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Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust

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1 Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust
Add “Bidada Hospital” Bidada Sarvodaya Hospital BIDADA HOSPITAL, Village: BIDADA, Taluka – MANDVI, Kutch. Pin Phone: (02834) / Fax : – Web :

2 Understanding Kutch Life
Climate is aired, and the land dry causing environmental challenges Cotton farming, shipping and Handicrafts are the main economy

3 Understanding Kutch Life
The lifestyle is traditionally tribal. The diet is vegatrian, the language is Kutchhi The main religions are Jainism, Hinduism, and Islam. This is a picture of a village meeting

4 2012 Medical & Surgical Camps

5 Opening Ceremony by the German Consulate

6 210 patients screened during General Surgery Camp

7 Oncology screening finds advanced Oral Cancer patient.
Before Surgery Surgery with skin graft After surgery

8 Young cardiac patients
Annual post-operative follow- up EKG’s Two successful cardiac surgical patients

9 356 Cardiac patients screened
Dr. Keniya (USA), examining a patient

10 Pediatric Camp 230 children evaluated by multiple specialist,
elephantiasis needing lifelong care and management by the trust

11 Eye Camp Outreach program-29 mobile screening centers throughout Kutch. 4413 patients examined at eye camp 576 successful cataract surgeries preformed, including many children Foundational camp for past 38 years.

12 Orthopedic Camp Surgical team from the US working along side with Orthopedic surgical team from Mumbai Internal Fixation of this local village workers right arm after an accident

13 Urology Camp 35 yr. male with 3 year history of sever right side upper back pain Unable to afford medical investigation in his home state Patient moved to Kutch to work on local farm Finally able to obtain medical care free at urology camp Urology team from Nadiad surgically removed over 30 stones from his right kidney Enough kidney stones to fill a two ounce bottle

14 Child Help Program Team of doctors and volunteers from the US and India Visited 20 village schools Performed medical screening exams Vision exams Provided education on basic sanitation and nutrition Administered approx. 100 pair of eye glasses to students

15 Gynecology Camp Over 300 women examined
40 year old women with several year history of lower abdominal pain Over two pound fibroid tumor removed from her uterus

16 Jaya Rehabilitation Center
1st Annual paraplegic Volleyball tournament Elevator being installed, rehab gym increasing to 5,000 Sq. ft. Dean of University of Michigan visited Jaya Rehab In 2011, over 36,500 patients treated Received presidential honor for Empowerment to the Disabled

17 Renovated Operating Rooms
One million dollars in renovating and updating the operating rooms Done in accordance with ISO 900 standard Five complete Operating Rooms, with expansions of all the surgical areas New surgical equipment installed

18 Radiology and Pathology
On-site laboratory assists in diagnostics and Pre-Surgical testing, examined 2245 during all camps Radiology department includes x-ray, sonography, and barium assisted in evaluating 1865 patients throughout all the camps.

19 Dental Camp Twenty nine mobile dental centers set up throughout Kutch
More than 2,300 patients required at least one tooth extraction, most required multiple extractions 31 patients were brought back to Bidada to have major Oral surgery This year dental outreach program will include 40 dentist from all over India, with a focus on treatment and education to improve oral care

20 Indian Hospitality We served 56,391 free meals to patients.
Our aim is to make our patients as comfortable as possible during this difficult time of their life. We provide food and accommodations for the patient and a caregiver We served 56,391 free meals to patients.

21 Ratan Veer Natural Cures Hospital
A world class destination for naturopathy treatment Incorporating Ayurveda, Yoga, and the power of earths natural elements to heal the mind, body and spirit New massage equipment Added colonic treatments

22 Our work continues… Prevention is the Goal
Breast cancer prevention program teaches women on models how to properly preform self examinations Selected women to become breast cancer advocates in their local villages, and teach proper screening to the other women in their village Screen 360 women, referred 4 women for additional investigation

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