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3 June through December 2012 has been a period of travelling, celebrating new Scriptures, and dealing with health problems. Here are some of the highlights:

4 In June we did a long road-trip to the town of Iringa, and spent 2 weeks there studying Swahili. Our teacher, Vivian, aka Big Boy Lyndy came with us to do school with Luke & Malia.

5 After that, we travelled to Turtle Bay in Kenya for our annual conference. Kellys mom, Jenine, met up with us there.

6 After conference we spent some time in Nairobi, doing some tests at a health clinic, and discovered that Kelly and I have Brucellosis (an inter-cellular disease contracted from non-pasteurised dairy products). Were currently doing a treatment course for it, but its long and the medicine is quite tiring, so we dont have a lot of energy these days. Weve also started a pretty tough new diet to help us get healthy again. Were very thankful that none of the kids has it.

7 After a few days in Nairobi, we travelled home to Musoma. All in all we did about 4,000 km (2,500 mi). Our car was perfect - we didnt get so much as a flat tyre. Speaking of our car, weve now fully paid it off! We were expecting it to take a few years, but thanks to our faithful supporters we are once again debt-free!

8 On 20 August 2012, we travelled to the village of Nyegina to celebrate the publication of the book of Luke in the Kwaya language - the first book of the Bible ever published in Kwaya. The Kwaya people were very excited to hear Scripture read in their language, and when we started selling copies, many people jumped up and swarmed over to get theirs. You can see LOTS more pictures

9 In September we enrolled Malia in Tanzanian Kindergarten/pre-school for a few weeks. She enjoyed it more than Luke did last year, but eventually we pulled her out because it was all quite difficult.

10 Meanwhile, Luke was enjoying himself at his school, learning about Vikings and toy-assemblage and important stuff like that.

11 The Jita language also published the book of Luke, and added the book of Ruth, and then got to record the book of Ruth into audio format in our new Audio/Visual room.

12 Shortly after that, in October, we went to the town of Bukima to celebrate the publication of those two books in Jita. You can see more pictures

13 Malia turned 4 in October. Breakfast in bed – scrambled eggs and ice-cream

14 On 2 November, we travelled via ferry to the town of Kinesi to have our seventh and final celebration of the publication of Luke, this time in the Simbiti language. You can see more pictures here. Ive also made a slideshow of all the celebrations over the last year, which you can watch here. here

15 12 November was our Wycliffe National Day of Prayer.

16 18 November was Bible Day in the Mara region. I visited a church in Butiama and taught How Great is Our God to the congregation in Swahili. Click here to read my post about it and watch a video of

17 Some sad news in November was that my camera died. Fortunately it happened after all the Scripture celebrations, but Im quite lost now without it. I decided to put together a photo book of some of the pictures Ive taken in Tanzania, and its available for purchase from our website. All proceeds go to buying a new camera.its available for purchase from our website. Comments from satisfied customers: The book is amazing. S.C. It's beautiful! J.L. My copy of Africa The Beautiful just arrived! Pretty happy about that. J.F. The photographer is super cute! K.N. …it's so great! J.S. Just got mine, I it!!!!!!!!!!! D.S. Got mine yesterday, the pictures are amazing!!! S.P.

18 Thanksgiving in Tanzania is a fun, international affair – there were Australians, New Zealanders, Danes, Dutch, and even some Americans. The kids watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Diet-legal homemade pumpkin cheesecake

19 On 14 December, my grandfather, Dr Donald Nicholls (known to us as Yeh-yeh), passed away at the age of 91. He and my grandmother were missionaries in Taiwan and Malaysia for over 40 years and started a home in Taiwan for kids with Polio. Upon returning to Australia, they spent another 20+ years in biblical teaching and training in Tasmania and New South Wales. My grandparents had a newsletter for many years, called Chronicholls, and its been our honour to continue the tradition.


21 Malia: When I grow up can I marry myself? Michael: Get married to yourself? Malia: No, I mean marry myself with Lukey. Michael: You want to marry Lukey? Malia: Yeah, so he can be's my husband. I like having husbands. Do you know I have husbands already? Michael: Really? Who? Malia: Theirs names is Issy, Tommy, and Noah. Kelly: They aren't husbands; they're cousins. Malia: (long silence) Luke: I don't wish I were a girl. Kelly: That's good. Luke: Because if I were, my belly would hurt when I'd have a baby in it. So since I'm a boy, I can just play with the babies you and Malia have. Kelly: And when you get married, your wife will have babies too. Luke: But I don't want to have a different wife. I want to marry you!! Michael: But she's my wife. She can only be married to one person. Luke: No! But I want to live with her forever! Malia: Maybe if you ask nicely. Luke: Here daddy, here's a present for you. Michael: Thanks, what is it? Luke: I found it in my pocket. Do you like it? Michael: (looking more closely) I like that you gave me a present, but I don't really like that it's an old piece of garlic. Luke: You're losing some hair I think. Michael: I don't think so. Luke: (looking closely) Yeah, because each of the holes is supposed to have a hair coming out and not all of them do. Kelly: Eeew, who did a toot?! Or did Elliot just do a poo? Malia: No it's Lukey's cheese. Kelly: What?! Luke: I saved this cheese from last night. *pulls discolored cheese from pocket and nibbles off a bit* Malia: Is 'hat' the English word? Kelly: Yes. Do you know the Swahili word for 'hat'? Malia: Well, it's not 'nakupenda' (I love you) because that means 'car'. (She must have heard daddy staring off at the new car saying nakupenda a few too many times)

22 click here to support us from the US click here to support us from the US click here support us from Oz click here support us from Oz Prayer Updates Copies of the book of Luke, Ruth and Jonah are being printed in a number of languages and passed out among different people groups of the Mara region, Tanzania. The first 7 chapters of Acts in Kwaya have been consultant checked. Our car has been fully paid-off. Our health – pray that the treatment for Brucellosis would work and wed start to feel better soon. Pray for Musoma during the Christmas season – there is often a lot of violence around this time of year. Pray for the work that were doing in Kwaya in the book of Acts – that wed continue at a good pace. We have a number of new missionary families in Musoma – pray that they would settle in, pick up the language, figure out life here, and thrive in a new culture. click here to purchase Africa the Beautiful. click here to purchase Africa the Beautiful.

23 We wish you all the best this Christmas season. Our prayer is that Jesus would be remembered, honoured, and revealed to people as the world celebrates his birthday, a day that changed the world forever. ~ the Nicholls

24 LINKS/INFO Our blog: More about our work: To join our Prayer Team, or sign up for newsletter notifications: email us To support us financially: supportsupport Or send us an email & well send you a card. To give by mail, make a check/cheque out to: Wycliffe Bible Translators and send it to:email Wycliffe Bible Translators Wycliffe Australia P.O. Box 628200 or 70 Graham Rd Orlando, FL 32862-8200 Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097 USA Australia *Include a note saying that its for Michael & Kelly Nicholls. Our Tanzania mailing address: Michael & Kelly Nicholls Box 1235 Musoma, Tanzania EAST AFRICA or catch us on facebook.facebook Birthdays: Luke – Jan 19; Michael – Jan 30; Elliot – April 24; Kelly – Aug 15; Malia – Oct 16

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