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Bone the Caveman and His Missing Club by Shawn Hutchison.

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1 Bone the Caveman and His Missing Club by Shawn Hutchison

2 Bone the Caveman and His Missing Club by Shawn Hutchison


4 One morning, Bone the Caveman was going to go out of the house. He was going to grab his club-- his FAVORITE club. He has had it forever.


6 Bone the Caveman has had the club since he was a baby. He remembers the first day he got it. His mama gave it to him, and she hand carved it herself. It is the last thing he had from his Mama.

7 Snap!

8 Bone opened his closet. THE CLUB WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!! He started to smash stuff BANG! SNAP! CRACK! He broke a lot of stuff. He said, I WILL GET MY CLUB BACK IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO!!!!!


10 Bone went outside, but forgot his fur coat. He went back in and got his coat.


12 Bone goes to his buddys house. His name is Sore the dinosaur. Bone said, Hey! Sore, have you seen my club. I cant find it anywhere. Sore said, No I haven't seen it, but I can help find it.


14 Bone and Sore went to the police station to tell them what happened. Also Bone told the chief. The chief said, Well, give us sometime and we will be able to find it. Thank you, said Bone. I'm hungry, so hungry I could eat a dinosaur! No offense, Sore. No problem, replied Sore.


16 Bone and Sore went to the diner. Bone ordered a giant rack of ribs, and Sore ordered some leaves because he is on a diet. Then Bone saw a really pretty girl. The girl came closer to him and she said, Hi my name is Leafa. Bones heart pounded as fast as a drum.


18 Bone said nervously, Hi, my name is Bone. It was love at first sight. Bone told Leafa what had happened. I can help you, she offered. They ate their food and went off to find the missing club.


20 Bone, Leafa and Sore went back to the police station. Bone found out it was his old friend Crunch the caveman that took his club! The friends went around the world to find him. They finally found him in a forest. Crunch screamed, How did you find me! Bone growled, Sore is really tall and can spot things from very far away!


22 Crunch pleaded, I am sorry for taking your club. I forgive you, replied Bone. So Bone got his club back. A few years later, Bone and Leafa got married and lived happily ever after. THE END

23 Shawn Hutchison is a junior at the Lawrence County Career and Technical Center, and he is enrolled in computer and office technology. His home school is Ellwood City Area School District. Shawn plays video games most of the time, so this is how he created the story.

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