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Bartlett High School Target Meeting

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1 Bartlett High School Target Meeting
Athletic Director: Mr. Jeff Bral Assistant Athletic Directors: Mr. Shane Kinikin Ms. Natalie Simons

2 Welcome This meeting began as an opportunity to “TARGET” the athletes, a visible leadership group in Bartlett High School It is a privilege to be an athlete involved with Bartlett Athletics

3 Why is this Meeting Necessary?
Expectations of the Bartlett High School Athlete (Athletic & Academic) Discussion of Injuries Athletic Infractions Code of Conduct (personal integrity offense) Team/Activity Cooperation Offense Chemical Use/Possession Tobacco Products Use/Possession NCAA Clearinghouse Meet the Boosters

4 Expectations You are a ROLE MODEL
The student athlete is representing the Village, Bartlett High School, their family, and themselves We expect you to behave in a way that exemplifies high moral standards at ALL times (even outside of athletics)

5 Academic Expectations of the Student-Athlete
Academic Eligibility – Academics come FIRST Must be passing 5 classes in order to compete. Eligibility is checked weekly (Wednesday) Ineligible from next Sunday through Saturday MUST pass 5 classes this semester to be eligible to play sports the following semester

6 Dr. Ankur Chhadia Suburban Orthopedics
Concussions Performance Enhancing Drugs Miss Allison Schwartz Certified Athletic Trainer Accelerated Rehabilitation Injuries


8 Team Physicians Always available for communication and advice to Athletic Trainers regarding any medical situations Provide quick access to our young athletes and their families for evaluation of injuries, appropriate treatment, and safe return to play

9 Team Physicians 630-372-1100
Bartlett: 1110 W Schick Rd Elgin: 1600 Randall Rd Elk Grove: 800 Biesterfield Rd

10 Concussions Illinois Law to educate Brain impacts skull
Very common , epidemic 4 million sports concussions / year

11 Concussions Many are mild and can go undetected
Mild recurrent concussions can result in permanent irreversible changes Awareness: Player, Parent, Coach, Athletic Trainer, Doctor Return to play guidelines are based on severity and number

12 Post Concussion Signs and Symptoms
  Nausea   Nervousness   Numbness and tingling   Poor balance and coordination   Poor concentration, easily distracted   Ringing in the ears   Sadness   Seeing stars   Sensitivity to light   Sensitivity to noise   Sleep disturbance   Vacant stare, glassy eyed   Vomiting   “Bell rung”   Depression   “Dinged”   Dizziness   Excess sleep   Fatigue   Feeling “in a fog”   Feeling “slowed down”   Headache   Inappropriate emotions or personality changes   Loss of consciousness   Loss of orientation   Memory problems

13 Injuries Miss Allison Schwartz – Certified Athletic Trainer
* Injury prevention * Injury initial evaluation * Rehabilitation Gatorade 01 and 03 sold at BHS

14 School Resource Officer Kyle Rybaski
Reciprocal Reporting Agreement Bartlett High School and the Bartlett Police Department work hand-in-hand to enforce the U-46 Code of Conduct and the law.

15 PLASCO Tardy System Was new for the school year. We will continue…Down from 48,000 to 14,000 in one year. Tardies tied to privileges

16 Athletic Infractions A. Code of Conduct (personal integrity offense)
Disrespect Insubordination Abusive language Negative attitude Gang symbolism/gang-related activity Improper behavior (class, bus, locker room)

17 Athletic Infractions Code of Conduct (personal integrity offense)
7. Fighting Improper dress 9. Theft 10. Destruction/loss of equipment 11. Vandalism 12. Lying/forgery 13. Any conduct that could embarrass the team or school

18 Athletic Infractions B. Team/Activity Cooperation Offense
Unexcused absence Tardiness Rules violations Communication to resolve conflicts Athlete to coach Parent to coach Parent to Athletic Director

19 Athletic Infractions C. Chemical Use and/or Possession Alcohol
Other illegal drugs Performance-enhancing Drugs Stimulants Anabolic Steroids Diuretics Peptide Hormones and Analogues

20 Chemical Use/Possession
Agree to Assessment 1. 1st Infraction – loss of 20% of season 2. loss of remainder of season + 1/3 of next season 3. loss of remainder of athletic high school career

21 Chemical Use/Possession
No Assessment 1. loss of remainder of season + 1/3 of next season 2. suspension of the remainder of the high school career

22 Athletic Infractions D. Tobacco Products Use and/or Possession
1st Infraction = loss of 20% of season 2nd Infraction = lose the remainder of season and 1/3 of next season 3rd Infraction = suspension of the remainder of high school career

23 NCAA Clearinghouse Information
If you are planning to compete at the NCAA Division I or II, the athlete must be cleared by the clearinghouse. (See your Guidance Counselor) Your educational plan must be in place NOW to make sure you meet the clearinghouse’s academic requirements

24 Last year…  Congratulations to Ian Dobek – Football at Butler University

25 And… Kevin Bauers – Track & Field at St. Joseph’s University

26 And…Natalia Grodzki – Soccer at Quinnipiac University

27 And…Nicole Gobbo – Soccer at Northern Illinois University

28 And…A. J. Bilyeu – Football at The Air Force Academy

29 And…Steph Tomazin – Softball at Lewis University

30 And…Haley Videckis – Basketball at Arizona State University


32 Communication BHS Website
Athletic Hotline – Press #3 Sign-up for BLASTS on

33 Booster Club President George Kantzavelos Vice-President Bill James
Treasurer Dan Lewis Secretary Sandy Kening

34 Any Questions? THANK YOU FOR COMING!

35 PLEASE come on up to the front and sign in on your appropriate team list.
Parent and student must sign. If you are early (another season), please sign on the misc. sheet

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