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UPSJAGUARS Social Studies Standards Review 7-1 to 7-3 JEOPARDY JEOPARDY click here to PLAY Created by Lynne M. Bailey. For educational use only. Credit.

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2 UPSJAGUARS Social Studies Standards Review 7-1 to 7-3 JEOPARDY JEOPARDY click here to PLAY Created by Lynne M. Bailey. For educational use only. Credit appreciated. Do NOT post elsewhere without Permission. Game concept and sound files from M. To begin editing, start PowerPoint and open this file from within the software. Do delete this text box before using! You can refer to the Notes Section for additional information.

3 $300 $200 $100 $300 $100 $200 $100 $200 $300 $100 $200 $300 $100 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $200 $300 Academic Vocabulary Roman Achievements Theories on the Fall of Rome Byzantine Empire People to Know Go to Final JeopardyGo to Double JeopardyReplayEnd Round

4 Word meaning special consideration next

5 What is emphasis ? $100

6 Word meaning unique. next

7 What is distinct ? $200

8 Word meaning highlight. next

9 What is stress ? $300

10 Word meaning to make use of. next

11 What is utilize ? $400

12 Word meaning steady, not necessarily a place to keep horses. next

13 What is stable ? $500

14 In ancient Rome, this Visigoth leader was able to sack Rome … he was the first one to do this successfully in over 800 years! next

15 Who is Alaric? $100

16 This strong leader was able to control the military, reform laws, and acted as supreme judge of the Byzantine Empire. next

17 Who was Justinian? $200

18 The Roman leader divided the empire into 4 parts, with officials to rule each part, while keeping authority over all. next

19 Who is Diocletian? $300

20 Bravery is a quality that this poet thought the ideal Roman man should possess. next

21 Who is Virgil? $400

22 The Julio-Claudian rulers included these three leaders. next

23 Who are Caligula, Claudius, and Nero? $500

24 Romans are credited with passing along this other cultures ideas about laws and democratic government. next

25 Who are the Greeks? $100

26 The Twelve Tablets are a series of rules for citizens of Rome to follow. The fact that they were written down and published for people to see is one way Romans improved this. next

27 What are laws? $200

28 The use of this language allowed for the spread of a new religion called Christianity. next

29 What is Latin? $300

30 The development of this architectural achievement using a series of arches made it possible to create incredible buildings like the Hagia Sophia. next

31 What is the dome? $400

32 All roads lead to Rome…. and they were made using this new invention. next

33 What is concrete? $500

34 In order to pay for the cost of this group to defend the borders against attack, other important projects like maintaining roads and providing public housing were under-funded or put off entirely. next

35 What is the MILITARY? $100

36 One of Romes biggest problems was how to select new emperors. Over time, this led to the practice of selling the throne to this highest bidder. This situation describes one of the causes of Romes eventual collapse. next


38 Even though the Roman Empire had many exciting achievements in engineering and science, during the last 400 years of the empire the Romans relied too much on human and animal labor. As a result, the Romans lacked the ability to produce goods more efficiently than other cultures. of the empire the Romans relied too much on human and animal labor. As a result, the Romans lacked the ability to produce goods more efficiently than other cultures. next


40 Once the Romans stopped conquering new territory, the flow of gold into the Roman economy decreased, but the demand for gold stayed the same, creating this problem. next

41 What is INFLATION? $400

42 Wealthy landowners farmed large estates using slave labor. Many farmers couldnt compete & left or sold their farms to find work in cities. The result of this was_______ because cities didnt have enough jobs to meet the demand. next

43 What is widespread UNEMPLOYMENT ? $500

44 The Corpus Juris Civilis, or Body of Civil Laws gave more rights to women, children, and slaves. This is a result of this happening to Roman law. next

45 What is reformation of law under the Justinian Code? $100

46 This is the name given to the Eastern Roman Empire. next

47 What is the Byzantine Empire? $200

48 In the Eastern Roman Empire, many Christians couldnt read, so they used these to help teach about Christianity. next

49 What are icons? $300

50 Over time, the Byzantine Empire became less Roman and more like this culture, including using its language in religious ceremonies and in the courts of the emperor. next

51 What is Greek? $400

52 --surrounded on three sides by water so walls only needed to be built on one side --good for trade and defense, due to my location near the Bosporous straight --major waterways helped make me a hub for trade and shipping. next

