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German Protestant Reformer

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1 1483-1546 German Protestant Reformer
Martin Luther German Protestant Reformer

2 Early Life Born in Eisleben, eastern Germany in 1483
Becomes a monk in 1505 after surviving a thunderstorm. Joined an Augustinian monastery in Erfurt. Earned a doctorate in theology in 1517.

3 The 95 Theses Luther explaining major problems with Catholic practice of indulgences. Posted a theses for discussion on the door of the University of Wittenberg in 1517.

4 Life of Controversy Luther’s writings seen as an attack on the Pope.
Told to recant teachings in October of 1517. Refusal to recant lead to excommunication in 1521. Defended himself at the Diet of Worms.

5 Man of Impact Set the way for Protestantism and the Lutheran Church.
Returned theology to faith based vs. works based salvation. Iconic figure for all Christian denominations in theology.

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