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Escambia County School District

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1 Escambia County School District
WIA Youth Program Escambia County School District

2 Success Stories Travis White ~ Missing in Action
“ Good ‘Ole Travis” Shannan’s Facebook Friend :o) Successfully completed G.E.D. & now qualifies for a promotion to Shift Supervisor At Circle K

3 Success Stories Sam Waz ~ Very special student with very special needs
Pensacola High Law Academy Student College Bound

4 Outstanding Worksites
Veterinary Emergency Referral Center 3 students placed at Law Offices 1 student placed at an Accounting Firm 2 students placed at the Sheriff’s Dept. (Forensics & Crime Scene Technician) 1 student placed at the Pensacola Police Dept.

5 In the Works…. Possible new worksite: Marathon Health

6 Work Readiness Training
WIA Youth Activities Florida Ready to Work & Work Readiness Training During June WFHS Academy students attended training taught by Ms. Angela Irby who is a Business Education instructor at PFHS

7 Number of Youth Served Streamlining the Caseload……
In March 2013 the WIA Youth Program had 198 Active Participants In July 2013 the WIA Youth Program has 95 Active Participants

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