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Goals of the Four Seasons of a Churchplant Viv Grigg, Oct 2002, rev 2006 Based on chapter 13 of Cry of the Urban Poor.

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1 Goals of the Four Seasons of a Churchplant Viv Grigg, Oct 2002, rev 2006 Based on chapter 13 of Cry of the Urban Poor

2 The Goal of the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) zDisciple the Nations zBring the Nations under the authority of the King zThe Means: Evangelize, Teach, Baptize zContext: Group of Disciples zIntermediate Goals: yGroups of Disciples yChurches What is Discipling? (1 Thes 2:1-7, John 17:1-5) What is Churchplanting? Social structuring of the fruit of evangelism

3 What is a Church? zActs 2:42-44 yConversion yBaptism yMeetings in Houses yUse Central Temple yTeaching, Preaching yLeadership yRegular Gathering yWorshipping yPrayer yOutreach yEconomic Sharing y(see diagram on overhead)


5 What is a Churchplanters Definition of a Church? zDepends… on culture z1. A Bible Study ySmall group yMeets weekly z2. A House Church ymeets weekly yBible is preached/ discussed y12 or more adults (1-3 families) yCare for each other yWorship together z 3. A Fellowship yall the above ymeets weekly for worship /teaching yUp to 30 adults (2+ cells + kids ministry) z 4. A New Church xAll the above x30+ adults (or 5 + families), 4-6 cells xRecognised leaders xLegalised xMay / may not have pastor / building xSmall Group, Large Group, Leadership xCell, Congregation, Celebration, Coordination

6 Four Season of Growth How to get from evangelism to a fellowship to a multiplying movement. For each season we need to know zour goals zthe focus of teaching zthe type of group culture. Read 1 John 2:12-14 and define three phases of growth and their characteristics Based on the Focus Chart of Gene Tabor and the Philippine Navigator and Reach, Lakas-Angkan movements. © Viv Grigg, Oct 1989

7 Growth-Oriented Theology 1 John 2:12-14

8 Four Seasons of Growth




12 Teaching at Each of the Four Seasons

13 Goal for Each of the Four Seasons Disciple Basic Labourer Complete Labourer Convert Beginning Disciple

14 7 Characteristics of a Slum Disciple? zPuts Christ first in all areas of life (Luke 14:26-33; Matt 6:33), and separates from sin. ySpiritually ySocially (Luke 14:26) yEconomically (Luke 14:33) zThe Word of God is food and authority (John 8:31) zFellowships regularly with other believers showing love and unity (John 13:34,35) zGrowing in devotion to Christ, and developing a prayer life (John 15:7) zGrowing in Christlike character (John 15:16) zWitnessing regularly (John 15:16) zA learner, open and teachable (Matt 28:18-20)

15 What is a Basic Labourer? yChristlike Character xEssentially healed xFruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22,23) xHealthy marriage ySkill in Ministry xAble to lead someone to Christ xAble to disciple xAble to lead a small group and larger group xAble to teach yHeart for Ministry

16 Group Discussion zDetermine at which season your church is at and join that group. z Work together on a work plan for churches at this season

17 Strategic Issues in Discipling zThe Purpose of Discipling yRom 8:29 yCol 1:27-29 yEph 5:27 yEveryone mature in Christ zDiscipling Damaged People yDiscipline Needed yCreate trouble, grace needed yLots of counseling time needed yHealing by Holy Spirit z Urban Poor Issues yAnger yDebt yThose who oppress yFatherless families yEnvy yDemonic activity…. z The Centrality of an Open Home

18 Pastoral Issues z3 Structures for Poor Peoples Churches yMultiplying web of small churches yGang structured discipling movement (prison, gang, drugs…) yCentral hotel church and daughter churches in the slums z Breaking the Property Barrier z Creating Momentum yA rhythm of events yA simple pattern of Bible study, of worship, of discipleship yBecoming both social and spiritual leader yHigh commitment - 3-5 nights per week. z Developing Self- Supporting Pastors

19 Why do People Move Churches? zSensitivity zEconomics zPeople want feeding, theygo where they are fed zOpportunities zDisappointment, based on false expectations that God will instantly do miracles zLeadership divisions, spirit of bitterness zPeople cant pay rent, they are mobile

20 Reference Works on Churchplanting zBrock, Charles y(1994) Indigenous Churchplanting. Church Growth International, Missouri. zSimson, Wolfgang y(1998) Houses That Change the World. OM Publishing. zWalker, Andrew y(1985) Restoring the Kingdom: The Radical Christianity of the House Church Movement. Hodder and Stoughton. zSchwartz, Christian y(2000) Natural Church Growth Development z Hesselgrave, David y(2000) Planting Churches Cross-Culturally, Baker Books z Neighbour, Ralph W., Jr. y(1990) Where Do We Go From Here: A Guidebook to Cell Group Church, Touch Publications z Stephan, Tom yPassing the Baton z Grigg, Viv y(1994) Cry of the Urban Poor, MARC z British Church Growth Magazine

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