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Introduction to the 4th Colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons Martine Rothblatt

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1 Introduction to the 4th Colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons Martine Rothblatt

2 Definition of Persons A human or organization with legal rights and duties Are transhumanized US citizens still citizens? –If no renunciation or death, still a citizen –Are revived persons reborn & new citizens? Can non-citizens be organized as trusts or other business forms? Title 22 U.S.C. Section 6010. ''United States person'' defined As used in this chapter, the term ''United States person'' means any United States citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence in the United States, and any corporation, partnership, or other organization organized under the laws of the United States.

3 Inspired by Long-Running Colloquia on the Law of Outer Space Started in 1958 Convened Annually Responsible for Preparing Outlines of 5 Space Treaties Made Significant Contribution to Development of Outer Space

4 1958: First Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space Sputnik 1957 Explorer 1958 Little Rock 1958 Nixon-Kruschev 1959

5 2008: Fourth Colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons

6 When Legal Efforts Began Space: 1958 Transbeman: 2008 Outer Space Technology Transbeman Technology Practicality & UtilityScientific & MilitaryScientific, Medical & Military Motivation for LawAvoid Conflict Among States Avoid Conflict Among Beings Hardest IssueBoundaries in Space Boundaries in Citizenship Action PlanTranscend Air Law Concepts Transcend Law of Persons Concepts?

7 What Did the Experts Conclude in 1958? The age-old concept of national sovereignty over airspace had to give way to the technological reality of orbital overflight Someone had to be legally responsible for every object placed into space -- registration, coordination & strict liability for damages

8 What Might We Conclude Analogous to Our Legal Forebearers? Age-old concepts of citizenship & death may have to give way to new techno-logical realities Responsibility for transbeman persons will need to be regularized

9 Proactive Legal Issues for Colloquia on Futuristic Law Rights & Obligations Application of Laws Personhood Citizenship Parenting Property Liability

10 We Must Evolve Law with Evolving Technology… Just as Copernicus theory of the Earths rotation numbered the days of old-school sovereignty, so does Turings theory of machine consciousness number the days of old-school citizenship

11 How Might We Do in 10, 20 or 50 Years? Time It May Take Social Implications Shift to Information Theory Basis of Life & Death Recognize Citizenship Of DNA Humans Who Upload Mindfiles to Electronic Substrate Due To Brain Disease AI Citizenship

12 A Word from Our Sponsors Our mission is to educate the public to Greatly extend our lives In Diversity, Unity & Joy Via geoethical nanotech & personal cyber- consciousness Through Conferences, Websites, Journals, Radio, Film, Research, Ceremonies & Practical Demonstrations

13 Practical Demonstrations of Technological Immortality Preserving Mindfile Bases for Consciousness Evoking Elements of Consciousness via Mindware + Mindfiles Full Cyber- Consciousness Porting Cyber- Consciousness to New Sleeves (Mobility)

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