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Unit 1, Chapter 1 Travel Unit 1, chapter 1. Health tips Can you put baby powder on babies? Can you put talcum powder on private part?

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1 Unit 1, Chapter 1 Travel Unit 1, chapter 1

2 Health tips Can you put baby powder on babies? Can you put talcum powder on private part?

3 Learning resource

4 Reading skill Predicting skill Think about what you are going to read Think about what comes next Think about what is the theme of the paragraph

5 Cultural and Exotic vacations, Inc. What does exotic mean to you? Is exotic a good thing or a bad thing? What exotic vacations had you experienced before? What other exotic vacations would you like to experience? Watch the film, Day of the Dead in Mexico How does the funeral different from Taiwan?

6 Selling Indias Rainy Season (Exam) What do you know about India? What happens during rainy season? To whom does India sell rainy season? Why do people buy rainy season from India? What is the main idea of the article? What does the key word monsoon packages mean (line 28) ? There are many typhoons in Taiwan, how can we make this disadvantage into asset?

7 Text What is the main theme of paragraph 1? What happens when monsoon comes? Who has the advantages when monsoon comes? Who has the disadvantages when monsoon comes? What are the main ideal of paragraph 2? Why do people enjoy rainy season?

8 Paragraph 1 There are three sentences in paragraph 1, What is it saying in sentence 1? Then what happens in sentence 2? What comes next in sentence3? How do these sentences connect together as a theme?

9 Paragraph 2 (exam) What time is monsoon? How do people react to monsoon? What is the change in the last few years? How can the travel industry make the change happen?

10 Paragraph 3 (exam) What is so unique about monsoon packages? What does Goa have for tourists? What are the funs that rain can offer?

11 Paragraph 4 Name two facilities built for tourists.

12 Paragraph 5 Why monsoon has allure for Arab tourists?

13 After reading (exam) Tourism Department in India has turned a liability (a disadvantage) into an asset (a valuable), think of: Your country Your county Your community Yourself Your family….

14 p.11 Exotic adj Exotic vacations Exotic holidays Exotic dancer Exotic species Exotic smell Exotic food Exotic dresses Exotic decorations When I went to India, I visited exotic locales.

15 Impressive adj An impressive array of vacations An impressive speech An impressive person An impressive building An impressive collection An impressive size You wrote beautifully, it is an impressive letter, I am quite impressed.

16 An array of An array of exams An array of problems An array of books An array of issues An array of items An array of choices An array of homework An array of exercises Taiwan is facing an array of challenges and problems.

17 Far-off adj Far-off places Far-off countries Far-off locales Far-off outback Far-off villages I dream of far-off places.

18 Offer vt Offer unique experiences Offer cultural experiences Offer me help Offer me food Offer me drinks Offer me opportunities What can you offer me?

19 Breathtaking adj Breathtaking views Breathtaking phenomena Breathtaking sceneries Breathtaking wildlife Breathtaking sunrise The sunrise is wonderful, it is breathtaking.

20 Expert n, adj Expert opinions Expert guide Expert teacher Expert mechanist Expert electrician Expert programmer Expert hardware computerist I need an expert guide in my trip to the Arctic.

21 Make sure to Make sure to pack Make sure to call her Make sure to send the letter by Friday Make sure to send him the messaging Make sure to transfer the money Make sure to tell him this Make sure to come to class on time Make sure to hand in your report Make sure to do your homework before you come to class.

22 One-of-a-kind adj One-of-a-kind lobby One-of-a-kind singer One-of-a-kind tour One-of-a-kind scenery One-of-a-kind wonder One-of-a-kind art work One-of-a-kind genius She is one-of-a-kind.

23 Participatory adj Participatory experience Participatory journey Participatory tour Participatory work Participatory intervention Participatory process Participatory team I learned a lot from the participatory team.

24 Unforgettable adj Unforgettable nights Unforgettable tours Unforgettable villagers An unforgettable movie Unforgettable friends Unforgettable bird watching Unforgettable local people High school is an unforgettable period of time for me.

25 Inc. n Abbreviate from Incorporation

26 Russia What can you experience/see in Russia? Where can you go? Do you enjoy watching ballet? Why or why not?

27 Australia What is the Chinese translation for the Great Barrier Reef? What can you see in the Reef? Where is Outback?

28 Tanzania (exam) What is a safari? Can you hunt animals in safari parks? Have you seen ele-art? Name some wild animals in a safari park. efault efault

29 Hong Kong (exam) What does customized tour mean? What can you do in the Peninsula Hotel lobby? What snack will you have for tea time?

