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Pine Valley 2012 Sunday Adult Forum By George Miclea.

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1 Pine Valley 2012 Sunday Adult Forum By George Miclea


3 The world is changing quickly! In such a gadget rich and super connected environment How do we, as believers, adapt, fit in, and ride the wave of the current technological revolution? There are SO MANY areas to focus on regarding living holy lives in the information age We will be focusing on the social media effect

4 Regular media is a one-way street (i.e. listen to radio or watch TV) Social media is a two way street that gives user the ability to take part in the communication and collaboration


6 Almost every area of our life has been affected… The media has quite an audience as well as an influence. We need to understand the impact that it is having on us as well as the next generation



9 Referred to as Digital Natives [3] This generation doesnt use technology, they live it! They will never meet many of their friends, which are spread out all over the world. This IS the first generation to live their lives completely on a non-stop diet of media. Todays tweens and teens are now jacked in 24 hours a day

10 We immigrants speak with an accent: Print out e-mails Call someone to ask if they got your e-mail Have someone come to your computer to show them a site rather than send them a URL Turn to the internet 2 nd instead of 1 st The digital natives were born into a digital world, who never knew a world without the internet. Marc Prensky, (2001) "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 1", On the Horizon, Vol. 9 Iss: 5, pp.1 - 6

11 Heres what your kids had to say… Survey conducted at Pine Valley Weekend Retreat Youth Forum 2012-05-26

12 5 out of 7 teens have a Facebook Account 1 in 7 teens feel alone despite being well connected online 85% of them are girls

13 4 in 6 said their parents also had a Facebook account Average time on the Internet per day: 2 to 3 hours Average time on the Internet per day: 2 to 3 hours

14 1 out of 7 teens claimed to have posted a picture or a video online that they later regretted 1 out of 7 teens also admitted to visiting sites containing pornographic content (with frequency ranging from daily to monthly) 1 out of 7 teens also admitted to visiting sites containing pornographic content (with frequency ranging from daily to monthly)

15 Over 60% of Teens would still rather talk face to face over txting, e-mail, or a hand written letter

16 Do you know what they stand for?


18 When the concept of social networks came on the scene more than 20 years ago, there was a lot of buzz and push to usher in a new age Some of those same individuals who were behind the thrust are now part of a growing group that are taking a step back to raise awareness of the negative side effects

19 Teens who use Facebook more often show narcissistic tendencies [5] Daily overuse of media and technology has a negative effect on the health More prone to anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders Facebook Depression [4] Can negatively impact learning. Studies show that students who checked Facebook at least once during a 15 minute study period achieved lower grades

20 Virtual Empathy toward others [5] Encouraging comments and interaction can brighten anothers mood Giving the shy and introverted a way to socialize A virtual social training ground Development of a self-identity Choosing profile details, likes/dislikes, favorites, quotes, etc.




24 What is your brand? What you say/do online represents who you are …and its there for good.

25 Project a you that isnt the real you. We could consciously project the self that we want to be Anything and everything could be edited, hacked, photoshopped, etc. We could carelessly project the self that we dont want to be as well.

26 Are we representing Christ with our online personas? 2 Cor 5:20a – We are ambassadors for Christ… Phil 1:27 – Let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ


28 Allows us to re-connect with people weve lost touch with Instant contact with friends and family across the globe International video calls for free via Skype Share our lives with others at an unprecedented level

29 We dont always choose our connections Sometimes they find us Some connections should have never been made Old relationships, bad experiences, etc. Recent article detailed that 1/3 of all divorce filings last year included the word Facebook [6]

30 Is social media bringing us closer together or pushing us farther apart?

31 Hyper-connectedness = Intimacy diffusion How much of you is there to go around? Depth of relationships are thinning out in favor of our increased connectivity

32 We are getting used to a new way of being alone together [7] We are glued to our little screens, despite being physically in the company with others. How much conversation takes place at the dinner table anymore?

