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CONDITION THROUGH DRILL. Have you ever seen________during a game? A player tow a tire with a rope wrapped around his waist during a game? A player run.

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2 Have you ever seen________during a game? A player tow a tire with a rope wrapped around his waist during a game? A player run laps during the game? A player do up downs for fumbling during a game? Have you ever seen a team have to run Heismans because they were losing? Have you ever seen a team run the bleachers during halftime because they blew a play?

3 OF COURSE NOT!!! While some of the aforementioned may be beneficial for enhancing ones stamina and endurance… They really have no place on a football field during the season. Why do we feel compelled to try to whip an athlete into shape in the first 2 weeks of August with ridiculous and outdated antics? In one word…

4 FOCUS We want to command the attention and focus of every participant involved. It is our nature to be competitive and win. If Johnny or the team isnt listening… Johnny is running laps! Last year I watched a freshman football team do 150 up downs on asphalt. Nice job coach! You Win!

5 Condition The Skills & The Body I believe that its to late come August to start getting in shape. Encourage your players in the off season to physically condition and stay involved in other sports, speed & agility clinics, and physical activities. Encourage your players to limit video games and junk food. Champions pay the price year round. We are trying to develop a frame of mind that always promotes healthy kids. Not just during football season.

6 TRAIN IN THE OFF SEASON! GO TO VIDEO p/f/15/FQrDtyVR0OU p/f/15/FQrDtyVR0OU Conduct your own clinics!!!

7 When August Arrives Model your grass drills and full pad drills in a way that directly mesh with football movement. Teach in progression: L istenExplain the drill & why S eeDemonstrate the drill & tips D oPlayer executes the drill Small groups, clean rapid reps, & competition within the group will stimulate focus for the mind & body.

8 SAMPLE GRASS DRILLS CONES, LADDERS, & LINES -_k&feature=related -_k&feature=related CB CONE DRILL E_U&feature=related E_U&feature=related RB LIMP SHOULDER

9 CONES, LADDERS & LINE DRILLS 7geEs&feature=PlayList&p=2E5A0F783CC 0E59E&index=26&playnext=4&playnext_fro m=PL 7geEs&feature=PlayList&p=2E5A0F783CC 0E59E&index=26&playnext=4&playnext_fro m=PL SPEED & AGILITY R0OU R0OU MOBILITY SPORTS PERFORMANCE

10 MORE OFF SEASON SPEED DRILLS 4eicg&feature=related 4eicg&feature=related TAKE NOTES! ANY SPORT SPEED DRILLS

11 ATTITUDE & EFFORT Practice drills are for molding your players talent to your scheme. There is no walking on a football field. We walk in the house & around the pool. Constant hustle never quits.

12 SAMPLE JAYHAWK DRILLS SPECIAL TEAMS The team that creates a great play on special teams wins 90% of the time at any level in football!!! We spend no less than 20 minutes per practice on special teams. Because punt/punt return & kick off & kick return are typically long sprinting plays, there is a great deal of cardio during these drills. Every player gets rapid reps during this phase regardless if they are on the squad or not.



15 BACKS & RECEIVERS Passing Tree We spend 15-20 minutes per week working on the passing tree. We run 2 trees at a time and progress through every route with rapid reps. Option on the line [10 minutes every day] QBs & RBs work hand offs, pitches, and option pitches [Rapid Reps] On The Tape [20-30 minutes every day] We progress through the playbook

16 Passing Tree 0 0

17 O-Line The Sled [10 minutes per day] Work stance & Getting Off the LOS NOTE: No Sled? No Problem! Work the o-line vs. the D-line or use pop up dummies. Stance, Fit, & Finish [5-8 minutes daily] Have the entire O-Line slowly progress through the techniques several reps

18 DEFENSE Pursuit Drill 8-10 minutes- Entire team-every day! This is a staple drill that we practice daily to ensure angles & hustle. Great cardio! We use coaches to run scout plays for the defense to pursue.


20 GAME DAY DRILL This is an excellent drill for condition the mind and body for game day. 1. Players line up on the sidelines and coaches are on the field. 2. We use our depth chart and call out various squads at a time (Black O, or Red D, a special teams unit, etc…) and run 1 play. We rotate through every squad 2-3 times. Players on the sidelines must cheer on the squad executing their play. 3. This is done at a very high tempo! We even simulate injuries which forces position coaches and players to be aware of the depth chart. We encourage parents to participate to keep the players pumped… Just like game day.


22 Practice 10/02/2008________________________ Defense /Special Teams TIMETASK_____________ 5:00 – 5:17 Warm ups/Stretch/Pursuit Drill 5:18 – 5:24 Water Break 5:25 – 5:55PHASE I. Kick Off/Kick Return [15 minutes] Defensive Walk Thru [15 Minutes] 5:56 – 5:59Water Break 6:00 – 6:25PHASE II. Sleds & Chutes [2 Groups] [25 Minutes] 6:26 – 6:29Water Break PHASE III 6:30 – 7:00 Defense vs Scout Offense [30 Minutes] BULL IN THE RING END PRACTICE

23 Conditioning Tips Review Script every practice This creates a sense of urgency… Just like we feel during game day. Break your practices up into [4-5] phases Have a time keeper Coach Time Your practice will stay on task and on schedule! Rapid reps with your drills in every phase This forces focus, positive attitude and effort out of your players. Position coaches should Create Competition within their drills to keep it fresh.

24 Conclude with Video

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