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LSS Showcase University of Wollongong Law Students Society Jessica Dawson, Nathan Johnston and Adam Friend.

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1 LSS Showcase University of Wollongong Law Students Society Jessica Dawson, Nathan Johnston and Adam Friend

2 Because we all have to start somewhere.. Student engagement Committee discipline Liaising with your law school/university/media Social events Education Administration

3 Student engagement It begins on day one! Orientation Day Student feedback is the only way we can improve Social media – quality over quantity Communication is important PLT closure Keep your LSS/LSA relevant – offer a variety of initiatives, and dont be afraid to experiment!

4 Committee discipline Code of Conduct Meeting schedule released well in advance Strict adherence to guidelines Combined effort of President and VP Administration

5 Liaising with your law school/university/media Help me, help you Closure of PLT program – UOWLSS engaged students, gathered feedback and made recommendations Professionalism is key Need to maintain long-term working relationship … but keep in mind – you are there for the students Faculty merger Know the facts, dont make assumptions

6 Social events Get creative Keep it simple Timing is key Gather feedback at the end of your term

7 Education Equity Careers

8 Equity The Law Student Playbook First Year Pilot Mentoring Women in Law Luncheon #YOLO Week ALSA Equity Grants Community Legal Centres project SCLSS Equity Breakfast

9 The Law Student Playbook 4 sections Introduction Student Life Serious Side Help Desk Authored by President and VPs Designed in Apples Pages (big mistake) Printed with Kwik Kopy Photos from Photoshutter

10 First Year Mentoring Pilot program only Second semester; post clerkship applications 40+ first years and 30+ mentors ended in approx. 25 first years : 16 mentors Engaged the Student Service Advisors Grievance Officer (senior year rep.) Mentor guide

11 Women In Law Luncheon On campus Alumni network – Chief Counsel to the NSW Fair Work Ombudsmen Friend networks Small cover charge for charity

12 #YOLO Week (You Only Lawschool Once) 4 days Physical wellbeing De-stress Look out for your mates Harmless fun Coordinating with various other clubs/CSE/university


14 Careers Clerkship Support Scheme Penultimate Year Dinner Clerkship Expo Clerkship Guide Pimp my CV Covering the Covering Letter Application Bootcamp Ace The Interview Networking After Five Statistics

15 Careers (cont.) Beyond Corporate Careers Seminar Series Criminal Law Careers Policy Based Careers International Careers Careers Guide

16 Clerkship Support Scheme Penultimate Year Dinner Sponsored by faculty, CSE and Careers Central Approx. 20 students 5 clerks from variety of firms Introduction only Guides available Clerkship Expo Firms sponsored for Each present on different topic Expo space Ensure students go to EVERY stall

17 Clerkship Support Scheme (cont.) Clerkship Guide Covered career skills and firm profiles President to coordinate firm material VPE and Careers to do career info Pimp My CV and Lets Cover Covering Letters Careers Central Two sessions per week; full time works and non Registration

18 Clerkship Support Scheme (cont.) Application Bootcamp Two days in two separate weeks, 10 – 2 Careers Central: application criteria model ways to answer, psychometric testing, student example, how to use CV Mail Subway provided Gave space and time to application criteria

19 Clerkship Support Scheme (cont.) Ace the Interview and Networking After Five Need to be held sooner Understanding of how the clerkship process works Student Life at UOW run Networking After Five Complain Statistics For next years sponsorship

20 Beyond Corporate Careers Seminar Alumni Breadth of careers Q and A style with networking after Guides present Food Registration No charge Piggyback other events; second session

21 Careers Guide Create a culture of building Dont need to reinvent the wheel SSAF funded Online release Clerkship tear out section Aim at younger years

22 Education (General) Elective Availability Second Year PASS

23 Elective Availability Communication Regular meetings Cross-Institutional International short courses; AIM etc.

24 Second Year PASS More than PASSing Alternative to lack of faculty funding Property Law First ranking student As a tie it all together lecture Pre-exam show bags

25 Administration Welcome to Adams amazing meeting minutes!

26 Meeting Minutes



29 Handover At UOW, we have a comprehensive Handover system, involving the yearly updating of a UOWLSS Committee Position Handbook. Includes: Preliminary Sections – Nature of Committee/Aims of LSS Constitutional Definition of the Role Progressive Advice/Position Information

30 Define the Role - From your perspective what were the duties of the role? What areas could the role have covered that perhaps you didnt have the opportunity to undertake? Role within the Committee – How does your role interact with other positions within the committee? What does reporting look like? Where is the portfolio now? –If you had another term what would you focus on? Challenges – How did you deal with them? Have you dealt with similar challenges differently to others in this handbook? Contacts – What contacts have you made? How helpful were they? Did they seem willing to assist the committee in the future? How indebted is the committee to them? YOU! Would you be happy to assist in the coming years in this portfolio? Progressive Advice/Position Information

31 Questions?

32 #gonglyf #welovethegong Further questions/assistance Jessica Dawson

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