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Ideal Gas Law.

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1 Ideal Gas Law

2 Static Gas Conditions Ideal gas law shows the relationship between pressure, volume, temperature, and number of moles in a gas If you know any three variables, you can find the fourth

3 PV = nRT P – pressure (in atm) V – volume (in L) n – number of moles
T – temperature (in K) R – Ideal Gas Constant = L atm/ mol K

4 Gas Law Song

5 Example 1 What pressure, in atm, is exerted by .500mole of N2 in a 10.0 L container at 25°C?

6 Example 2 What is the volume of .250 mole of oxygen at 20°C and 740 mmHg?

7 Example 3 What mass of chlorine gas is contained in a 10.0L tank at 27°C and 3.50 atm?

8 Example 4 What volume will 4.0g of hydrogen gas occupy at 25°C and 750 mmHg?

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