33 If we dont teach our kids how to be alone, they will grow up to be lonely [7]

34 Were lonely but afraid of intimacy [7] So…were creating the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship Being alone feels like a problem that needs to be solved I share therefore I am When we lack the capacity for solitude, we turn to others to feel less anxious or to feel alive that we are in a problem state that needs a solution


36 Many kids today say they would rather txt than talk Your kids say, Yes, it is

37 Have we agreed to accept the diminishing role of conversation? Facebook and Twitter have taught us that its ok and accepted to communicate in short bursts Post Tweet

38 Whats wrong with having a conversation? [8] Takes place in real time Cant control what you are going to say very well Virtual Conversation allows us to edit, delete, touch up our conversation before it goes out Human relationships are messy, rich, and demanding…now technology cleans it up When we sacrifice conversation for mere connection, we short change ourselves.

39 Conversation skills are still the bedrock for proper communication [8] But…the art of conversation is being traded in for quicker and more compact bursts of communication that enable multitaskers to gobble up multiple sources of input at blistering rates.

40 …someday, someday, but certainly not now, I would like to learn how to have a conversation… 18 yr old male [8]

41 Have we traded in true relationship for mere connection

42 How is social media affecting the church? Technology now allows for church-goers to consume content without being physically present Live streaming of church services Blogs Announcements and schedules Prayer support Is this a good/bad thing?

43 Barna Research Institutes findings [9] By 2020, 10% of our population will rely on the Internet for their entire spiritual experience Translated: Millions will drop out of the physical church in favor of the cyberchurch Virtually every dimension of the faith community will be influenced by online faith developments

44 Barna Research Institutes findings [9] Born-again Christians already spend twice as much money on consumer electronics each year as they donate to their church. Christian Internet users spend 7X more hours each week watching TV than they devote to all of their spiritual ventures combined! Christian Internet users spend much more time surfing the Internet than they do communicating with God through prayer

45 Would you replace your physical faith-based meetings/experiences with net-based? Are churches defined more by their brick- and-mortar locations or their net presence? What is the churchs role? Is it primarily for delivering content or is it something more. Augmentation is okay but replacement is not …not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Hebrews 10:25

46 Was asked two questions: [10] 1.What are the dangers of social media? 2.How can young people safeguard themselves from these dangers?

47 Was asked two questions: [10] 1.What are the dangers of social media? 2.How can young people safeguard themselves from these dangers?

48 How can we harness the power of social media for the good? Awareness of events and initiatives that further the gospel Active involvement in support ministries Connect with those in different countries unto the furtherance of the gospel Tweeting/posting good/meaningful things rather than nonsense.

49 Use Bible apps on your smart phone? Allow them to threaten the use of the other apps that steal your time Fight fire with fire. Dont simply fast from media but replace your diet with good spiritually nourishing food

50 There is no turning back from the digital revolution What is your response? This information serves as an undeniable warning that Americas young people are literally drowning in an ocean of media consumption Parents, we bare a responsibility that many are clearly forfeiting…and we should be concerned

51 Dr. Michael Rich, pediatrician at Childrens Hospital Boston and director of the Center on Media and Child Health, told New York Times that the media use of Americas young people is so pervasive, we should simply accept media as a constant part of childrens development, like the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat. Do you agree with the experts?

52 Constant media saturation is NOT a fact of nature nor is it a matter of constant need Technology has its place but the role of parents is unchanged. Establish rules that protect children and teenagers from being dominated by technology At the end of the day, parents must find the courage and wisdom to know when to disconnect.


54 Questions / Discussion

55 1. Social Media Revolution 2012 Video URL 2. How Web 2.0 Works - 3. Marc Prensky, (2001) "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 1", On the Horizon, Vol. 9 Iss: 5, pp.1 – 6 4. A new malady called Facebook Depression Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp, May 22, 2012 5. American Psychological Association, 7-28-2011 Social Networkings good and bad effects on kids 6. Fottrell, Quentin, May 21, 2012 Does Facebook Wreck Marriages? 7. Turkle, Sherry Feb 2012, TEDTalks: Connected, but alone? 8. Turkle, Sherry, April 21, 2012, The Flight from Conversation conversation.html?_r=3&pagewanted=all conversation.html?_r=3&pagewanted=all 9. Barna Group, May 2011, More Americans Are Seeking Net-Based Faith Experiences based-faith-experiences based-faith-experiences 10. Zacharias, Ravi via 4Regeneration Youtube video, Feb 6, 2012 11. – Like the Air They Breathe The Online Life of Kids – Jan 21, 2010 12. How Facebook Works - networking/networks/facebook.htm networking/networks/facebook.htm 13. How Net Generation Students Work - students-work.htm students-work.htm

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