe Era Begins

17 Three different men served as president of the Georgia colony from the time Oglethorpe left the colony until 1754: William Stephens Henry Parker Patrick Graham

18 In 1752, one year before the initial 21-year charter was to expire, the trustees returned Georgia to the authority of King George II. It became a royal colony.

19 Trustee Colony 1732 - 1752 Royal Colony 1752 - 1776
Board of Trustees Ruled Colony Land Ownership Restricted to 50 acres, plus a town lot for colonists on charity No Established Church (Freedom of Religion Except for Catholics Slavery Prohibited Royal Colony King Ruled Colony Limits on Land Ownership Removed. Land distributed under headright system (Family = 100 acres + 50 acres for each additional member, servant, or slave Anglican Church (Church of England) Slavery Allowed 19

20 Who became the first royal governor of Georgia?
◊proved ineffective ◊recalled at the end of 1756 John Reynolds

21 2nd Royal Governor =Henry Ellis
◊established a sound foundation for government 3rd Royal Governor = James Wright ◊efficient administrator ◊popular governor ◊Georgia grew

22 Colonial Leaders of Georgia
Trustee Period James Oglethorpe Resident Trustee William Stephens President Henry Parker Patrick Graham Royal Period John Reynolds Royal Governor Henry Ellis James Wright

23 What was Georgia’s 1st Government like?
Idea of self-government Bicameral (two houses: Common House of Assembly & Governor’s Council representing 8 parishes both church and British government district) Court System

24 In its first 20 years as a colony, Georgia’s population grew to 5,500 people, of which one-third were slaves. Protestants from Europe found safe haven in Georgia.

25 Treaties with Native Americans and victory over the Spanish settlers in Florida provided security to the Georgia colonists.

26 Early Georgia Colony Accomplishments
The Bethesda Orphans Home was established in Ebenezer. The orphanage later became Bethesda House School, where many of Georgia’s early leaders were educated. The Methodist Church was founded by John and Charles Wesley. The first Sunday School in America is established by the Wesley brothers. A successful court system was established and maintained. Women were able to inherit property.

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