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Academic Publishing Today. Cambridge University Press: A Case Study.

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1 Academic Publishing Today

2 Cambridge University Press: A Case Study

3 Cambridge University Press is the oldest publisher and printer in the world

4 The Press is part of the University of Cambridge

5 The University Press Syndicate: a committee of senior academics who must approve all offers of publication

6 Cambridge University Press is not a commercial company we are a not-for-profit charitable trust, dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, learning, and education

7 Our head office is in Cambridge

8 but we are truly global in our reach: CUP books sold in 200 countries around the world offices in 40 countries over 35,000 authors from 121 countries – including Russia

9 Russia-based Authors Vladimir Kanovei Valentina V. Ukraintseva Leonid Berlyand Tatiana V. Akhutina S. Chmutov Lev V. Prokhorov Vladimir V. Mitin B. L. Ioffe Irina Bocharova M. Shifman A. A. Borovkov Zhanna Reznikova Igor N. Serdyuk Ludmila Koryakova Albrecht Böttcher Alexander V. Stepanov Victor Prasolov Hans-Rudolf Wenk Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt I. A. Shiklomanov N. Kuznetsov A. S. Galperin Michael J. Benton I. G. Bashmakova V. I. Bernik Sergei Konyagin Igor M. Diakonoff Anatoly Smeliansky E. D. Yershov Isabella G. Bashmakova R. F. Trunin Valentine S. Kulikov Mary McAuley Alexander V. Razumov V. E. Korepin A. G. Grozin Olga Oleinik Sergei A. Avdonin Yakov Nikitin Rachel Polonsky Alexei Kushner Vladimir V. Sychev

10 Publishing in a wide range of constantly evolving fields

11 from Engineering to Economics

12 from Climate change science to Classics

13 from Philosophy to Physics

14 from Linguistics to Law

15 from Mathematics to Medicine

16 And many Russian interest titles too

17 Russian interest titles

18 Subjects Maintain core long-established subjects (e.g. history, literature, classics, mathematics) Continue to develop newer fields (e.g. medicine, law, management) Be alert to emerging areas (e.g. biomedical engineering, financial mathematics, energy science)

19 Cambridge catalogues in 1993 and in 2013

20 How has Cambridge changed in 20 years? Maintained our strengths in traditional subjects Much more Science, Technology and Medicine publishing New areas in the social sciences: Law, Management Twice as many books!

21 Emerging subject areas Network Science Energy Science Applied Mathematics and Computer Science –Big Data –Financial Mathematics –Analytics –Actuarial Science


23 Authors Nobel prize winners Steven Weinberg Nobel prize in Physics Joseph Stiglitz Nobel prize in Economics

24 Nobel prize winners Wole Soyinka (Literature) Daniel Kahneman (Economic Sciences) Douglass C. North (Economic Sciences) Edmund S. Phelps (Economics) Robert M. Solow (Economic Sciences) James M. Buchanan (Economic Sciences) Amartya Sen (Economic Sciences) William Vickrey (Economics) Franco Modigliani (Economics) Vernon L. Smith (Economics) Kenneth J. Arrow (Economics) Elinor Ostrom (Economic Sciences) Herbert A. Simon (Economic Sciences) George Akerlof (Economics) Richard Stone (Economic Sciences) Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Physics) S. Chandrasekhar (Physics) Pierre Gilles de Gennes (Physics) Gerard 't Hooft (Physics) Martinus Veltman (Physics) John William Strutt Baron Rayleigh (Physics) Thomas A. Steitz (Chemistry) Burton Richter Nobel prize in Physics H.W. Kroto Nobel prize in Chemistry Authors

25 Book prize winners Prasannan Parthasarathi 2012 World History Association Book Prize Joe Flatman 2012 Current Archaeology Book of the Year Award

26 Authors Walter Scheidel (Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award) Abigail Rokinson (2012 Shakespeares Globe Book Award) Leslie Brubaker (2011 PROSE Award) Cathleen Hoeniger (Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award) Christopher Tomlins (2011 Bancroft Prize) Christopher Marsh (2011 Ratcliff Prize) Daniel W. Graham (2010 Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year Award) Jens Meierhenrich (Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award) Lara J. Nettelfield (2011 Marshall Shulman Book Prize) Kenneth Womack(The Independent Music Book of the Year Award) Alice Rio (Royal Historical Society Gladstone Prize) Robert C. Allen (The Economist Book of the Year) Giuseppe Gerbino (Lewis Lockwood Award) John Hagan (The Stockholm Prize in Criminology) Mark R. Wick (Pathology BMA Book Award) Larry May (International Association of Penal Law Book of the Year Award) Joachim Radkau (World History Association Book Award) La Vinia Delois Jennings (Toni Morrison Society Prize) Sarah Biddulph (2011 Woodward Medal in Humanities and Social Sciences) Norman A. Paradis (British Medical Association Cardiology Prize) Michael Perryman 2011 Association of American Publishers PROSE Award David Armitage 2009 Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year Award

27 Products Textbooks (and supplements) Monographs Books for individuals (researchers, practitioners) Academic and professional reference volumes Journals

28 Adoptions at World-renowned UK Universities

29 Adoptions at Top European Institutions

30 Academic Skills Titles

31 Elements: a new form of academic publishing Short, focused pieces of work in between a journal article and a book: Tutorials on specific topics Reviews of particular fields Detailed descriptions of emerging technologies or protocols

32 Cambridge Elements Biophysics, climate change science, computational biology, economics, electronics, energy technology, linguistics, political science, psychology, risk and finance, medicine...

33 Traditional publishing models

34 The print-on-demand revolution 32,000 POD titles available today 50% of all titles in print are POD 60% of all titles in print will be POD within 5 years Lazarus – bringing CUP books back from the dead!


36 Cambridge Library Collections The print-on-demand revolution

37 Cambridge Library Collection Step 1: the shelves of one of the worlds best academic libraries (University of Cambridge) Step 2: scanned at Cambridge University Press Step 3: paperback and eBook Step 4: your bookshelf!

38 Cambridge Library Collections

39 Digital Developments

40 Cambridge Books Online Over 20,000 eBooks to choose from Subject packages, or choose your own titles eBooks available as easy-to-use chapter PDFs Free 30-day trials are available, and special offers on collections as well Print and eBook Packages Cambridge Companions Online and Cambridge Histories Online are also available

41 Cambridge Journals Archive A multi-disciplinary collection from the past 200 years Over 200 journals Over 630,000 articles Over 4.3 million pages Over 8 million linked references

42 Access the Archive now! Thanks to the support from the Russian Ministry of Education and Neicon, all Russian academic institutions can now access all archive content for free!

43 Open Access: whats in it for us (and for you)? Recent developments in Open Access What is Cambridge doing? –150 hybrid journals offering OA –5 new journals that are fully OA –Variety of Creative Commons licences for OA articles What are librarians in the UK doing?

44 How does Cambridge University Press interact with authors and academic communities?

45 Academic publishing today New subject areas New formats New distribution models Traditional standards of quality

46 Thank you! Any questions?

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