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Law Chapter 1 Midterm Review

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1 Law Chapter 1 Midterm Review
By: Marshall Higley and Alex Felt

2 The power to decide a case is termed
Fiat The long arm of the law Sanction Jurisdiction D. Jurisdiction

3 Governing rules and regulations passed by a city council or county government are referred to as
Statutes Ordinances Case law Promulgations B. Ordinances

4 A. Precedents Precedents Equity Jurisdiction Statutes
In order to provide stability to a legal system, courts use prior as a guide for deciding similar new cases. These prior cases are known as Precedents Equity Jurisdiction Statutes A. Precedents

5 At what level are laws created in the United States
Federal Government State Government Local Government All of These D. All of these

6 D. Both b and c U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights First ten amendments
The division of powers between people and their governments protecting U.S. citizens from government actions is set forth in the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights First ten amendments Both b and c D. Both b and c

7 C. A constitution the Bill of Rights An ordinance A constitution
The document that sets forth the framework of a government and its relationship to the people it governs is the Bill of Rights An ordinance A constitution The Uniform Commercial Code C. A constitution

8 The state constitution
If a state constitution and the U.S. Constitution conflict, which prevails The U.S. Constitution The state constitution Neither prevails- the matter is referred to Congress Neither prevails- the matter is referred to the President A. The U.S. Constitution

9 D. common law civil law positive law codes common law
Which of these is based on the current standards or customs of the people civil law positive law codes common law D. common law

10 D. Louisiana Missouri California Florida Louisiana
Which state has its legal system based on the Roman civil law format of organized, comprehensive sets of statutes in code form? Missouri California Florida Louisiana D. Louisiana

11 An open, peaceful violation of a law to protest its alleged, or supposed, injustice is referred to as Political protest Civil riot Civil disobedience Ethical posturing C. Civil Disobedience

12 Laws made by administrative agencies are often called
Ordinances Rules and regulations Standards Guidelines B. Rules and regulations

13 C. Precedent Injunction Code Precedent Jurisdiction
Which of these terms describing using prior cases as a guide for deciding similar new cases? Injunction Code Precedent Jurisdiction C. Precedent

14 The subject area of business law would include which of the following topics?
Commercial torts Contracts Criminal conspiracies to fix prices All of the above D. All of the above

15 C. Civil Law Criminal law Statutory law Civil law Case Law
Meryle Ann’s mother recently died and, unfortunately, did not leave any type of will for her estate. In order to properly divide her mother’s estate among her and her brothers, Meryle Ann will hire a lawyer to handle this case. In which specialty area should she seek to find a lawyer? Criminal law Statutory law Civil law Case Law C. Civil Law

16 Answer: Unconstitutional
When a law is invalid because it conflicts with either the federal or state’s constitution, it is said to be _____ Answer: Unconstitutional

17 Law Chapter 2 Midterm Review
By: Kayla Moore & Giuseppe Scavone

18 When the Constitution was declared effective and binding on March 4, 1789, only ___ states had ratified it. 7 9 11 13 C) 11

19 The U.S. constitution provided persons may not be deprived of the following without due process of law: Life, liberty, or property. Food clothing, and shelter. Health, happiness, and prosperity. Life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness D) Life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness

20 The American declaration of independence
Denounced royal rule and “divine right of kings” throughout the world. Called for a strong central government of the American colonies, to be based in Washington, D.C. Stated that all men are endowed by their creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All of these B) Called for a strong central government of the American colonies, to be based in Washington, D.C.

21 Under the constitution the federal government is a
Republic, representative democracy Two-political party balance of interest and power Democracy, tainted by special interests Pure democracy D) Pure democracy

22 If convicted under due process of law, criminal, may be deprived of
Liberty, by imprisonment. Property, by fine or order to make restitution. Life, by execution. All, or combination of these. C) Life, by execution.

23 Which of the following federal agencies is charged with the responsibilities of eliminating discrimination based on race, religion, sex, color, national origin and age and disability in the work place. Interstate Commerce Commission. Federal Trade Commission. Equal employment operation committee. None of these D) None of these

24 Under the constitution, members of congress are elected on the basis of
Population of the state Existence of the state Selection by all the citizens in national elections Both a(for representatives) and b(for senators) D) Both a(for representatives) and b(for senators)

25 The declaration of independence was adopted in July 4th 1776 by delegates of the 13 original colonies meeting in Philadelphia. True False True

26 A regulation made by a federal agency does not have the same effect as a law made by congress.
True False True

27 The fourteenth amendment applied to all state governments the restrictions that had previously limited only the powers of the federal government. True False True

28 Even though political parties are very important in the selection of candidates for federal offices, they are not mentioned in the constitution. True False False

