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US Constitution Ms. Ramos. ctivity1.html Ms. Ramos.

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1 US Constitution Ms. Ramos

2 ctivity1.html Ms. Ramos

3 Article I: Legislative Bicameral – Upper: Senate – Lower: House of Representatives Makes law XBoRamQ2oI/US_Capitol_Building_at_night_Jan_2006.jpg Ms. Ramos

4 Article II: Executive – President – Vice President – Executive Departments Enforces laws Pictures/PresidentialSeal.gif Ms. Ramos

5 Article III: Judicial – Supreme Court – Lower Courts Interprets law – Judicial Review: pwr to determine constitutionality ime- zone/usa/websites/government/judicia l-branch/supreme-court.jpg Ms. Ramos

6 Additional Articles Relations among the states How to change the Const. Const. is SUPREME law Ratification IV V VI VII Ms. Ramos

7 Amendments Bill of Rights: 1 st 10 Amendments – Promised by Federalists to get Anti-Federalists to ratify 27 Amendments total ll.of.rights.gif Ms. Ramos

8 Federalism – Gov divides its powers btwn national and state govts. Also, local gov. Intent of Framers – Federal system & Amendments Living Document – Amendments allow for change Ms. Ramos

9 Unwritten Est via custom & precedent: – Presidents Cabinet – Political Parties – Congressional Committees – Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison Ms. Ramos

10 Ms. Ramos

11 Ms. Ramos

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