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What is Factory Farming? This is Factory Farming

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1 What is Factory Farming?

2 This is Factory Farming

3 Inspired by


5 Buglicious


7 Shark Phobia Pretend you are an expert on fear and phobias. It is your job to create a 4-step program to help the victim of a shark attack to overcome his/her fear of sharks and of swimming in the ocean. Show each other your programs and give feedback. Then combine the best parts of your programs to create a super program. Source:


9 1. What food makes up nearly all (99%) of a pandas diet? A. BambamB. Bamchoo C. BambooD. Booboo

10 2. How many years do mice live for on average? A. 1 yearB. 2 years C. 5 yearsD. 10 years

11 3. Bees can be found on every continent except which one? A. The North PoleB. Australia C. AfricaD. Antarctica

12 4. What is the largest type of big cat in the world? A. LeopardB. Tiger C. LionD. Cheetah

13 5. What are female elephants called? A. CowsB. Elephantines C. DeersD. Fawns

14 6. How many pairs of wings does a bee have? A. 0B. 1 C. 2D. 3

15 7. What is the fastest land animal in the world? A. LeopardB. Kangaroo C. CheetahD. Ostrich

16 8. A group of lions is known as what? A. HerdB. Conceit C. PrideD. Pack

17 9. What is the name of a female horse? A. MareB. Mayor C. MapleD. Martian

18 10. What is the most poisonous snake in the world? A. Rattle SnakeB. Python C. Inland TaipanD. Brown Snake

19 11. What is the most recognised part of a male lion? A. MoustacheB. Beard C. PermD. Mane

20 12. What is the biggest bird in the world? A. OstrichB. Flamingo C. CraneD. Emu

21 13. Through which body part do crocodiles release heat? A. EarsB. Nose C. MouthD. Skin

22 14. Which body part do kangaroos use to balance? A. LegsB. Tail C. ToesD. Arms

23 15. Which fish swims the slowest? A. RockfishB. Seahorse C. ClownfishD. Puffer Fish

24 16. Which animal makes the loudest sound? A. ElephantB. Lion C. WalrusD. Whale


26 The End

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