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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.

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1 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




5 BLOOD SUPPLY : Sup. Thyroid a---ext
BLOOD SUPPLY : Sup.Thyroid a---ext. carotid artery Inferior thyroid a---thyrocervical trunk Thyrodea ima a----arch of aorta *Sup.thyroid vein----Int. jugular v. *Middle. Thyroid vein----Int. jugular v. *Inf. Thyrod vein------brachiocephalic v

6 The recurrent Laryngeal nerve. Ext. branch of sup
*The recurrent Laryngeal nerve *Ext.branch of sup. Laryngeal nerve History : .Evidence of Hypo or Hperfunction .Symptoms related to pressure on the neighboring structure: dysphagia,dyspnia,chocking sensation. .Change in voice .Presence of mass—duration rate of growth pain

7 H/O: >Exposure to radiation. >Diet. >Drugs e
H/O: >Exposure to radiation. >Diet . >Drugs e.g para amino salycilic acid Thiouracil,Carbimazole

8 Physical Examination : .Inspection .Palpation .Percussion .Auscultation


10 Thyroid Function Tests:
TSH (0.5 TO 4.0 U/ml ) increase in hypothyroidism decrease in hyperthyroidism T3 AND T4 Radioactive iodine uptake Antithyroglobulin &antimicrosomal

11 Hypothyroidism: Causes: 1)Spontaneoushypothyroidism(Myexedema) 2)Replacement of the gland by nonfunctional goiter ,adenoma, or thyroiditis 3)Post thyroidectomy 4)Post radioactive iodine therapy 5)Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

12 Clinical Features:. Increasing fatigue and apathy
Clinical Features: .Increasing fatigue and apathy .Physical and mental procedures are slowed .Headaches and dementia .Weight gain .The skin becomes dry, thickened, and puffy .The hair becomes dry and brittle .The tongue is enlarged and the voice is hoarse .Pulse is slow .Congestive heart failure.

13 Constipation and changes in bowel habits. Menorrhagia
.Constipation and changes in bowel habits .Menorrhagia .Libido Treatment : L-thyroxine

14 Thyrotoxicosis : Causes : 1)Grave’s Disease (toxic diffuse goiter) 2)Toxic multinodular Goiter. 3)Toxic Adenoma. 4)De Quervains Thyroiditis. 5)Thyroid Cancer.

15 Clinical Manifestations : -Goiter
Clinical Manifestations : -Goiter. -Symptoms and Signs related to excess amount of thyroxin. -Eye signs: *Lid Lag and Lid Retraction. *Ophthalmoplagia *Exophthalmos. *Supra orbital and ifra orbital swelling *Congestion and edema.


17 Treatment : >Ant thyroid drugs e. g
Treatment : >Ant thyroid drugs e.g. Propylthiouracil and carbimasole >Radioactive iodine. >Surgery.

18 Thyroiditis : Acute Chronic 1. Suppurative 1. Hashimoto’s disease 2
Thyroiditis : Acute Chronic 1.Suppurative Hashimoto’s disease 2.Non Suppurative 2.Giant cell thyroiditis (De Quervain’s ) Riedel’s thyroiditis

19 Goiter : Enlargement of the thyroid gland
Goiter : Enlargement of the thyroid gland. Causes : 1)Familial :inherited enzyme defects. 2)Endemic:iodine deficiency &ingestion of goitergenic. 3)Benign and Malignant neoplasm. 4)Thyroiditis .

20 Malignant Tumors: 1)Papillary 2)Follicular 3)Medullary 4)Anaplastic 5)Lymphoma

21 Papillary: Common 20-30 years old
Papillary: Common years old. -F to M 3:1 -Painless lump in the thyroid gland with enlarged lymph glands -Multicentric -Good prognosis

22 Follicular Ca : -30 to 40 years old
Follicular Ca : -30 to 40 years old. -Capsular and vascular invasion are prominent feature. -Blood metastesis

23 Modulary Ca : C-cell calcitonin producing tumor. -Familial
Modulary Ca : C-cell calcitonin producing tumor. -Familial. -Is part of endocrine neoplasm. -Elevated serum calcitonin.

24 Ana plastic : -Undifferentiated CA. -Locally invasive. -Poor prognosis
Ana plastic : -Undifferentiated CA. -Locally invasive. -Poor prognosis. SURGERY OF THYROID. COMPLICATIONS :

25 Anatomy : * 4 glands *Yellowish brown in co lour *Variable in position
PARATHYROID GLAND : Anatomy : * 4 glands *Yellowish brown in co lour *Variable in position

26 PTH : *It stimulates osteoclastic activity------increasing bone resorption *Increases the reabsorption of Ca by the renal tubules *Increases absorption of Ca from the gut *Reduces the renal tubular reabsorption of phosphate

27 Calcitonin : secreted by the parafollicular cells of thyroid gland
Calcitonin : secreted by the parafollicular cells of thyroid gland . It has opposite action of PTH

28 Hypoparathyrodism : >Commonly after total thyrodectomy >Spontaneous hypoparathyroidism. CLINICAL FEATURES : -Tingling and numbness in the face and toes -Carp pedal spasm -Strider suffocation -Chevostek’s sign -Trousseau’s sign

29 Trousseau’s sign Carpal spasm in response to inflation of BP cuff to 20 mm Hg above SBP for 3 min

30 Chvostek’s sign Elicited by tapping over facial nerve causing twitching of ipsilateral facial muscles

31 Treatment : I.V Ca glucanate 10% 10 ml *Long term Vit. D &oral Ca.

32 HYPERPARATHYROIDISM : Primary : Increase PTH Increase Ca Due to : >Adenoma >Hyperplasia >Rarely Carcinoma Secondary : >Ch .renal failure >Malabsorption

33 Tertiary : Further stage in the development of reactive hyperplasia where autonomy occurs as parathyroid s no longer respond to physiological stimuli

34 Clinical Features :. Asymptomatic Hypercalcemia
Clinical Features : *Asymptomatic Hypercalcemia *Non specific Symptoms : muscle weakness, thirst, polyurea, anorexia, weight loss. *Bone Disease : -Generalized decalcification -single or multiple bone cysts -Loss of density and subperiosteal erosions (skull & phalanges ) _

35 *Renal stones : Hyperparathyrodism must be considered in patients with renal stone or nephrocalcinosis *Dyspeptic cases : Nusea, vomiting, &anorexia Peptic ulcers A.pancreatitis

36 *Psychiatric cases : Women complaining of tiredness or personality changes DIAGNOSIS : >Increase serum Ca >2.6 mmol /l >Decrease serum phosphorus<0.8 >Increase execration of Ca in urine >Increase alkaline phosphates >Increase PAT

37 Pre-operative Localization :
Ultra sound CT scan Thallium-Tec subtraction scan (Tec—Thy,Thal—thy&para ) enlarged Para thyroid as hot spot MRI Selective angiography Venous sampling Treatment : Surgery


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