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HTA Consulting 11 years experience Our proposal for European Countries

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1 HTA Consulting 11 years experience Our proposal for European Countries
experience makes the difference

2 We deliver our analyses all over the world
HTA Consulting 11 years in Europe 3 years in Asia We deliver our analyses all over the world

3 HTA Consulting – facts and figures
70 customers from all over the world contracts fulfilled in 24 countries on 4 continents more than 40 scientific publications more than 50 consultants and analysts work for HTA Consulting since 2001 HTA Consulting – leader of HTA analyses in Poland

4 Do you know what HTA Consulting is proud of?
team of experts with scientific achievements knowledge about health care and reimbursement systems in CEE countries reliability and quality of the studies achieved through constant improving skills positive recommendations from public institutions and pharmaceutical companies extensive experience in building financial tools, pricing

5 always individual approach
Do you know what makes us unique? Experience that always comes with innovation Scientific spirit with focus on customers needs always individual approach

6 Hospital / care providers Pharmaceutical companies
HTA Consulting – partner for: Ministry of Health, Public Payer Hospital / care providers Pharmaceutical companies Medical devices PUBLIC SECTOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS PRIVATE SECTOR PRIVATE SECTOR

7 Market Access proces in CEE Countries
Do you know our proposal for EU and CEE Countries? Innovation Consulting: Market Access proces in CEE Countries HTA Reports: According to Reimbursement requirements in your country (EU) Reimbursement Online with forecasting (Poland) Registers Research Retrospecitve Dynamic Literature Catalogue Decision problem analysis Clinical analysis Economic analysis (with cost analysis) Analysis of impact on health care system RSS Consulting Pricing HTA Market analysis Analytical work

8 Decision problem analysis Analysis of impact on health care system
Health Technology Assessment Report ― EU and CEE countries work schedule Decision problem analysis Clinical analysis Economic analysis (with cost analysis) Analysis of impact on health care system 3- 6 weeks 4- 12 weeks 10-12 weeks 1- 6 weeks We identify and respond to existing needs. We advise throughout the process ... Implementation of the project (depending on the technology) takes about 3-6 months. proven methodology and vast knowledge that we share during the preparation of the report an interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, pharmacists, economists, statisticians and lawyers, in effect substantially correct products separate specialist departments (clinical, cost, economical and counseling) is completely focussed on the special orders

9 Since 2012 we have prepared over 15 risk sharing schemes.
We design and promote “win-win agreements” which are rational for decision-taker and reward for innovations. We can provide assumptions and results for all types of risk sharing schemes: outcome based schemes (pay for performance) financial schemes (price volume agreement, payback, rebate arrangements) barter agreements The idea behind every scheme is to make it simple, executable and very effective. our Risk Sharing Schemes meets with final agreement? Do you know why Since 2012 we have prepared over 15 risk sharing schemes. Each solutions is individial. Each provides different scheme. We just keep it simple

10 Market Access process in CEE Countries ― comprehensive support
HTA Consulting: Your needs Market Access Process Product strategy related exacly to Health care and market conditions HTA Report according to reimbursement requirements Stakeholders mapping Reimbursement and market analysis * based on extensive experience, we are able to carry out the entire process in each EU country / especially in CEE’s

11 Do you know our innovative products related to many HTA and Market Access areas?
Innovative service ― first tested for internal analytical usability registers / retrospective research New online reimbursment base with forcast Dynamic Literature Catalogue

12 Non-Intervention Multidimensional Index
Dynamic Literature Catalog Non-Intervention Multidimensional Index service that allows to conduct methodologically proper observational study based on a register of patients. Innovation ― database It is intended to analyze the data and allows a more efficient way to browse the included trials, without being limited to one specific area of ​​interest Innovative solutions for a dynamic gathering tool and processing the available data comprehensive, multi-dimensional service "from idea to a useful report" "research conducted respond to short-term and long-term needs of various client departments” "to collect data on treatment but also on the opinion of doctors” "the highest standards of Internet tools in the records of patients”

13 Innovation ― Simple and clear pricing analysis, sales and market share of drugs Comparative Reports Notices Bug Reports in announcements The short-term forecast Graphical presentation of changes Export data to the selected format Online tool showing all current and historical information about reimbursement and reimbursement reports NHF.

14 IKAR pro – quick and easy graphical presentation of data
Charts dynamics reimbursement groups, including, among others: the official selling price wholesale prices retail prices amount of the refund shares calculated by DDD





19 ALL YOU NEED IS… We are aware of the goals you want to achieve… …All you need is reliable, experienced and open partner with scientific potential. Every country has own specific, conditions. Based on our expertise and many projects we will give comfort of complex advisory based on detaild advisory. On company can give you strategy and HTA and if required.

20 …us President and Board Clinical Department Systematic reviews
Decision problem analysis Population calculation (BIA Analysis) Economic Department Models Economic analysis Budget impact analysis Reimbursement strategies Department of Cost and Registers Clinical and cost registers Cost studies Non-standard projects Consulting Department Solutions for the health care system Pricing Consulting Administration DTP Department

21 ul. Starowiślna 17/3, 31-038 Kraków
We invite you to cooperation… Kamila Malinowska mobile (+48) Piotr Miazga mobile (+48) HTA Consulting  ul. Starowiślna 17/3, Kraków tel./faks: (012)

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