29 Almost universal access by anyone with a computer to the information contained on the internet was facilitated primarily through a program developed in the spare time of Tim Berners-Lee. True False True

30 The decentralization of the internet makes it nearly impossible to exercise legal control over it and what goes on within it. True False True

31 The right of privacy is not specifically mentioned in the constitution or the bill of rights.
False True False

32 The senate has the stole power to try impeachment cases.
True False True

33 Chapter 3 By: Abby and Vanessa

34 True and False In the state court system, sheriffs or their deputies have the duty to summon witnesses, keep order in court, and take steps to carry out judgments. True

35 The United States Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over all cases in this country

36 The state Supreme courts issue the final decision on all matters of law appealed to them

37 “Justice” is the proper title for judges sitting on state supreme courts as well as for the judges sitting on the US Supreme court True

38 Typically small claims court cases are tried before a judge and a jury

39 Multiple Choice An appellate court bases its decisions primarily on?
Transcripts of the trial and appellate briefs

40 Courts that administer wills and estates are called
Probate courts

41 Municipal courts are usually divided into
Criminal and Traffic divisions

42 How many federal courts of appeal exist within the federal court system?

43 Municipal courts administer
City ordinances

44 Completion Benton has just been appointed to her state supreme court. Her official title will be __________ Benton. Justice

45 The trial court in a particular case will apply the appropriate law to the facts to reach a(n) _______ Verdict

46 When an appellate court overturns the decision of a lower court, the lower court’s decision is said to have been _______ Reversed

47 Today’s federal court system has ________ federal courts of appeal.

48 Attorneys generally are not required to resolve the civil litigations in __________ court.
Small claims

49 United States vs. Basic Construction Company
Law Chapter 4 United States vs. Basic Construction Company Cheyanna Roberts

50 The Background This appeal came from a conviction from the violation of section 1 of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1. The defendants, Basic Construction Co., Henry S. Branscome, Inc., and Henry Branscome, were charged with conspiring in April of 1978 to rig a bidding for state road paving contracts. 2 lowered level ,angers rigged bids by giving competitors the prices that basic would bid for work

51 The Basics Basic's principal contention is that the district court gave erroneous jury instructions regarding the criminal liability of a corporation for acts of its employees. With regard to corporate liability, the court instructed the jury as follows: legally bound by the acts or statements of its agents done or made within the scope of their employment, and within their apparent authority, acts done within the scope of employment and acts done on behalf of or to the benefit of a corporation, and directly related to the performance of the type duties the employee has general authority to perform. The act of an agent is within the scope of his employment or within the scope of his apparent authority, the corporation is held legally responsible for it. This is true even though the agent's acts may be unlawful, and contrary to the corporations [sic] actual instructions.

52 The Courts Thought The Courts opinion is that “the corporation can be responsible for the action of its agents done or made within the scope of their authority, even though the conduct of the agents may be contrary to the corporation's actual instructions, or contrary to the corporation's stated position”. “But, However, the instructions and policies, if any be shown, may be considered by you in determining whether the agents, in fact, were acting to benefit the corporation”.

53 Evidence The basics introduced evidence which would have tended that it had a longstanding, well known, and strictly enforced policy against bid rigging. Also that bid rigging activities were charged and was perpetrated by two relatively minor officials and were done without the knowledge of high level corporate officers. Basic argues that, in light of this evidence, the district court should have instructed the jury that it could consider the evidence of Basic's antitrust compliance policy in deciding whether the company had the requisite intent to violate the Sherman Act.

54 The Decision All the evidence of the court finds them guilty of the crime. Also finds them to be criminally liable

55 Angelica Frantz & Amber Morgan
Chapter 5 Angelica Frantz & Amber Morgan

56 What two remedies are generally available in a civil lawsuit?
Injunctions and damages

57 What is not an element of most torts?
A) Causation B) Conspiracy C) Injury D) Duty The answer is B) Conspiracy

58 A threat with an apparent ability to do immediate injury is referred to as an _______.
Fill in the blank An Assault

59 A harmful or offensive touching is called an _______.

60 A thief is always a what? Converter

61 What’s the most common tort?

62 What are the three main elements of a compensatory damage award?
Last wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering

63 When a civil judgment for the plaintiff becomes final, the defendant normally pays the judgment. If the defendant does not pay, what may the plaintiff obtain to enforce the judgment? Writ of execution

64 Legislator during a political campaign
Under specific circumstances some individuals are immune from liability for defamation of character even if the statements were made with malice. Which individual or circumstance is not immune from liability? Legislator during a political campaign

65 What’s the summary oral statements made at the conclusion of a litigation by the attorneys for the parties? The Closing Arguments

