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1 Mobile phone to silent mode, Introduction & Stickers, Outline of Programme and Duration, Expected results, Register, Scribe for FAQ & Feedback form,

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1 1 Mobile phone to silent mode, Introduction & Stickers, Outline of Programme and Duration, Expected results, Register, Scribe for FAQ & Feedback form, Time-keeper.

2 2 1.Tindak Malaysia – Who are we? 2.Whats the Big Picture – System? 3.How do we deal with it – videos & PACABAs?


4 4 WHY HOW WHAT RESULTS DO WE EXPECT? Freedom to take charge of our destiny! To reclaim our Freedom and take charge of our destiny. Develop strategies based on recognition of a system using greed and fear against us. Build network to carry out these strategies.

5 5 Who Are We ? An Education & Electoral Reform Movement ! 5 Figurines in a circle representing Universal Unity To reclaim the Founding Principles of the Federal Constitution 1. Tindak Malaysia

6 6 A Group of Caring Malaysians coming together because we believe: Tindak Malaysia: DIFFERENCE, through LOVE, COMPASSION & CARING FOR EACH OTHER ! Together we can make a DIFFERENCE, through LOVE, COMPASSION & CARING FOR EACH OTHER ! To educate, To empower, To mobilize, To act

7 7 Election Reform Movement for : Free and Fair Elections,Free and Fair Elections, Educate & Activate Malaysians to reclaim our FREEDOM! OBJECTIVES

8 8 I. Independent EC to implement FAFE II. Fair Electoral Laws & Regulations III. Balanced Seat Size – reduce malapportionment IV. Reduce Gerrymandering V. Informed Electorate – Voter Education VI. Take ownership of electoral process – PACABA 6 PREREQUISITES

9 9 4 Questions I. How I. How did we get here? II. Where II. Where are we? headed III. Where are we headed ? better IV. How can we make it better ? PHILOSOPHY




13 13 a. Mixed up Concept of Government with Concept of Administration AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL,,, In Indonesia, Govt is known as Pentadbiran, not Kerajaan! We are confused!

14 14 ITS THE SYSTEM ! SYSTEM objectives: Exploitation of resources and the people of a nation, People are treated as cattle or Rats to be farmed, conditioned & trained to work for paper $, Strategy: Mass Psychological warfare, (click)Mass Psychological warfare Manipulate emotions of greed and fear, Condition thoughts through religion & education

15 15 Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself or one's group. Biased, with facts selectively presented (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political, or other type of agenda – hatred (demonise), dehumanize. PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE - divide-and-rule ! Eg. BTN courses, history, education, religion.

16 16 PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE - Promoting fear ! The defeat of Umno would be akin to the Malays losing power in their own country. We cannot afford to be disunited. It is important for us to pool our resources. Even the katak and the wife fall asleep

17 17 Greed: Greed: Corruption, Entitlement-mentality, Envy, NEP, Offer of projects, Politics of envy, Setting wrong expectations, Vote buying. Examples of PSYWAR Conditioning: Apathy, Boiled Frog Syndrome, Culture, Dumbing down Education, Emotions, History, Inculcate laziness, Ketuanan Melayu, Labelling, Language, Mainstream media propaganda, Nationalism, No financial discipline or literacy, Pendatang, Promote sense of fatalism, Race, Religion, Sentimentality, Stockholm Syndrome. Fear: Bogeyman, Enemies, Hatred, Intimidation, ISA, OSA, PAB, Police, PPPA, Sedition Act, UUCA

18 18 Conditioning: Pavlovs Dogs Principle?

19 Can be broken by extreme stress introduced through war, torture, suffering & pain !

20 Conditioning: Education The education system is designed to produce psychopaths - feedstock for the UMNO War Machine and Suppression System. 20

21 21

22 22

23 23 POLITICS SOCIAL ECONOMICS STARVE THE BEAST FEAR! SUPPRESSION SURVIVAL IGNORANCE GREED! 1Saman 96hhY&feature=player_embedded 1Care: 10% of gross income

24 24 Through Videos & PACABAs It begins with understanding. We are dealing with a system ! We model it. Once we can visualize it, we become less fearful We develop strategies of non-violence to deal with it. 3. How do we deal with it?

25 25 Understand principles of propaganda, Politicians use divide-and-rule tactics to remain in power. They use Bogeyman strategies to frighten their supporters, accusing their enemies/victims, of doing what they, themselves, are doing! Tindak Malaysia Strategy: Wikipedia: Bogeyman - amorphous imaginary being based on fear. Simply a non-specific embodiment of terror

26 26 In propaganda, our minds are manipulated so that many things appear counter-intuitive. Stuff we believe to be true, turns out to be untrue. Actions we tend to take are wrong! Thats because we have been brainwashed and conditioned from young, like Pavlovs Dogs. Tindak Malaysia Strategy:

27 27 Break it up ! M4C Part 1: Save Malaysia for Our Children. Choose video links below! Malay EnglishChinese 22m 5s10m 13s 11m 0s Shrink the MC. Force them to leave or impoverish them. In politics, nothing happens by accident!

28 28 Ruling Class controls 90% of the economy. If you want a job, you vote for them !


30 M4C PART 2: THE MATRIX 30 Click video link below! M4C2 11m 30s Work for paper $ Leverage 100x 4 million foreigners Are banks safe? In a downturn, are jobs safe? Who will be axed 1 st ?

31 31 The MATRIX or The Rat Race. Bosses KLSE Bank Negara: Monopoly to print $ Securities Commission Extract $ from public by exploiting their ignorance Employmen t Loans IPO Banks License to issue shares YOU Govt. Laws & Police Lies, Greed, Fear, Media, Propaganda, Education, Religion, Force Watch the movie Matrix to understand the historical background.Matrix Leverage 100 times & make $6. 200 x your interest! Accept deposits. Take RM1, pay 3 cents Financial ignorance & laziness.

32 CASHFLOW = LIFEBLOOD 32 The Game needs your consent and your participation. If you withhold, game is over and the system crash ! Action, 198 Ways to bring down a Dictatorship !

33 Tindak Malaysia is an Education & Electoral Reform Movement, Understand that we are trapped in a Matrix, The Matrix is a system which feeds on our emotions, It requires our consent and participation, It survives on cashflow and we feed it, If we withdraw our consent and participation, cashflow slows & system eventually crash, Once that is achieved, we can reclaim our FREEDOM and rebuild. 33

34 That brings us to the end of PACABA 0.1 Tindak Malaysia: Who are we? The next part will be PACABA 0.2 How did we get here? Please join our movement. Go to Click at the top yellow banner to go to pacabatraining site to sign up with Tindak Malaysia and be trained as a Thank you for listening. Together, we can make a difference ! Email: 34

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