53 What is Constantinople or modern-day Istanbul? $500

54 Daily Double next

55 Final Jeopardy Todays Category: Potluck Pick... Anything Goes next

56 Ostrogoths, Angles, Saxons, Franks, Visigoths, Huns, and Vandals are Germanic tribes also known as this. next

57 What are barbarian invaders? next

58 UPSJAGUARS History Rocks!!! JEOPARDY JEOPARDY Thanks for PLAYING! Go to Double Jeopardy

59 UPSJAGUARS World History JEOPARDY JEOPARDY Double Jeopardy

60 $600 $400 $200 $600 $200 $400 $200 $400 $600 $200 $400 $600 $200 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $400 $600 Vocabulary Terms Roman Achievements part 2 Geography Byzantine Empire part 2 More People to Know Go to Final JeopardyGo to Regular JeopardyReplayEnd Round

61 A Germanic tribe that rebelled against Rome in A.D. 378 next

62 What are the Visigoths? $200

63 A temple built to honor Romes gods next

64 $400 What is the Pantheon?

65 This fell in A.D. 476 to a Germanic general named Odoacer. next

66 What is the Western Roman Empire? $600 $600

67 A curved ceiling made by building arches against one another. next

68 What is a vault? $800

69 200 years of peace that began with the rule of Augustus. next

70 What is the Pax Romana? $1000

71 Influential empress who was able to convince her husband to give increased rights to women. next

72 Who was Theodora? $200

73 Dictator of Rome who was assassinated by his friends on the floor of the Senate on the 15 th of March next

74 Who is Julius Caesar? $400

75 He conquered most of Italy and northern Africa and defeated the Persians in the East while serving as general in the Byzantine army. next

76 Who is Belisarius? $600

77 Known for writing satires and odes… this artist fashioned his art after Greek models/ideas. next

78 Who is Horace? $800

79 This Roman leader declared that upon his death the Roman empire should be split into TWO. next

80 Who is Theodosius? $1000

81 The arch, the dome, and the column are all contributions made by the Romans in this area of expertise. next

82 What is architecture? $200

83 Ancient Romans had a passion for cruelty. Huge arenas were built in order to provide entertainment that often included mass executions, and gladiatorial combat. This one could hold 60,000 people! next

84 What is the Colloseum? $400

85 This type of government was developed by the Romans, after learning it from the Greeks. Using this system the nation is ruled by officers and representatives who are elected by the people. next

86 What is a Republic? $600

87 A man-made system using sloped arches to bring water from higher elevations into urban areas. next

88 What is an aqueduct? $800

89 This became the basis of many modern European languages like Spanish, French, Romanian, and Italian. next

90 What is Latin? $1000

91 This is a land mass surrounded on three sides by water. next

92 What is a peninsula? $200

93 This empire included Greeks, Egyptians, Syrians, Arabs, Jews, Slavs, and others. next

94 What is the Byzantine Empire? $400

95 Body of water that separates Britain from the rest of Europe. next

96 What is the English Channel? $600

97 Region of the Roman Empire where the famous battle of Carthage took place. next

98 What is North Africa? $800

99 Name the three continents that became a part of the Western Roman Empire. next

100 What are Europe, Asia, and Africa? $1000

101 People should be: --equal under the law. --equal under the law. --innocent until proven guilty. --Judges should be fair. -- The best form of government is a republic made up of equal citizens. Ideas in the U.S. legal system came from THESE people. next

102 Who are the Romans? $200

103 These people in the Byzantine Empire could obtain and education and be involved in government. next

104 Who are women? $400

105 With Constantinople as its largest and wealthiest city, this empire lasted over 1,000 years. next

106 What is the Byzantine Empire? $600

107 The religious center of the Byzantine Empire and a great architectural achievement. next

108 What is the Hagia Sophia, or Church of Holy Wisdom? $800

109 Over time the Byzantine Empire became more influenced by ______; they eventually spoke their language and drew upon their culture, rather than that of Rome. next

110 What is Greece? $1000

111 Daily Double next

112 Final Jeopardy Todays Category: Roman Leadership

113 This Roman emperor provided security for his empire by building a professional army of Roman citizens. He also rebuilt Rome, fed the poor, improved government, and reformed the tax system. next

114 Who is Augustus, the first emperor of Rome? next

115 UPSJAGUARS World History Standards Review JEOPARDY JEOPARDY Thanks for PLAYING!

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