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I am too young to be a mother Im the owner of my own body I dont want to have a baby I havent got enough money The father of my child cant be a rapist.

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1 I am too young to be a mother Im the owner of my own body I dont want to have a baby I havent got enough money The father of my child cant be a rapist I wont be able to assure him a decent future I dont want a baby with deficiencies:we will both suffer I can do what I want with my life Im not ready to have a baby I….. I…… I…………….. I….. WHY DO WE ONLY THINK ABOUT OURSELVES???

2 1.Introduction 2.Embryo development and abortion limits 3.A type of abortion 4.Number of abortions in Spain and in the world 5.International status of abortion law 6.Arguments in favour/against abortion 7.A Confession

3 ? An abortion is the extermination of a human life at it most early start. An abortion is the removal of an embryo from the uterus, resulting in its death. This act goes against nature and against God, because: -It is an impingement upon the most primordial human right: the right to live. -Millions of babies die due to the abortion practice each year. NO EARTHLY LAW WILL EVER MAKE ALLOWABLE AN ACT THAT IS ESSENCIALLY UNLAWFUL FOR BEING AGAINST THE NATURAL LAW AND AGAINST GOD. Therefore all Catholics that contribute to the realization of an abortion will be punished with excommunication.

4 Week five Week six Week seven Week Eight Week nine Week ten Week twelve Week Thirteen Week Fourteen ABORTION TIME LIMITS France: 12 weeks Germany: 12 weeks Italy: 13 weeks Sweden: 18 weeks USA: limits after 26 weeks Australia: No limit

5 Some people think that an abortion is just a quick fix... Do you really think that??


7 Number of abortions per year: Approximately 46 Million Where do abortions occur? 78% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 22% occur in developed countries Legality of abortion: About 26 million women obtain legal abortions each year, while an additional 20 million abortions are obtained in countries where it is restricted or prohibited by law. Spain 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 Total (millions) 7,146,526,005,525,695,535,385,155,104,79

8 Legal on demand Legal for rape, maternal life, health, mental health, socioecomic factors, and/or fetal defects Legal for or illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, health, fetal defects, and/or mental health Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, health, and/or mental health Illegal with exception for maternal life, health, and/or mental health Illegal with no exceptions Varies by region No information International status of abortion law

9 ARGUMENTS IN FAVOUR OF ABORTION ¿what leads people to have an abortion? If somebody doesnt want to have a baby, shes got all the rights not to have it " In some cases the abortion is a crime; but in others, like for example a rape or the malformation of the baby, the abortion is the better solution to prevent the suffering of both mother and child Any person has the right to be loved and if the baby isnt desired, its better to have an abortion Im not physically prepared to have a baby… ¿what if something happens to me? Its better to have an abortion " An embryo cant be considered a proper person until he is at least two months old. Therefore an abortion cant be considered a murder if it is done during the first two months" " If I havent got enough funds to maintain a baby it is better not to have one because its too expensive

10 ARGUMENTS AGAINST ABORTION " A child is a gift, a blessing from God, that has to be valued and respected The abortion is a crime, its a murder of an innocent human being, and has to be punished by the law and not accepted In case of rape, the woman must learn to love her baby even if he brings bad and painful memories. The baby cant be blamed for something his father has done If one considers himself adult enough to have sexual relationships, he is adult enough to cope with the consequences We havent got any authority to stop the life of an innocent creature The life of a human being is in the hands of God, not of other humans.

11 Biblical Arguments Against Abortion It has being said, we must begin by acknowledging that the Bible doesn't say anything about abortion directly. But children were viewed as a gift from the Lord. Medical Arguments Against Abortion The medical arguments against abortion are compelling. For example, at conception the embryo is genetically distinct from the mother. To say that the developing baby is no different from the mother's appendix is scientifically inaccurate. A developing embryo is genetically different from the mother. Opponents to abortion also raise the controversial issue of fetal pain. Consider this statement made in a British medical journal: "Try sticking an infant with a pin and you know what happens. She opens her mouth to cry and also pulls away. Try sticking an 8- week-old human fetus in the palm of his hand. He opens his mouth and pulls his hand away.."

12 A Confession: At the age of 18... I became pregnant. I did not find out until I was 10 weeks. I was pregnant by a boy that beat me, cheated on me daily. He respected no woman and I did not want my child to grow up in a home or around anyone like that, so I felt [abortion] was best. It ended at 11.5 weeks. To this day I suffer from depression, partially caused by what I did. I remember everything, down to the taste in my mouth when I was being put to sleep. I feel selfish and cruel. Now having 2 children, I look at myself as a killer and I have no right to live. I feel my kids are going to be hurt as a punishment. Before [abortion] is done, I believe women should go through counselling... the part that hurts me the most, is that I said sorry, and wanted to say, "stop this", and "I do not want to do this". The next thing I knew I woke up in a room with other women, feeling like I should die.



15 By: -Emma Nebot -Pilar Martínez -Magda Miró -Cristina Blasco -Marusia Anisimova -Alejandra Montero -Cristina Hernández -Eva Almenar BIBLIOGRAPHY

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