30 Courtesy n Out of courtesy Courtesy bus Courtesy car Courtesy call He talked to his opponent out of courtesy.

31 Bustling adj A bustling city Bustling traffic Bustling streets Bustling shopping mall Bustling markets Bustling fair Bustling campus I waited a long line in the bustling cafeteria.

32 Elegant adj Elegant dress Elegant writing Elegant taste Elegant food Elegant personality I like Diors elegant style.

33 Customized adj Customized services Customized software Customized tour Customized and personalized T-shirt Customized jewelry box Customized chocolate box Customized stamps You can order customized stamps in the post office.

34 Package n Vacation packages Package tour Package holidays Package deal Emergency package A package of cigarettes I love animals, therefore, I would love to choose the safari tour package.

35 Tourist operator People who work in the tourist trade Travel agency Tourism: Travel for recreational or leisure purposes. Tourists: Who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for leisure, business.

36 New trend Medical tourism Educational tourism Celebration tourism Babymoon Meaningful tourism Cultural tourism

37 p.13, Text 1 intensify vt,vi The typhoon intensifies. The rain intensified and finally came mudflow. The pain intensifies, and I take more pills.

38 1 Over somewhere (sw) All over the place When typhoons come, strong wind and heavy rain intensify over the island.

39 2 Pull in sth from sw to sw Drag sth from one place to another The local government pulls in illegal cars from roads to the city parking lot.

40 5 By time (before time) We will finish this chapter by next week. By September typhoons sweep across the entire island.

41 6 Last until (time) Will continue till this time The typhoon season which lasts until October, brings rainstorm, mudflows and floods. The lovers fought with each other until midnight.

42 10 monsoon Rainy season in India The monsoon is an important time for farmers. Mid-term is an important exam for college students.

43 14 Tend to drop by half Have the tendency to become less than 50% Customers tend to drop by 30% during slow season. When enterovirus comes, customers tend to drop by 10% in restaurants and shopping malls.

44 12 Be less happy for those who… Those people are not happy, they have problems The typhoon hit Kaohsiung County, the county government decreed a typhoon holiday. It was less happy for those who needed to work The typhoon hit Kaohsiung County, the county government decreed a typhoon holiday. It was less happy for factory managers.

45 16 A movement to V, N Tend to There has been a movement to decrease tourism in Taiwan. There has been a movement to increase bank saving and decrease investments. A movement to simplicity appears recently. There is a movement against smoking on campus.

46 17 Slow time of the year reduced business Business is usually slow this time, you know, this is the slow time of the year. The Wall Street bailout plan failed, stock market comes to face the slow time of the century.

47 18 Agreed-upon goal To accept the goal The agreed-upon goal is to save lives. The agreed-upon objective by both parties is to stop filicide.

48 20 A report issued by sb Sb published the report A report issued by WHO suggested that Asia should stay alert for bird flu.

49 22 Remain accessible by N Can be reached by… He is accessible by phone. She is not accessible by messaging. In ancient times, Tibet was not accessible by road during winter snowstorms. Top secret is only accessible to the president.

50 24 Look its best during the rains Has its most beautiful look during the rains The park looks its best during the rains. Kenting looks its best on sunny days.

51 25 Respond to the challenge To face difficulties President Ma and his team responded to the challenges of typhoon. In order to respond to the challenge of poisonous milk, the Department of Health (DOH) announced yesterday the government will start establishing a permanent communications channel with Beijing authorities.

52 30 reduced, off-season prices Lower prices Monsoon packages offer reduced, off-season prices. Off-season clothes offer reduced prices.

53 33 Wildlife sanctuary Lands where wildlife take refuge in safety This is a wildlife sanctuary, you cant hunt here. There are many wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya.

54 40 Feature a colorful procession The colorful moving lines of people are attractive The ceremony features a colorful procession of flower carts ession+&search_type=&aq=f

55 46 The rain-soaked areas Fill thoroughly with rain The hot spring mountain county became rain- soaked areas.

56 47 Facilities designed to V Tools used for a certain purpose Cooking facilities are designed to cook. A correction facility is designed to lock up bad criminals.

57 57 have allure for sb from sw Attract people Night markets have allure for people from foreign countries. Smoking has allure for teenagers who try to appear cool and mature. Alcohol has great allure for people who breakup with loved ones.

58 Be soaking wet Completely wet I forgot to bring umbrella and I was soaking wet.

59 74 If had pp, could have pp If S. were, S.would.... If S., S. should would could might have p.p.... If S. were to should, S. should would could might.... If I were you, I would never do that. If I had had a million dollars then, I could have bought the diamond yesterday. If the sun were to rise in the west, I might marry you.

60 p. 15 C. 2. Speak highly of Praise The world spoke highly of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

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