66 A threat of an unwanted sexual touching would be classified as the tort of what?

67 When someone becomes famous they lost their right of _____.

68 Interference of contractual relations
If a coach leaves him coaching contract to go to a different university because of there is a bigger salary the new university may be liable for the tort of __________. Interference of contractual relations

69 If you catch someone throwing trash onto your property you may sue for ________ to your land.

70 Hailey Chacona Kendra Michael
Chapter 6 Review Hailey Chacona Kendra Michael

71 True and False A failure to respond at all to an offer can be constructed as an acceptance. False If a person finds and returns a watch for which a reward if offered, but does not know of the reward offer, the person is still entitled to the reward

72 Multiple Choice which of the following is not one of the major requirements for a contract? A. Offer and accommodation C capacity B. Genuine Assent D. Consideration

73 Multiple Choice An unaccepted offer may be terminated by Counter Offer
A reasonable length of time Rejection of the offeree All of theses

74 Multiple Choice A contract in which performance alone is acceptance is terminated a(n) Unilateral Contract Bilateral Contract Multilateral Contract None of these

75 Multiple Choice When the price is not specified in contracts between merchants for the sale of goods, The current market price is used The highest market price is used The lowest market price is used The contract is null and void

76 Multiple choice Advertisements in news papers, radio, television, and direct mailings are considered to be Valid offers Contracts Invitations to negotiate None of the above

77 Multiple Choice The uniform Commercial Code makes firm offers binding for stated period of time in the offer, but not to exceed Thirty days Three months Six months One year

78 Multiple Choice The withdrawal of an offer before it is accepted is known as a(n) Revocation Rejection Counter offer Termination

79 Multiple choice Generally when nothing is said in the offer about how long it will remain open it when end after A reasonable length of time the offeror revokes it The offeree rejects it None of the above

80 Multiple Choice If an offeree alters a term in the original offer and sends it back to the original offeror, the result is an Option Counter Offer Contract None of the above

81 Fill in the blanks To be legally enforceable as a contract, the agreement must involve both sides receiving something of legal value as a result of the transaction. This something of value is labeled _______________. Consideration

82 Fill in the blanks Individuals who regularly deal in the goods, or tangible personal property, being bough or sold are labeled _____________. Merchants

83 Fill in the Blanks After an offer is rejected, unless renewed by the original , the offeree can no longer accept the original offer. Offeror

84 Fill in the blanks When the specific subject matter of an offer is destroyed before the offer can be accepted, the offer is automatically___________. Terminated.

85 Chapter 7: Geniuses of Assent
By Josh and Chaz

86 A Contract that Lacks genuine assent Is voidable? (True or false)
The answer to this question is true. It is true because you need the genuine assent between two parties which would be mutual true and complete agreement between them.

87 Committing an act of violence to get a signature is duress
Committing an act of violence to get a signature is duress? (True or False) The answer to this Question is True The definition of Duress is using the threat or an act of violence (assault) to obtain a signature or anything of Legal Value.

88 Is wrongful domination undue influence? (True or false)
The Answer is True Undue influence is being in a position of trust (Doctor, Mechanic, Police Officer etc.) and wrongfully dominating a person. (An example would be a doctor telling you lying and telling that you have to buy a medication.)

89 You will not be bound to a contract that you have not read even if you signed it? (True or False)
The answer is false. So long as you genuinely sign the contract you will be bound to it even if you have not read it, because you had genuine assent.

90 Active concealment leaves a contract valid? (True or False)
The answer is False. It is false because the person committing active concealment is considered to be committing fraud as well, and fraud renders a contract void.

91 A contract is only ratified if made orally or in writing
A contract is only ratified if made orally or in writing? (True or False) The answer is False The answer is false because contracts are only enforceable if in writing and are made with genuine assent.

92 What is Genuine assent? True and complete agreement by both parties. Duress, Undue Influence, and Fraud would render a contract void with genuine assent.

93 What is Legal Duress? Threats of violent actions or suiting for ridiculous reasons.

94 What Happens when both parties are mistaken about a contract?
It is considered a Bilateral or mutual mistake of contract and therefore, the contract may be voidable.

95 What are remedies to an injured party in a case of fraud?
Rescission, compensatory damages and punitive damages are all available.

96 What is an example of a statement that if untrue could lead to a misrepresentation lawsuit?
The engine only has 20,000 miles on it. The tires were replaced last month The foundation on the house has never needed repair

97 What are punitive damages?
Punitive damages are meant to punish a guilty party for an offense.

98 What is reasonable reliance?
It is reasonably relying on a person/party to provide a service or good.

99 What is a unilateral mistake?
A unilateral mistake is when you are mistaken/ignorant about the content/accords in a contract and you agreed to it.

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