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Division III Student-Athlete Reinstatement and Hardship Waivers

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2 Division III Student-Athlete Reinstatement and Hardship Waivers
Kelly Groddy Brandy Hataway

3 Session Overview Hardship Waivers: Student-Athlete Reinstatement:
Criteria; Administration; and Calculation. Student-Athlete Reinstatement: Process overview and best practices. Institution. AMA Online. Reinstatement. Summary.

4 Session Objectives Understand the hardship-waiver legislation.
Demonstrate how to calculate participation requirements for a hardship waiver. Identify best practices for filing a student-athlete reinstatement request. Prepare and submit student-athlete reinstatement requests within AMA Online.

5 Hardship waivers

6 Hardship Criteria Season-ending injury or illness occurs before the completion of the first half of the traditional playing season, results in incapacity to compete for remainder of season. Maximum contest/date of competition (DOC) for the sport plus one contest/DOC. Example: 25 contests in basketball plus one contest = 26. NCAA Division III Bylaw (a)

7 Hardship Criteria SA has competed in less than one third of the maximum contests/DOC for the sport plus one. Example: 10 contests in football plus one = 11. Only outside competition during the traditional playing season shall be counted. Excludes: Preseason scrimmages and exhibitions prior to the first regularly scheduled competition. Bylaw (b)

8 Hardship Waiver Administration
Member of a conference. Conference Office NCAA Staff Committee Independent institutions. NCAA Staff Committee Bylaw

9 Calculating the First Half of Season
Odd number of contests/DOC, the injury or illness must have occurred before the beginning of the varsity contest or DOC that starts the second half of the traditional season. Example: Soccer 20 contests plus one = 21. Before the start of the 11th contest.


11 Case Study No. 1 Hal Mary, a football SA, tore his ACL during the institution’s sixth regular-season contest. The injury occurred during the second quarter. The maximum contest limitation for football is 10. Did Hal’s injury occur during the first half of season?

12 Answer No, Hals’s injury did not occur during the first half of the traditional playing season. 10 contests plus one = 11. Injury would have had to occur BEFORE the start of the sixth contest of the traditional playing season.

13 Case Study No. 2 Shooter, a basketball SA, injures her foot during the fourth contest of the regular season. After sitting out for seven contests, Shooter begins playing and participates in three more contests. During the institution’s 14th contest, Shooter re-injures her foot and is ultimately diagnosed with a stress fracture that ends her season.

14 Case Study No. 2, continued
25 contests plus one/before completion of 13th contest. Does Shooter satisfy the requirement that the season ending injury or illness must occur during the first half of the traditional playing season?

15 Answer No, Shooter participated during the second half of the traditional season. SA who suffers injury in first half of traditional season, enters competition during second half of traditional season and then is unable to participate further as a result of aggravating original injury does not qualify for hardship waiver. Bylaw

16 Calculating One Third Denominator = Maximum contests/DOC plus one contest/DOC. Exceptions: Cross country – based on maximum DOC plus two. Indoor/outdoor track and field – shall be nine for each sport. Bylaw

17 Calculating One Third Fraction in percent computation:
Shall be rounded to the next whole number. Example: 33 percent of basketball denominator of 26 = 8.6. Round up to next whole percent = 9. Bylaw

18 Case Study No. 3 Trip L. Threat, a lacrosse SA, participated in six DOC during the first half of the traditional season. He dislocated his shoulder during the sixth contest and was unable to participate for the remainder of the season. Lacrosse allows 17 DOC plus one = 18. Has Trip compete in one-third or less of the maximum DOC for lacrosse?

19 Answer Yes, 33 percent of the lacrosse denominator is 5.94.
Round up to next whole percent = 6. Trip competed in six contests.

20 Nature of Injury/Illness
Not necessary for the injury or illness to be the direct result of the SA’s participation in the institution’s practice or competition. Bylaw

21 Medical Documentation
Contemporaneous medical documentation from physician who administered care at the time of the injury establishing the SA’s inability to compete for the remainder of the season. Chiropractic records do not constitute medical documentation. Psychological or mental illness documentation from individual who is qualified and licensed to diagnose and treat a particular illness (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist). Bylaw

22 Practice After Receipt of Hardship Waiver
SA who is granted a hardship waiver may: Practice and/or participate in rehabilitative activities for the remainder of the season without using a season of participation. SA who competes in that sport during the remainder of the season shall use a season of participation. Bylaw

23 Transfer May use the rule that is most favorable to the SA.
Rule applicable to the division in which the injury or illness occurred OR the Division III rule. All applicable elements of the rule applied must be used, as opposed to select elements from each division.

24 Transfer from Non-NCAA Institution
If SA previously received a hardship waiver from a non-NCAA association it is not necessary for the NCAA institution to also apply for a hardship waiver.  11/29/06 Official Interpretation

25 Student-athlete reinstatement

26 Student-Athlete Reinstatement (SAR)
Facts. Process overview and best practices: Institution; AMA Online; and Reinstatement. Summary.

27 Facts Sophomore student-athlete Di Mond competes in four softball contests and five practices while enrolled in nine credits. On Monday, Di notices she isn’t listed one class roster attendance sheet. Di’s head coach S. Trike sends Di to see compliance.

28 Institution’s Process Overview
Compliance Checklist: Determine violation? Eligibility impacted? Eligibility remaining? Request reinstatement? Research. Log in and select AMA Online.

29 AMA Online – SAR Request

30 AMA Online – SAR Request
Tab - Requesting A Waiver or Reinstatement. Start a new case. Select student-athlete reinstatement among drop-down options. Step One - General Information. NCAA ID requirement. Sport. Next date of competition for SA.

31 AMA Online – SAR Request

32 AMA Online – SAR Request
Step Two – Case Information.

33 AMA Online – SAR Request
Step Two – Case Information.

34 AMA Online – SAR Request
Step Two - Case Information. Select Eligibility Sub Case type. Include enrollment/participation history. Who, what when, where and why?

35 AMA Online – SAR Request
Step Three: Case Documentation.

36 AMA Online – SAR Request
Step Four - Signatures

37 AMA Online – SAR Request

38 AMA Online – SAR Request

39 Reinstatement Process Overview

40 Reinstatement Process Overview
Facts. Include schedule. Mitigation: Student-athlete statement; Professor’s statement; Other mitigating information; and Rules education overview. Institution’s recommendation.

41 Reinstatement Process Overview
Guidelines (found on SAR webpage) Starting point: one-for-one withholding. Requirements for relief: Continued to attend class; Unaware less than full time; and Reasonable effort to remain full time. Case Precedent (LSBDi and AMA Online) Totality of circumstances.

42 Reinstatement Process Overview
Decision – AMA Online. Institution’s action. 30-day window. Database. Finding your case.

43 Summary Identify issues/likely outcomes.
Gather supporting documentation. Submit through AMA Online. Collaborate with reinstatement staff to complete file. Accept or appeal decision. Copy in file. Resources – AMA Education-On-Demand videos and SAR webpage.

44 Questions

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