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Holistic Law and Holistic Thinking as Spiritual Way Presented by: RCL Philosopher and Attorney in private practice in the U.S.

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2 Holistic Law and Holistic Thinking as Spiritual Way Presented by: RCL Philosopher and Attorney in private practice in the U.S.

3 Holistic Law and Thinking can be a Spiritual Way For Anyone. Anyone, not just lawyers, can use the skills and perspective of a Holistic Lawyer to determine for themselves what they believe to be true about God, Death and the Meaning of Life. Holistic knowledge of the Natural Laws of religion, science and human development can help you to unlock your full human potential. Holistic Thinking is a key.

4 Holistic Thinking Good lawyers think holistically, all inclusively, considering all sides. Circle, not a line. -both analytically and analogically; -left brained and right brained; -using creativity, imagination and flexibility. Holistic thinking is not just rational and knows its limits. All inclusive: facts that dont fit, emotion, intuition. Non-Linear; multi-dimensional; paradoxical. Yet, like linear thinking, holistic thinking is skeptical, objective, independent, clear and concise.

5 Limitations Of Thinking Every good lawyer comes to understand quite well the inherent limitations of thinking. Countless human dramas and legal contests teach us the weaknesses of laws and reason. We see the significance in life of chance and stray choices, we see the gray areas. Lawyers, especially litigators and judges, know from hard experience that sometimes justice and fairness demand that the rules and reason be bent.

6 The people's good is the highest law. Marcus Cicero Law and Reason are usually reliable guides, but do not always lead to justice. When they do not, good lawyers are trained to go beyond the law, think out-side of the box, and create new law to serve equity and fairness. A highly developed thinking ability – HOLISTIC THINKING - is in accord with our higher sensitivities and capacities, not cut off from them.

7 The thinking of most people is linear, stunted, warped and entranced. Unfortunately, most people are indoctrinated into various forms of pseudo-thinking as a child. In order to fit into the particular culture in which they happen to be born, they accept the beliefs and thinking of that culture. As an adult they never really learn how to think independently or creatively. They learn to think what others tell them to. They never know themselves, nor realize their full potential. Spiritually, they follow the path and ideas of another, perhaps one who lived thousands of years ago.

8 Non-Holistic Thinking The thinking inculcated by a culture is essentially designed to perpetuate the culture. Cultural- Consensus Trance. It is usually very limited, compartmentalized, repetitive, rigid and dependent. On the rare occasions when thinking is taught, only the analytic and logical aspects of thinking are considered. The analogic and holistic sides are ignored.

9 Law Schools Not All Bad The Western tradition and culture of the Law is unique in encouraging creative, independent, strong, well rounded and fully developed thinking. Law schools, unlike other graduate schools, focus on learning methods of thinking, rather than learning a body of knowledge. For that reason only law schools utilize the Socratic method of teaching where questioning of students is emphasized, rather than lecturing. You dont have to go to law school to think holistically, but it doesnt hurt.

10 Lawyers Basic Tool is Thinking. Lawyers tell clients what they need to know of the particular laws which pertain to the client's situation. The unique facts and people involved are critical to evaluating the equities and determining which laws govern. -The law is never applied in a vacuum. It is always molded and shaped by the evidence. -So a good lawyer carefully investigates the client's situation before reaching any conclusions. Once a lawyer understands the facts and the law, he or she then analyzes these laws and determines how they apply to the client's case. By careful thinking legal opinions are made and actions are taken.

11 Holistic Law Knows No Boundaries The lawyer's craft can also be applied to the universal problems of life and death faced by everyone. But, the solution to lifes spiritual problems can not be found in the laws of Man and State. The lawyer who seeks answers to these ultimate questions must research altogether different fields of "Law."

12 Law as Natural Universal Order Laws in their most general signification, are the necessary relations derived from the nature of things. In this sense all beings have their laws, the Deity has his laws, the material world its laws, the intelligences superior to man have their laws, the beasts their laws, man his laws. Montequieu The Spirit of Laws (1748)

13 CANNED ANSWERS TO THE REALLY BIG QUESTIONS There are literally hundreds of belief systems that purport to provide you with ready answers to the really big questions: ie – the meaning of life and death. Most religions will gladly tell you the purpose of life in general, and yours in particular. There is an established view, a simple formula answer or dogma for everything. The black-letter Gilberts rules. In this way you do not have to face the really big questions, or think for yourself. Just do as they say and you will attain heaven or enlightenment. Independent thinking is not allowed, it is counter- productive. Sometimes its even a sin!

14 Think For Yourself! Think independently, but know the precedent. Formulate your own answers which are tailor made for you. Dont allow others to tell you who you are, what to do, or what to think. Figure out for yourself what you truly believe in. Holistic Law and Thinking can help you do this. -They are not the whole answer, and definitely not the only tools, or even enough tools, -But, they are powerful tools, perhaps even indispensable.

15 Apply Holistic Law and Holistic Thinking Use them to chart your own destiny, to make your own Spiritual Path. Determine for yourself what is true, and what is not, what you believe, and what you dont. Determine for yourself the meaning of life, and how you can fulfill it. This is how Law can be a Spiritual Way.

16 Your Way or Mine? If you dont think for yourself, I submit you are not truly on a Spiritual Way, at least not the one meant for you. You are following the Spiritual Path of Another person.

17 You Can Do It! You are unique, you have a special purpose and Way, and only you can find and follow it. The training of a Holistic Lawyer can help!

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