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By Tamoha Saha Lipilekha Bangla School Date: 4/11/2010.

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1 By Tamoha Saha Lipilekha Bangla School Date: 4/11/2010

2 6 Seasons In India, there are SIX seasons instead of four. In Bengali, we call them ritu. Grishma - Summer. April - June Varsha - Monsoon. June - Sept Sharat - Autumn. Sept - Oct Hemanta - Late-Autumn. Oct - Dec Seet - Winter. Dec - Feb Vasanta - Spring. Feb - April

3 Summer (Grishma) o EXTREMELY HOT 50 degrees C (122 degrees F) o Tornadoes, hail and thunderstorms o Strong hot wind causes fatal cases of sunstroke

4 Monsoon (Varsha) Brings relief from scorching heat. Brings heavy rainfall along with hail and thunderstorms. Causes flood and landslides

5 Monsoon Facts o 12 inches of rain each month!!! o The ground cant absorb that much rain and cause flooding

6 Autumn (Sharat) o Pleasant weather o Beautiful scenery o Durga Puja and other festivals

7 Late-Autumn (Hemanta ) o Pre-winter. o Harvest season

8 Winter (Seet) Misty and pleasantly cold Picnick season Very cold in the Northern India

9 Spring (Vasanta) Sunny warmer longer days Flowers bloom, trees grow new leaves Saraswati Puja and Holi

10 Conclusion Each season has its own advantages. Different kind of fruits and vegetables are available in different seasons. Each brings distinct changes to the food and way of living. People living in India enjoy each and every one of them in their own special ways

11 Quiz Time o Which is the season of harvest? Pre-Winter (Hemanta) Monsoon can cause violent flood and … Landslides o What 2 festivals are in the Spring? Saraswati Puja and Holi

12 QuizTime o What do we call winter in Bengali? Seet How many degrees Fahrenheit can the temperature go up to in the summer? 122 degrees o In which season do we celebrate Durga Puja? Autumn( Sharat)


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