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2.03 Product Mix.

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1 2.03 Product Mix

2 Merchandising opportunities for sports/events
Clothing Toys Collectibles

3 Risks associated with merchandising opportunities
Poor attendance Poor team support Team W/L record Poor year by player Player gets released/traded

4 Pros/Cons of using “branded” merchandise
Increase revenue potential Increase brand awareness Increase brand equity Cons Manufacturing quality issues Loss of complete control over brand Possible overproduction of merchandise

5 Identify sources of merchandising ideas
Team Merchandising partners Competition (Direct & Indirect) Fans

6 Factors affecting the choice of merchandising options
Type of team/event Cost/price Time to market Appropriateness of product

7 Determining merchandising opportunities
Type of team/event Popularity of team/event Event facility (indoor/outdoor) Potential partners

8 Factors affecting goods and services required for an event

9 Goods and services needed for an event
Event goals Event projections (attendance, media) Checklist Participants Fans Employees Sponsors Other

10 determine how many goods and services are needed for an event

11 Calculate number of goods and services needed for an event

12 Bundling/packaging extra amenities with tickets
Increase demand that is normally low Reach fans with different preferences (concessions vs. game experience) Ex: ticket with all-you-can-eat option

13 Why not to bundle/package extra amenities with tickets
Higher profits with a la carte prices Ensure access to games for all customers

14 Identify effective bundling/packaging ideas
Season tickets Ticket packages Ticket and food Ticket and merchandise

15 Describe considerations when bundling/packaging extra amenities with tickets

16 Identify agencies/businesses to package with

17 Demonstrate procedures for bundling/packaging extra amenities with tickets

18 Pre-season booking strategy
Start selling prior to start of season Factor into overall sales goals Take advantage of excitement over new players/coaches

19 Describe advantages/disadvantages of pre-season booking strategies

20 Info needed to develop a pre-season booking strategy
Sales forecast Revenue goals New (players/coaches/stadium) Season schedule

21 Describe factors to negotiate when developing a pre-season booking strategy

22 Demonstrate procedures for developing a pre-season booking strategy

23 Types of ticket-sales programs
Season tickets Luxury suites/club seating Packaged tickets Single-game tickets Secondary tickets

24 The need for a ticket-sales program
Sales goals Season tickets Luxury suites/club seating Daily capacity

25 Discuss considerations in developing a ticket-sales program.

26 Describe security issues associated with ticket-sales programs.

27 Using technology for ticket-sales programs

28 Demonstrate procedures for developing a ticket-sales program

29 Offering hospitality options
Relationship marketing Value-added for sponsors Reward for employees

30 Examples of hospitality options
Party for sponsors/participants Hospitality suite/tent Post-game access to players

31 Discuss the impact that the type of event has on the choice of hospitality options

32 Considerations in selecting hospitality options
Type of event Number of sponsors Transportation Security

33 Demonstrate procedures for selecting hospitality options.

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