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NEXT 15 20 25 510 Nutrition Water Cycle Planets Rocks & Minerals Weather 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team.

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9 15 20 25 510 Nutrition Water Cycle Planets Rocks & Minerals Weather 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team Five Team Six

10 Nutrition Question for 5 Points Eating a balanced diet everyday is important. What part should be the smallest? Show Answer

11 Nutrition Answer for 5 Points Fats and Sweets Back to Board

12 Nutrition Question for 10 Points Which meal of the day is the best to skip? Show Answer

13 Nutrition Answer for 10 Points None, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are equally important. Back to Board

14 Nutrition Question for 15 Points How big is the human heart? Show Answer

15 Nutrition Answer for 15 Points Slightly larger than your fist. Back to Board

16 Nutrition Question for 20 Points How many times does your heart beat in a day? Show Answer

17 Nutrition Answer for 20 Points 5,000 times Back to Board

18 Nutrition Question for 25 Points Which nutrient is the main structural component of the body? Show Answer

19 Nutrition Answer for 25 Points Protein Back to Board

20 Water Cycle Question for 5 Points What is another term used to refer to the water cycle? Show Answer

21 Water Cycle Answer for 5 Points Hydrologic Cycle Back to Board

22 Water Cycle Question for 10 Points Water during the water cycle can change states please list them. Show Answer

23 Water Cycle Answer for 10 Points Liquid, Vapor, and Ice Back to Board

24 Water Cycle Question for 15 Points What occurs during the process of condensation? Show Answer

25 Water Cycle Answer for 15 Points Water vapor turns into liquid water droplets in the air which produce clouds and fog. Back to Board

26 Water Cycle Question for 20 Points Where is the majority of most water stored on Earth? Show Answer

27 Water Cycle Answer for 20 Points Oceans Back to Board

28 Water Cycle Question for 25 Points Where does the water cycle get its energy from? Show Answer

29 Water Cycle Answer for 25 Points Solar Energy Back to Board

30 Planets Question for 5 Points What are the Terrestrial planets? Show Answer

31 Planets Answer for 5 Points Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth Back to Board

32 Planets Question for 10 Points What are the Jovial or gas planets? Show Answer

33 Planets Answer for 10 Points Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune Back to Board

34 Planets Question for 15 Points True or False All of the Jovial or gas planets have rings? Show Answer

35 Planets Answer for 15 Points True Back to Board

36 Planets Question for 20 Points What is the largest body in the Solar System? Show Answer

37 Planets Answer for 20 Points The Sun Back to Board

38 Planets Question for 25 Points What is the order of the planets from the sun? Show Answer

39 Planets Answer for 25 Points Mercury, Venus, Earth Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune Back to Board

40 Rocks & Minerals Question for 5 Points What do all rocks have in common? Show Answer

41 Rocks & Minerals Answer for 5 Points They all have minerals Back to Board

42 Rocks & Minerals Question for 10 Points Where are rocks and minerals found? Show Answer

43 Rocks & Minerals Answer for 10 Points Earths Crust Back to Board

44 Rocks & Minerals Question for 15 Points What rock forms from melted rock-either from magma below the earths crust or from lava above? Show Answer

45 Rocks & Minerals Answer for 15 Points Igneous rock Back to Board

46 Rocks & Minerals Question for 20 Points What are the three types of rocks? Show Answer

47 Rocks & Minerals Answer for 20 Points Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic Back to Board

48 Rocks & Minerals Question for 25 Points What properties help identify minerals? Show Answer

49 Rocks & Minerals Answer for 25 Points Color, Luster, hardness Back to Board

50 Weather Question for 5 Points What is a hurricane? Show Answer

51 Weather Answer for 5 Points A storm that forms at sea and strikes land. Back to Board

52 Weather Question for 10 Points Another name for a hurricane is what? Show Answer

53 Weather Answer for 10 Points Typhoon Back to Board

54 Weather Question for 15 Points When rain suddenly turns cold it can turn into chunks of ice before it falls to the ground. What is this? Show Answer

55 Weather Answer for 15 Points Hail Back to Board

56 Weather Question for 20 Points If you count seconds between when you hear thunder and when you see a lightening strike what does it tell you? Show Answer

57 Weather Answer for 20 Points How close the storm is. Back to Board

58 Weather Question for 25 Points What is a Tornado? Show Answer

59 Weather Answer for 25 Points A funnel of air from the ground to the sky. Back to Board

60 Show Question

61 Big Points Question In an average year how many tornadoes happen in the United States? Show Answer 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321

62 Big Points Answer for Big Points About 1,000 tornadoes are reported every year. To End

63 Authored by Jeff Ertzberger - 2004 University of North Carolina at Wilmington All rights reserved. All Clipart and Sounds Copyright Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Office Gallery Online – All Rights Reserved. Some images have been modified from original version. This presentation may not be sold, or redistributed without written permission, and may only be used for non-profit educational use. Using and Distributing this Template You are free to use this template in non-profit educational settings. Be sure to check Jeff Ertzbergers digital templates web site for even more template games and great resources.

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