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Ticketing and Secondary Sales Georgia CTAE Resource Network Written by Krystin Glover and Caleb Allred.

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1 Ticketing and Secondary Sales Georgia CTAE Resource Network Written by Krystin Glover and Caleb Allred

2 Importance Ticket sales provide financial backbone for any organization within the industry In 2006, consumers spent $15 billion on sporting events, $11 billion for amusement parks, $9 billion for movies, and $790 million for Broadway plays Typically generate 50-66% of a major league soccer franchises annual revenue

3 Ripple Effect Sponsorships increase in value with increase in ticket sales Sold out events maximize exposure for sponsoring companies

4 Trends Like all industries, business trends play important role in marketing A current trend is flex ticket packages Orlando Flex ticket package offers buyers access to several theme parks in the Orlando area

5 Ticket Sales Strategies Season Tickets Ticket Packages and Mini-Plans Season Ticket Equivalents Group Tickets Theme Night Packages Advanced Sales Premium Seat Packages Walk-Ups and Promotionals

6 Season Tickets Provides consumers with a ticket to every home event for one package price Playoff (or post-season) are not typically included Inclusion of playoff tickets can be powerful incentive Typically provide core revenue stream for most professional sports teams, colleges, and universities

7 Season Tickets continued… Most organizations include additional benefits for season ticket holders Houston Astros offer priority on purchasing post-season games if team advances Miami Dolphins provide 10% discount at gift store, complimentary newsletter, exclusive e- mails, and opportunities to win special prizes

8 Ticket Packages and Mini-Plans Groups together select number of events, often at discount price Offer special rate and/or additional benefit for committing to more events Offer flexibility by requiring smaller financial and time commitments

9 Package and Mini-Plan Examples Orlando Magic half season package includes customer benefits and free subscription to e-mail newsletter Calgary Flames offer weekend packages that feature only weekend games

10 Season Ticket Equivalents Sum of all various ticket packages sold Sometimes referred to as FSEs (Full Season Equivalent) Kansas City Royals sold 400 quarter season, 800 half season, and 2,000 full season packages, they have sold 2,500 FSEs

11 Group Tickets Reserved block of tickets for a specific event Usually require a minimum of ten or more for group rates Examples Most Broadway plays and musicals Professional sports teams Many theme parks

12 Theme Night Packages Designed exclusively for particular group Intended to attract large groups by customizing the experience Charlotte Bobcats host teacher appreciation nightspecial discount for teachers Houston Comets promote Girl Scout night with special prices for girl scouts, meeting players, group photo with mascot, and games on the court

13 Advanced Sales Promotes sale of individual event tickets prior to start of season or event Encourages fans to purchase in advance to eliminate risk of people changing their minds on the day of the event University of Wisconsin athletics policy states ALL reserved single game tickets MUST be purchased in advance. Only general admission is sold on day-of-game Cleveland Cavaliers utilize wristband lottery priority system for fans planning to purchase tickets

14 Premium Seat Packages Feature additional benefits or values Include suites, courtside seats, other preferential or VIP treatment Luxury suites Club seats may include VIP parking, private autograph sessions, locker room tours, private practice viewing, etc. Discounts on refreshments, merchandise, etc.

15 Walk-Ups and Promotionals Purchased upon arrival at event Sometimes called day-of-game sales Creative promotions increase walk-up sales Portland Trail Blazers Elvis Night encouraging fans to dress like Elvis with costume contest and Elvis themed entertainment

16 Ticket Processing Mechanics of Ticketing

17 Processing Distribution Database Marketing Service Drawbacks Strategies for Attracting Secondary Sales

18 Distribution Technology streamlined distribution of tickets Internet offers many access points Individual team, league or event websites Online ticket brokers 75 million MLB tickets sold annually One third purchased online

19 Distribution continued… reportedly sells 300,000 tickets per month Many offer buyers option to print off own tickets Many venues utilize barcode system for scanning tickets Helps avoid common problems such as: Lost or stolen tickets (can be deactivated or replaced) Erroneous selling same seat more than once

20 Database Marketing Marketing efforts through database containing information about existing and prospective customers Steadily growing trend More effectivestores information directly relating to fan base Portland Trail Blazers e-mail campaign offered complimentary tickets to pre-season game for registering with online database

21 Database Marketing continued… Allows organization to effectively Generate new business Boost renewal and retention rates Increase fan loyalty Strengthen relationship with customers Better understanding of fan demographics Improve communication with fans

22 Service Many organizations offer online account manager programs for season ticket holders Memphis Grizzlies season ticket holders may Forward tickets electronicallyallowing customers to email tickets to other people, even last minute Manage ticket usage and guest list Edit personal profiles to keep account info updated Make payments, view statements, and renew ticket packages Technology makes communication easier and more effective

23 Drawbacks Unauthorized third party selling scalpers Drives ticket prices up Ticket scalpers purchase tickets at face value and resell them for much more than the original price Illegal, but difficult to monitor and track

24 Strategies for Attracting Secondary Sales Challenged to adapt to rapid growth of secondary ticket market Many organizations partner with secondary ticket sellers to share profits StubHub partners with St. Johns and Georgetown Athletics, in addition to others RazorGator lists major league partners as New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks

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